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We Make Pawn Loans on Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

​Are you looking for a great way to take out a cash loan? Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry is the best place to go if you're interested in collateral loans. Our pawn store makes it easy to take out pawn loans. Skip the payday lenders and other pawn brokers, and bring your yellow gold engagement ring (or other jewelry item) in to inquire about our diamond ring loans. You'll get fast cash with one of our short-term loans, and we'll help you with the whole process!

Why Take Out a Pawn Loan in Chesapeake?

Are you wondering why a pawn loan is often a good idea when you need a short term loan? When you consider the various benefits of a pawnshop loan, we think you'll see that it's one of the best ways to borrow money! Come see us, your local pawn broker, any time you need a personal loan for some quick cash. Skip the bank loans and payday loans...for many, only pawn shop loans are the best borrowing option!

Use a Pawn Loan for Anything

One good thing about our loan process is the fact that you can use your loan for anything. With some bank loan approvals, you can only use your loan for approved purchases. That's not the case with us. We won't even ask you why you're using your fine jewelry to take out a pawn loan. These are just some of the things you can use your pawn loan for:

  • Paying bills

  • Buying gas & groceries until payday

  • Taking a vacation

  • Handling unexpected repair costs

  • Treating yourself to something nice

....and so much more! Whatever your financial needs might be, if a short-term loan would be useful for you, come see us at your local store. We'll help you borrow the extra cash that you need!

Pawn Loans are Hassle-Free

Pawn loans are easy and hassle-free. We have decades of experience with granting these loans, so we'll give you a free quote in no time. If you want to accept our cash offer for a loan, you'll receive same-day payment. In fact, the whole process of getting one of our pawn loans only takes minutes! There's no long loan contract for you to read and sign...instead, you'll just get a simple pawn ticket with information about things like your interest charges and repayment date.

​Don't Worry About a Credit Check

You never have to worry about a credit check when you borrow from us. This is one reason why many people choose us as an alternative option to other loans. We never check a client's credit score. When you take out a collateral loan from us, you don't even have to have a bank account, nor do you have to prove that you have a job. Just bring in valuable items -- like a yellow gold engagement ring -- to use as collateral, as well as your government-issued ID, and that's it! We offer the best options for clients who don't have the best credit score for some reason or another.

Avoid Excessive Costs

Any time that you take out a loan, you should look at the interest rate, fees, additional penalties, and so on. We offer competitive rates, and our interest rates are actually state-regulated. Avoid the excessive costs and traps of payday loans by borrowing from us instead. We abide by every state law for pawn shops, no matter how large or small the pawn transaction might be.

Borrow More Money

We don't look at your income to determine how much you can borrow. You're actually the one who determines how much your loan is, since it's based on the value of the items you bring in as collateral. Bring us one or more valuable, beautiful rings, and you'll get a top dollar loan offer. We'll make you a free appraisal on the spot, so come see us if you're curious about how much you can borrow. The average amount of a pawn shop loan is around $150, but you can actually borrow so much more with our collateral-based loans. It all depends on the value of the stuff that you bring in, but we make loans as small as $5 and as large as $50,000. It all depends on the needs of the customer who comes in!

yellow gold engagement ring

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings Make Great Collateral

​We offer a quick loan option with all types of items of value as collateral. Are you wondering why you should use your yellow gold engagement ring for your collateral loan? Well, because these rings are typically quite valuable, you can borrow a significant amount of cash if you use your ring. Because this might be your most valuable piece of jewelry, and because your loan amount is based on the value of your item, bringing in your engagement ring is a good way to borrow more money here at your local pawn shop.

Of course, yellow gold engagement rings aren't the only items we accept for our loans. You can use gold jewelry, diamond earrings, rose gold rings, diamond necklaces, and much more for a typical pawn loan from us! You can even use non-jewelry high-value items for our bad credit loans, such as video games, musical instruments, power tools, and so on. If it's an item of value, chances are good you can use it to take out one of our loans. Our financial products are very flexible, without the high fees!

Get Your Pawn Loan Today at Greenbrier Pawn

Using yellow gold engagement rings and diamond wedding rings to take out an instant cash loan is easy, so there's no reason to wait. If you need cash now, a jewelry pawn with us is a good way to get it. If you're looking for the right place to get a loan based on the cash value of your engagement ring, come see us at Greenbrier Pawn.

We're located in Chesapeake, and we're here six days a week to make you a great deal on a loan. If you have unwanted items and would rather sell them for cash instead of taking out a loan, we can help with that, too. We're here to serve you!

Call us at 757-382-9066

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