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Who Buys Jewelry in Chesapeake VA

At Greenbrier Pawn, we aren’t just here to help you buy fine jewelry. We buy jewelry, and we’ll make it easy for you to sell your engagement ring, gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, costume jewelry, and more. If you’re looking for the best place to sell your jewelry, all you have to do is take the quick drive to Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake.


Why Sell Used Jewelry?

Customers from all walks of life and in all situations visit us to sell their jewelry. These are some of the main reasons why people who own jewelry find themselves looking for a potential buyer for one or more items from their jewelry box.

Get Paid Well

In many cases, when you resell used items, you don’t get a whole lot for them. This is not usually the case with jewelry, however. Even though you probably won’t get as much for your jewelry as you paid for it when it was new jewelry, you’ll probably be happy to know that jewelry does hold its value and can pay out a significant amount when you resell it. This is particularly true for antique jewelry, vintage jewelry, diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, and other valuable items. Of course, this depends on the specific item that you’re selling and who you sell it to. Fortunately, if you come to Greenbrier Pawn Shop, you’ll probably be quite happy with the immediate sale offer that you’ll be given. After all, we pay top dollar for fine jewelry.

Enjoy an Easy Experience

The idea of selling estate jewelry, diamond jewelry, diamond rings, and gold jewelry might be appealing, but you could be worried that it will be a big hassle. It certainly doesn’t have to be, especially when you sell to Greenbrier Pawn! You don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for a buyer, nor do you have to worry about someone trying to talk you down from the price you deserve. You can visit our shop anytime during our business hours, six days a week, to talk to an expert jeweler or sales associate. The process doesn’t take long, and when you leave, you’ll already have the cash.

Use the Cash for Something Else

If you have valuable pieces that will sell for a fair price but don’t want to wear them or keep them, you can use the money for something else. Sell to us and take the cash with you to cover unexpected expenses or buy something you want or need. You also have the option to ask for store credit, which you can use toward something we offer in our store, such as an engagement ring, a pair of wedding rings for your upcoming ceremony, or a luxury watch that you can wear when you go out on the town.

Who Buys Used Jewelry?

There are a few different options you can explore when preparing to sell your jewelry. Jewelry stores, gold buyers, and pawn shops will all typically buy both new jewelry and used jewelry. There are online marketplaces and auction houses where you can sell your unwanted pieces, too. If you're hoping to get the highest sales price and would like for the selling process to go easily, though, visit Greenbrier Pawn Shop.


Why Sell Jewelry to Greenbrier Pawn?

Even though you can sell your jewelry to an auction house or through an online marketplace, you’ll probably find that you’ll get the highest price and have the best possible experience if you sell to a pawn shop. You shouldn’t sell to just any pawn shop, though. Instead, you should stop by Greenbrier Pawn. We’ve been a leader in the used jewelry industry since 1996, and we think you’ll agree that we’re your best option for all of these reasons.

Get Your Cash Today

If you sell through an online buyer, you’ll have to send your jewelry in and wait for your payment to be sent to you through the mail (such as via a check or prepaid debit card) or to be deposited into your bank account, depending on the online buyer that you work with and their policies. When you come to Greenbrier Pawn, on the other hand, you’ll get your cash right then. If you’re selling jewelry because you need cash now, not later, this is just one of many reasons to sell to us.

Get Paid What You Deserve

Not everyone understands the true value of jewelry. The melt value of gold varies from day to day, based on the market and spot price. Loose diamonds and valuable gemstones can be worth quite a bit of money, but this depends on the specific gemstones you have, how rare they are, how big they are, what quality level they are, their condition, and more.


Because we have been in the jewelry business for decades, and because we buy gold and fine jewelry on a daily basis, we have a true understanding of each piece’s value. We can give you an accurate jewelry appraisal and will give you a fair offer based on the value of your pieces. You never have to worry about us not paying what you deserve for your jewelry, whether you are selling one single diamond necklace or a whole jewelry box full of estate jewelry.

Enjoy a Simple Process

There’s no long wait and no hassle when you sell to us. You don’t have to wait to find a buyer or wait for the mail. We’re even open on Saturdays if that’s more convenient for you. Let us know what we can do to help make your jewelry selling experience faster, easier, and more convenient, and we’ll do what we can to earn the privilege of being your favorite local jeweler in Chesapeake.

Should I Sell My Jewelry Privately?

You can use an online marketplace to list your jewelry for private sale, or you can ask friends or family if they know anyone who might want to buy your jewelry. We don’t really advise selling your jewelry in this way, though. For one thing, meeting with a stranger to sell valuable jewelry can be dangerous, and you don’t want to put your safety at risk. Some people arrange meet-ups for this type of thing and never show up, or they try to lowball you when they get there. In many cases, it just isn’t worth it, unless you already have someone in mind who might be interested in buying your piece.

How Much Will I Get When I Sell My Jewelry?

The top question in your mind right now might be, “How much will I get when I sell my jewelry?” Some people call us and ask us this over the phone, but unfortunately, we simply cannot give you an accurate quote over the telephone. There are just too many variables that impact jewelry value. When you bring gold jewelry, new jewelry, or other unwanted jewelry to us, these are some of the basic things that we’ll look at and consider before giving you an offer. 

Is your jewelry rare or unique?

Some jewelry is mass produced and sold in jewelry stores all over the country. Naturally, these pieces are still often quite valuable, but they simply aren’t going to be worth as much as certain custom pieces, collector’s pieces, or other rare jewelry. Good-quality antique or vintage jewelry is often quite valuable because it simply isn’t as easy to find anymore as mass-produced pieces that you can buy from any mall jewelry store. Necklaces, rings, and other jewelry that feature incredibly rare gemstones will also obviously appraise higher.

What precious metals are your jewelry made from?

The diamonds or other fine gemstones in your jewelry perhaps impact the value of your jewelry the most, but the precious metals that your pieces are made from matter a lot, too. Gold jewelry with a higher gold content is worth more, since it’s closer to pure gold. Other precious metals are valuable, too, though. We buy sterling silver jewelry, silver jewelry, white gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, and more.

What is the gemstone content of your jewelry?

As mentioned above, the diamonds and other gems in each of your pieces impact their value the most. We will assess all of the gemstones in your piece, from the large center diamond or primary gemstone to the small accent stones that might be featured.

What is the resale value of your jewelry?

The whole reason why we buy fine jewelry is so we can sell it to our customers. After all, since 1996, people in and around Chesapeake have been able to count on Greenbrier Pawn as their go-to source for high-end, good-quality jewelry at competitive prices. Basically, we buy pieces with the intention of putting them for sale in our jewelry cases. Because of this, we have to think about resale value when we’re making you a cash offer. Even though we have to make a profit off the pieces we resell, we will still offer you a fair price. Pieces that we think will sell quickly due to high demand or that are likely to sell for a higher resale price will equal a higher on-the-spot cash offer.

How to Get More Money When Selling Your Jewelry

If you’re ready to part with your unwanted jewelry, you might be worried that you won’t be given what you deserve. These tips can help you get as much as possible.

Sell to Greenbrier Pawn

Don’t sell to other pawn shops or jewelry stores that won’t pay you what you deserve. Our jewelry experts always pay top dollar.

Bring Documentation

All you have to bring to your local buyer is your piece of jewelry and your driver’s license or ID. However, if you have a grading report, previous jewelry appraisal, receipt with original purchase price, or some other documentation related to your jewelry, bring it with you.

What if You Don’t Want to Sell Your Jewelry?

The whole reason why you might be considering selling your jewelry could be because you’re in a tight spot. You might not be sure of whether or not you want to let go of your diamond necklace or antique jewelry, though. We do have an alternative option for you to check out: a pawn shop loan from Greenbrier Pawn. Instead of selling your jewelry for good, just bring it as collateral for one of our easy, no credit check loans. You can still get the cash that you need right now without delay, but you can pick your jewelry back up when you’re ready to repay your loan and loan fee. If you’ve never taken out a pawn loan and have questions, ask one of our friendly associates for help. We are more than happy to explain everything for you and assist you with taking out an easy loan.


If you’re thinking about selling your jewelry because it’s in less-than-ideal condition, you should know we might have an alternative that will help you out, too. We can help with repairing your jewelry, or we can even remove the diamonds or gemstones from your piece and help you turn them into a new, custom piece! Bring in your pieces so we can check out their condition and help you make the right decision.

Visit Greenbrier Pawn to Sell Your Jewelry

It’s never been a better time to sell your fine jewelry to Greenbrier Pawn. As your pawn shop and local jeweler in Chesapeake, you’ll find we offer the best way to sell the gold and diamond pieces that you don’t want anymore. Also, if you’re located in Virginia Beach, you can visit our other location. Hilltop Pawn Shop is our sister store, and we buy and sell used jewelry for great prices there, too! Either way, we’re looking forward to providing you with the easy experience and excellent customer service that you deserve.

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