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We Buy Yellow Gold Engagement Rings in Chesapeake

Are you hoping to sell yellow gold jewelry in Chesapeake? Specifically, are you hoping to sell your yellow gold engagement ring? If this is an idea you've been tossing around, you've come to the right place. We buy yellow gold wedding bands and yellow gold diamond rings every day, and we'd be happy to pay you top dollar for your ring. There's no obligation and it only takes a few minutes to get an offer, so what do you have to lose? After all, yellow gold and diamond engagement rings can fetch you a pretty penny when you sell to us!

Sell Your Yellow Gold Round Cut Engagement Ring

The round engagement ring is the most popular type of engagement ring on the market. This is true not only in the United States, but around the globe. In fact, the round cut diamond is the most popular diamond cut period, whether it's being used for an engagement ring or any other type of jewelry.

​Yellow gold round cut engagement rings are often something really special to look at when compared to other fine jewelry. The rich golden color of the yellow gold band really grabs the attention. A round cut engagement ring was designed with a lot of sparkle and shine in mind, so for many, a yellow gold round cut engagement ring is truly is the perfect engagement ring.

These rings are typically quite valuable. After all, even though the round cut diamond is the most popular, it's also the most expensive, when everything else is equal. A lot of waste is unavoidable when even master diamond cutters are cutting round cut diamonds, which really adds to the cost.

Because of this, there's a good chance that your round cut engagement ring is worth a lot more than you think. Our in-house diamond experts will take extraordinary care when assessing your yellow gold round cut engagement ring, and we'll offer you top dollar for your perfect engagement ring!

Get Paid Cash for Your Yellow Gold Princess Cut Engagement Ring

The second most popular center stone shape for an engagement ring is the princess cut diamond. They're a favorite because they are considered to be especially brilliant cuts. Because of this, they give off the fire and brilliance that you don't see with every diamond cut. Particularly with a high quality diamond, these rings can really sparkle.

Just as many people come in looking for yellow gold round cut engagement rings, we have a lot of people ask about a yellow gold princess cut engagement ring, too. Many princess cut rings are white gold engagement rings, but there is a huge demand for yellow gold rings with this diamond shape, too. Even if your ring features a smaller diamond, chances are good that it's quite valuable. If it has a higher carat weight, you can get paid even more. Even though princess cut diamonds are not as valuable as round cut diamonds, it is still a beautiful diamond indeed, and these high-demand rings fetch top dollar here at Greenbrier Pawn.

Yellow gold engagement ring

​Greenbrier Pawn Pays Top Dollar for All Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

​Round cut and princess cut engagement rings are two of the most popular engagement rings out there. This is true today, and it's been true for a long time. However, if you know anything about engagement rings, you likely know that there are many other beautiful, dazzling diamond cuts and ring styles. We know and appreciate these rings, too, so we'll purchase your yellow gold engagement ring, no matter your ring style or ring size!

In addition to round cut engagement rings and princess cut engagement rings, we also buy the following and more:

We also buy alternative engagement rings, different engagement ring settings, and vintage engagement rings! Does your yellow gold engagement ring feature colorful gemstones instead of a natural diamond? That's no problem...we'll still take a look at it! Not only are yellow gold engagement rings valuable because of their precious metals (the yellow gold), but they're also valuable because of any stones present in the setting.

In addition to buying any engagement ring style in yellow gold, we also purchase solid gold wedding bands, matching wedding bands, and other yellow gold rings and jewelry. Bring us just your double halo or solitaire engagement ring in yellow gold, or bring us all of the unwanted yellow gold jewelry from your jewelry box. It's up to you!

What Do I Have to Do to Sell My Yellow Gold Engagement Ring?

If you're in Hampton Roads, all you really have to do to sell your yellow gold engagement ring or bridal set is to grab your ring(s) and your ID. Then, just drive to our convenient location right here in Chesapeake. Your big question will likely be, "How much will I get paid for my perfect diamond ring?" You'll have that answer in a few minutes, once one of our experts takes a look. After all, yellow gold engagement rings are worth a variety of prices, so we'll need to perform an assessment.

There's no risk, so don't worry; if you don't like our offer, you can walk away with your ring, with only a few minutes of your time spent. The good news is that we pay a high price point for yellow gold engagement rings, so you'll likely be offered more than you think.

Greenbrier Pawn is one of the best places -- if not the best place -- in Chesapeake for you to sell your yellow gold engagement ring. We also buy platinum engagement rings, rose gold engagement rings, white gold engagement rings, and more. Any time that you're hoping to sell wedding jewelry, we're here to pay you what you deserve!

Glenda Craddock

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