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Local Diamond Buyer

Jewelry pieces featuring large diamonds are obviously quite valuable, but even modest diamond jewelry can fetch you a high price. If you're looking for a professional diamond buyer, chances are good that you have diamond jewelry that you're hoping to sell. If you're wondering how to get the best offer for your piece of jewelry, Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake, Virginia is here to make the highest offer. Whether you're selling a single diamond engagement ring or multiple unwanted diamonds, you'll get the best value for your pieces here.

How to Sell Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry

You may have wanted to sell your pre-owned jewelry and diamonds for a while now. Many people put off the sale because they don't feel like dealing with the hassle, or because they simply don't know how to sell their diamond jewelry. You don't have to wait any longer to sell your jewelry! It's actually all very easy when you pick Greenbrier Pawn as your potential buyer.


Clean Out Your Jewelry Box

Because we buy all different types of diamond jewelry, you can get more money and get rid of all of your unwanted jewelry quickly and easily. Go through your jewelry box and pick out all of the diamond jewelry that you're interested in selling. If you have any loose diamonds, you can bring them, too. We'll buy them all at one time.


Diamond jewelry isn't the only jewelry that we buy, either, so there might be other items in your jewelry box that we'll buy! In addition to diamond jewelry, we buy gold jewelry, precious metals, and more.

We will give you an individual quote for each item you bring in! There's no obligation, and you can pick and choose which jewelry you want to sell after you get your offer.


Visit Greenbrier Pawn

If you want to get immediate payment and work with the best diamond buyers in Hampton Roads, come visit us at Greenbrier Pawn. You can find us in Greenbrier Station, right here in Chesapeake.

You also have the option to visit our sister store, Hilltop Pawn in Virginia Beach. We pay the highest prices for diamond jewelry at both locations!


Sell Your Jewelry Quickly

Once you visit our Chesapeake pawn shop, our customer service professionals will guide you through the process of selling your diamond jewelry. You don't really have to do anything. Just bring your jewelry and diamonds, and let one of our staff take a look at each item. They'll carefully handle and assess any and all diamonds and diamond jewelry that you bring in.


If you find our offer attractive, just let us know you're interested in selling, and the rest takes mere minutes. Since the valuation has already been done, all that's left for us to do is jot down some information from your government-issued ID, count out your payment in cash, and send you on your way. Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised by just how fast and easy everything is. After all, it's our goal to make selling diamond jewelry an easy and lucrative experience for you.


How Much Can I Get for My Diamond?

Many of our customers are very curious about the appraisal process for fine jewelry and diamonds. When you're selling to an experienced jewelry buyer, the entire process is fast and accurate, and you never have to worry about not being paid what you deserve for your diamond. Of course, because there are so many different variances in diamond jewelry, offers vary.


What is the Value of a Diamond?

The value of a diamond varies a lot from stone to stone. Even if two diamonds look very similar to the naked eye, they might be worth very different amounts of money. This is why you should bring your diamond to us; we'll be able to determine its value, and we'll offer you a good deal if you visit our pawn and retail shop.


The first thing we'll look at is whether or not your diamond is a real, natural diamond. Natural diamonds are worth more than lab-grown diamonds, although jewelry featuring lab-grown diamonds can still be valuable.


Next, we'll look at the cut of your diamond. We buy all of these different cuts and more:

  • Round cut diamond

  • Princess cut diamond

  • Cushion cut diamond

  • Emerald diamond

  • Marquise diamond

  • Oval diamond

  • Radiant cut diamond

  • Asscher cut diamond

The value of a diamond is heavily impacted by its cut. Some diamonds cost more to make due to more waste and more time being put into the cut. Round diamonds are the most expensive diamonds out there, while emerald cut diamonds cost less, when all other factors are the same. This is because there is a lot more waste involved when a diamond cutter cuts a round diamond. All cuts of diamonds are valuable here, but we'll take a look at your diamond's cut as part of the valuation process.


A stone's color is something else we look at during the valuation process. Diamonds come in many colors, and we're always looking to buy pink diamonds, black diamonds, and more. If it's a clear diamond, just how colorless it is impacts its value. A clear diamond is graded on a scale from D to Z, with D being the most colorless (and most valuable), and Z being more yellow in color. If you don't know your diamond's color on this scale, don't worry! Our in-house diamond experts will check while determining your diamond's market value. We also look at clarity; basically, this refers to whether or not your diamond is nearly perfect or if it has some imperfections on the inside or outside.


Of course, carat weight impacts diamond resale price. When all other things considered are equal, a reputable diamond buyer will naturally pay more for a bigger diamond. However, even smaller diamonds (including those less than one carat) can still be surprisingly valuable, particularly if they're high-quality diamonds.


Any time that you bring in loose diamonds or diamond jewelry, these are the primary things we'll look at. No matter the specifics of your particular diamond, you can get a higher price at Greenbrier Pawn.


How Much is My Diamond Jewelry Worth?

As pretty much any diamond specialist will tell you, the biggest part of the resale value of your piece of jewelry is often the diamond itself. Simply put, in most cases, you'll get the most money for jewelry that features a large, high-quality diamond.


However, other things affect how much your local jewelry store and pawn shop can offer for your diamond jewelry, too. If it's a designer piece, or if it's a rare antique piece of jewelry, we'll offer you very competitive prices. If it's made from high-purity gold or platinum, it may be worth more than a comparable piece of jewelry made from sterling silver. We know about the pieces that have the highest resale value, and we'll make you an offer accordingly.


Get an Accurate Evaluation Today

The best way to get an accurate valuation of your diamond jewelry is to visit us at Greenbrier Pawn. Because we've been in the jewelry industry since the 90s, and because we work as jewelry buyers every day that we're open, performing a diamond appraisal and determining the fair market value of your used diamond ring (or any other diamond jewelry that you want to sell) is easy. Visit us today to find out the market price for your piece of diamond jewelry today!


Best Place to Sell Diamond Jewelry

Selling to even the best online diamond buyers can be risky. There's the possibility that your valuable diamond could be lost in the mail, for example, which could lead to you taking a big loss. There's also a wait to get paid; in many cases, these buyers will assess your diamond once they've received it, then send you payment afterward. If you don't mind waiting a little while to get paid, this isn't a big deal. If the whole reason why you're selling your diamond jewelry is because you need money right now, selling this way might not be the best option for you.


For many, a pawn shop is the best place to sell diamond jewelry. Most pawn shops are interested in buying both certified loose diamonds and all types of diamond jewelry, from diamond engagement rings to pretty diamond earrings. The right pawn shop will make the transaction fast and easy for you, and they'll give you the best price.


Although there are different ways to get a fair price for your diamond jewelry, we think you'll enjoy great service and a good experience if you sell your diamond jewelry to a pawn shop!


Best Pawn Shop in Town

A local pawn shop is often the best diamond dealer. For the best experience, carefully choose the best pawn shop in town. If you're a resident of Chesapeake, the answer is very simple: Greenbrier Pawn. You've likely heard of us, but if you've never worked with us before, you're missing out. Visit us today to find out why so many Hampton Roads residents name us as the best pawn shop in the area.


Greenbrier Pawn: Your Local Pawn and Jewelry Store

Greenbrier Pawn is a family-owned company located right here in Chesapeake. If you're in Hampton Roads, it's a good idea to come check us out next time you're interested in selling diamond jewelry! We are your local pawn and jewelry store, and we're your experts in anything related to diamonds and diamond jewelry.


Years of Experience

When selling old rings or fine estate jewelry, working with a buyer with years of experience makes a difference. Greenbrier Pawn first opened its doors in 1996, so as you can probably imagine, we have a lot of experience with buying diamonds and diamond jewelry from customers just like you. Take advantage of our experience in the industry by using us to sell unwanted diamonds.


Stellar Reputation

Our reputation speaks for itself. Many of our customers have visited various other places to buy and sell jewelry. They return to us time and time again for a reason. Once you sell diamond jewelry to us once, you'll see why we have so many great reviews. We truly strive to be the best pawn shop out there.


Top Dollar Payments

Any time you're selling jewelry, it's wise to go to the pawn shop that will pay you for the true value of your diamond. Not all pawn shops offer top dollar for diamond jewelry, or anything else. You can always get higher prices when you use us as your local jeweler. We offer the best deal for unwanted gold and diamond jewelry of all different types!


A Variety of Services

We aren't just a great pawn shop in our role as professional diamond buyers. We are actually so much more! We will pay cash for other items of value, including jewelry that doesn't feature diamonds at all. If you're hoping to sell unwanted items of value for cash, we've got you covered.


Also, don't forget to ask us about the option to take out a cash loan on your diamond jewelry! Many of our customers who are looking for an easy way to borrow money -- and who don't want to give up their diamond jewelry forever -- take advantage of this option. Whether you’re selling your jewelry or taking out a loan, at Greenbrier Pawn, we are here to help.


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Family Owned, Family Run

Our daughter Nina runs Greenbrier Pawn and our youngest Dane, runs Hilltop Pawn. Dealing with them is dealing with me......  Glenda Craddock

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