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Sell Your Rolex Air-King Watch in Chesapeake

If you have an older or current Rolex Air-King that you are hoping to sell at competitive prices, where you go to sell it makes a big difference in how much you get paid and what your experience is like. Although there might be many official dealer stores, online buyers, or individuals who are interested in paying you for your Rolex Air-King, we think you'll find that selling to us makes the most sense if you're in Chesapeake. If you're ready to sell a Rolex Air-King (or any nice watch from one of the top luxury watch brands), Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake is here to help.


The Rolex Air-King Watch: An Enduring Rolex Model

Named after the British Royal Air Force (who were well-known for being enthusiasts of the Rolex brand), Rolex released a few Rolex "Air" models during and after World War II. A couple of examples are the Rolex Air-Lion and the Rolex Air-Tiger. Because of the availability of Rolex watches at the time, the larger case size, and the reliability of these watches, they were considered to be an ideal pilot's watch.


In 1945, the Rolex Air-King was released in an effort to consolidate all of the Air models into just one watch. The 34 mm Oyster case might not seem too impressive now (after all, some Rolex models have much bigger cases nowadays!), but at the time, these watches were considered quite large. In fact, the new Rolex Air-King got its name because the watches were considered to be so sizable!


The original models of the Rolex Air-King used hand-winding hunter movements, which were considered to be good technology then. However, the next step of the long aeronautical heritage of the original Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King involves a major improvement that was made in 1953, when reference number 6552 was released. This was the first Rolex Air-King to be released with automatic movement, which was improved over pre-owned models that existed at this point.


Additional changes were made in 1957. In fact, many people who are interested in luxury and pre-owned watches consider this model of the Rolex Air-King to be the most iconic. It was released with the reference number of 5500, and it contained all of the elements that we now expect from a Rolex Air-King, including a simple and clean Air-King dial, a clean and smooth bezel, and pencil hands. The Rolex Air-King-Date was also released with the reference number of 5700. It was released as a companion model to the new Air-King that was released in 1957, and it was in production through the 1980s. Despite its long production run, these are considered to be more limited editions of the Rolex Air-King.


A few additional changes were made to new arrivals of the Rolex Air-King over the years, but production of this watch ceased in 2014. Then, yet another new model was released in 2016, and it was designed to be much more modern than previous versions, such as with the addition of a completely redesigned case. For example, new Rolex Air-King watches that were released in 2016 had a bigger, new case and a much more modern look. Yet another more modern model of the Rolex Air-King was then released to official Rolex jewelers in 2022. Newer models have an Oyster bracelet and a distinctive black dial. However, older Air-King models do have different colors you can choose from for the watch's display.


Rolex is one of the most iconic brand names in the world for people who are interested in luxury watches, and the Rolex Air-King is one of the most enduring models from the famous brand. Although the first Air-King (and other models beyond) were released to be rather simple and affordable (at least,in comparison to many of the other watches from the Rolex brand), many official Rolex retailers and people who are involved in the pre-owned market are willing to pay top dollar for these watches. Whether your Rolex Air-King has an older or new reference number, your watch might be worth close to or even more than retail prices at the time you purchased it. The name Air-King means something at Greenbrier Pawn, and we pay top dollar for older and new Rolex watches of all kinds, including the Rolex Air-King.


We Buy Rolex Air-King Watches in Chesapeake

If you've been in the Chesapeake area for a while, chances are good that you've heard of the name Greenbrier Pawn. People come to us to buy white gold jewelry, sell luxury watches with steel watch cases, and take out pawn loans. In addition to all of the other services that we offer, we buy Rolex Air-King watches in Chesapeake. Your older or new-generation Oyster Perpetual Air-King can fetch you top dollar at our pawn shop and jewelry store.


Also, while you're here, why not check out the many other products and services we have to offer? As the owner of a Rolex Air-King, you probably understand the value and beauty of a Rolex watch. In addition to fine jewelry and other things, we do sales of watches six days a week! You can come to us to buy a luxury watch, buy or sell jewelry, make trades, take out loans, have jewelry repair done, and much more!


Why Sell Your Rolex Air-King Watch in Chesapeake?

Selling your Rolex Air-King watch could be the ticket for putting cash in your pocket. You might even be interested in selling or trading it for another luxury watch. We can help with that, too. Sell your Rolex Air-King watch today if you're hoping to get paid, and Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake will help with each step of the process.


Tips for Getting Paid More for Your Rolex Air-King

One of the first ways to get paid more for your Rolex Air-King is to bring it to a pawn shop and jewelry store that understands its value. We've been working with luxury watches since 1996, and in our decades of experience, we have come to know and love this timeless brand. We can't offer a selection of pre-owned Rolex Air-King watches to our customers if we don't buy them first, so we're always willing to pay what these watches are worth. Avoid going to competitors or looking for someone on the private market who might not offer you what your watch is worth, and come to Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake instead.


Additionally, bringing along any original boxes, paperwork, authentication paperwork, or other accessories that you have can help you get a higher cash offer for your watch! Even if you don't have these things, though, and even if your watch has some damage, we'll still pay you cash! Regardless, bring your Rolex Air-King today for us to take a look at!


Enjoy a Smooth Experience When Selling Your Rolex Air-King in Chesapeake

If you're wondering what to expect when you sell your Rolex Air-King at Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake, you should look forward to a smooth and easy experience! Once you've sold to us once, we think you'll want to return any time you want to sell a luxury watch, fine piece of jewelry, or anything else of value.


All you have to do is hand your watch over to one of our experienced associates, and we'll take care of the rest! It will take a few minutes for us to look over your Rolex Air-King and consider its value. This will be based on the specific model that you have, since the availability of certain models make them more valuable than others. We'll check the reference number and details of your watch, and we'll also obviously check its condition. Lastly, we will assess whether or not you have accessories for your watch that can help you get a higher amount, such as the original certificate and box.


Because we have a wealth of experience in valuing and buying Rolex Air-King watches, and because we value your time and want to make it a quick experience for you, it won't take us long to determine the approximate resale value of your watch. Naturally, we'll consider any expenses that we might incur if we choose to buy your watch, such as if it needs some repairs before we can resell it. Once we do this, we'll make you a cash offer.


If you decide you're interested in selling your watch -- and we do think you'll be intrigued by our cash offer, since we pay top dollar for all Rolex watches!! -- then we'll take some information from your ID and fill out the paperwork. Then, you'll get cash in-hand in minutes. Selling your Rolex Air-King watch in Chesapeake doesn't really get any easier than this!


We Make Loans on Rolex Air-King Watches

You might have taken the utmost care of your Rolex Air-King, and you might consider it to be made with exceptional quality. Now, the idea of selling your watch might be heartbreaking, no matter how much you need the cash. Luckily, there is an alternative, and you can take advantage of that alternative at Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake, Virginia. Don't sell your watch yet without checking into this option!


Basically, instead of selling your watch, you can simply leave it with us for a little bit as collateral to back one of our cash loans. In order to get your watch back, you'll need to repay your loan in full. However, for many, this is much more appealing than selling their watch completely.


The reason we'll need to hold your Rolex Air-King is simple: it secures the loan and reduces our risk. Because we aren't taking as much risk with a collateral loan on a Rolex Air-King, it's not necessary for us to run a credit check. We can also loan bigger amounts -- fully based on the value of your Rolex Air-King and how much we could sell it for, in the event that you were to default on your loan -- than what you might otherwise be able to borrow. For example, you don't have to have a high income or a good credit score to take out a sizable loan when you use your valuable Rolex watch for collateral. In fact, we won't even ask about your income at all.


Stop by to talk to us about selling or taking out a loan on your Rolex Air-King. We'll value your watch and make you a cash or loan offer, and we'll explain a little more about how our pawn loans work, if you're curious. Then, you can make the decision that is right for you. Either way, your Rolex Air-King can help you put some serious cash in your pocket today when you work with Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake.


Visit Greenbrier Pawn for Rolex and Luxury Watch Services in Chesapeake

No matter which Rolex Air-King ref number your pre-owned Rolex has, we're more than happy to buy it or make a loan on it! We will do the same with watches from Patek Philippe, TAG Heuer, Cartier, Omega, and more! We've been a staple of the Chesapeake community since 1996 because we have such high standards for ourselves and strive to offer the best services for our customers.


Also, if you're looking to buy a practical watch like a Rolex Datejust, Rolex Explorer, Rolex Air King, and more, come and take an overall look at our inventory. Our sister store -- Hilltop Pawn -- is located in Virginia Beach, and we offer all of the same services at that location, too. Whichever shop is more convenient for you, stop by to see what we have to offer.

Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry

if you happen to be in Virginia beach and you want to sell your Rolex Watch or get a loan on a Rolex Watch feel free to stop in to our sister store Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry for the same great service and prices.


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