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Sell Your Wedding Ring
Chesapeake VA

If you're looking for the best place to sell your wedding ring, our pawn shop -- Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake -- is your go-to local jeweler. When you're looking for potential buyers who will pay you a higher price for your diamond wedding ring, it's important to look for a buyer who will make the selling process easy and who will pay you the most money. Luckily, Greenbrier Pawn is here to help! Sell your wedding ring in Chesapeake, Virginia with ease!

1011 Eden Way North, Chesapeake, VA 23320

You Can Sell Your Wedding Ring in Chesapeake Virginia

People decide to sell their wedding rings for many reasons. No matter why you're interested in selling your ring, you'll want to find the right professional buyers. After all, this makes the whole process much easier, and it helps you get the best offer. Luckily, it is very easy for you to sell your unwanted wedding ring to a reputable jeweler in Chesapeake, since you have the option to visit Greenbrier Pawn. If you're ready to make the sale, there's no reason to wait!


Upgrade Your Wedding Ring

You might have decided that now is a good time to upgrade to another wedding ring. Selling your current wedding ring can help you get some cash to put toward your upgraded ring. In fact, you can even trade your current wedding ring for a new and improved one right here. We will help you get the maximum value for your current ring, and you can put that money toward the purchase of another wedding ring. We offer a wide variety of wedding and engagement rings, from vintage styles to new pieces from all of the top jewelry designers. We'll help you pick the right style and size for you, all for a fraction of what you would pay at a new jewelry store.


Get Paid in Cash for Your Wedding Ring

If you aren't interested in doing a trade and would rather get money in cash, this is something we can help you out with! In fact, we will pay you cash for your gold ring or other wedding band. Once you accept our offer, we'll give you cash on the spot!


Get Rid of an Unwanted Ring

You might have inherited a wedding band from someone in your family, and you might not wear it or have any need for it anymore. You and your spouse might have decided to part ways, so you might no longer be interested in wearing your wedding ring. No matter why you've decided that you simply don't want your wedding ring anymore, we'll offer you as much money for it as possible, and we'll give you a great experience as a reputable buyer of jewelry in Chesapeake.


Why Sell Your Wedding Ring to Greenbrier Pawn?

People sell their valuable jewelry in a variety of different ways. There are online platforms that you can use to look for a private buyer, or you can sell directly to an online retailer that makes offers for real diamond jewelry and other jewelry of value.


Although these options might seem convenient, they do have their downsides. For example, if you sell to an online buyer, you will often be required to ship your wedding band to the buyer. Then, once they receive it, they can determine the value of your ring. They may send you a check in the mail for the value of your ring, or they might process it digitally. Either way, there is a wait to get your money in many cases. There's also still a slim chance that your ring could get lost in the mail somewhere along the way, or you could be required to pay for return shipping of your ring if you don't like the offer that you're given.


Some jewelry stores will buy wedding rings and other used jewelry, but many will only offer the option to sell your ring on consignment. It could take weeks or months for you to sell your ring, especially since the jeweler will probably be more inclined to encourage customers to buy their own products, rather than yours.


Selling to a pawn shop is a great option for selling a wedding ring. Of course, we know that Greenbrier Pawn isn't the only pawn shop in the Chesapeake area. Yet, we've been in the business since 1996, and we are well-known for our reputation in the community. We will give you the best deal on your wedding ring! Unlike some pawn shops, we put a big focus on jewelry at Greenbrier Pawn (as well as at our sister store, Hilltop Pawn in Virginia Beach), so we understand how much your ring is worth, and we're willing to pay you for it! After all, customers like you who bring in used wedding rings and other jewelry are why we're able to offer such a great selection for our jewelry customers!


How Much Will I Get for My Wedding Ring?

If you're still trying to decide whether or not you want to sell your wedding ring, you could be wondering just how much you'll get for it. This may help you decide whether or not you want to sell the ring. If you're able to get the most value for your ring, you might be willing to sell it. If you don't get a high enough offer, you may want to keep it.


You might even be sure that you want to sell your wedding ring, but still, you may be curious about how much gold and diamond experts will pay for it. We understand that you're probably anxious to get an offer! The first thing you should do is bring us your ring so we will have the chance to assess its value.


There are many factors that impact how much you will be offered for your wedding ring. We'll consider the precious metal that the ring is made from, such as if it's made from sterling silver or yellow or white gold. Then, we'll assess the actual gold content, if applicable. The condition of your ring will be looked at, as well, since this is how we will decide if we're making an offer on your ring as a whole or on the value of the gemstone and precious metals.


We will spend a bit of time assessing any diamonds or gemstones. We will look at the color, cut, clarity, and carat weight of any diamonds or stones that are present. The quality of the diamond is important, as is the size. After all, as you can probably imagine, any diamonds in the ring will make up a big part of the ring's value in many cases.


After we have carefully considered all of these things, it's time for us to make you an offer that you won't want to refuse. If you are unhappy with our offer for any reason, you are not obligated to take us up on it! However, if you're actually hoping to sell your ring, there's a good chance you'll be ready to make the sale once we make you an offer!


What Types of Wedding Rings Can You Sell to Greenbrier Pawn?

Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake buys all sorts of wedding and engagement rings. We buy and sell both men's and women's wedding rings, as well as matching sets. We also buy bridal sets, such as if you have a matching engagement ring and wedding ring set that you would like to sell together. Many of the wedding bands that people bring us feature diamonds and gemstones, but we buy standard gold bands, too.


These are just some of the types of rings and jewelry that we are happy to pay you a fair price for, based on their true value!

●      Round Brilliant

●      Emerald Cut diamond 

●      Princess Cut diamond

●      Oval Cut Diamond

●      Cushion Cut Diamond

●      Asscher Cut Diamond

●      Marquise Cut Diamond

●      Radiant Cut Diamond

●      Pear Shaped Diamond

●      Heart Shaped Diamond

●      Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings 

●      Antique Engagement Rings

●      Estate Engagement rings

●      Unique Engagement Rings

●      Halo Engagement Rings

●      Three Stone Engagement Rings


Even if you don't see your specific ring or jewelry piece listed here, bring it in! We make offers on all types of wedding bands -- as well as all types of fine jewelry, and even luxury watches -- at Greenbrier Pawn.


Tips for Selling Your Wedding Ring

If you're looking for advice about selling your wedding ring, just ask! We help customers through this process on a daily basis. Make sure you bring your ID with you when you're ready to sell your ring, since we are required by law to ask for it as a pawnbroker. Bring your ring to us first so you can get a top offer. Also, don't hesitate to ask about other options, such as taking out a pawn loan or trading your ring for something else you want in our shop!


We Buy Other Fine Jewelry in Chesapeake

As jewelry and diamond buyers, we don't just purchase wedding rings! If you have other types of jewelry that you want to get rid of, we'll pay the best price for it! We'll buy your diamond engagement ring, white gold bracelet or necklace, designer jewelry, and more. You can bring just one piece, or you can bring your entire jewelry collection if you're hoping to get as much cash as possible! We will make you a fair offer on each individual piece!


Get a Pawn Loan With Your Wedding Ring in Chesapeake

You might have an emotional attachment to your wedding ring, so selling it might not be exactly what you have in mind. You might be in need of getting cash fast, though, so selling your wedding ring to jewelry buyers might seem like your only option. Luckily, it actually isn't, and it may be a good idea for you to consider one of our pawn loans instead! This allows you to get your sentimental item back when you repay your loan!


Not only can you use your wedding ring for one of our pawn loans, but you can also use loose diamonds, precious stones, precious metals, and other items of value as collateral. We offer the best way to borrow cash fast, all without having to worry about your credit score or income causing you to get turned down. Plus, our loans are state-regulated, so you don't have to worry about the predatory interest rates that are so prevalent among bad credit lenders. Bring in your diamond ring and ask us about one of our pawn loans today, and we'll be more than happy to assist you! Your collateral loan is based on the resale value of your ring, so this is a great way to get approved for a bigger loan!

Visit Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake Today

Whether your wedding ring is a family heirloom or a piece from a designer collection, the bottom line is that we will pay you a fair price based on your ring's value. Plus, we'll do everything we can to make the entire process as easy as possible. Greenbrier Pawn has a reputation for being a reputable diamond buyer and local jewelry store, so we're always your best bet for anything jewelry related. The first step is to stop by, so visit us -- your local jewelry and diamond specialist -- today! If you're looking for jewelry and gold buyers in Virginia Beach instead, you can also take your old engagement ring to our other location -- Hilltop Pawn -- for the same top-notch customer service and high value cash offer!

Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry

If you happen to be in Virginia Beach please visit our Sister Store, Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry for the same great service you'll get from us here at Greenbrier Pawn.

Why is Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry Different?

Lots of pawn shops buy and sell diamonds and jewelry. However, few really specialize in jewelry like we do here at Greenbrier Pawn Shop. In fact, when you walk into our shop, you will probably notice that resembles a high-end jewelry shop more than it does a traditional pawn shop. Even though we offer all of the same services that other pawn shops offer, many of our customers see us as more of a jewelry store. Once you stop in and check out our selection once, you’re sure to find that we’re your new favorite go-to Jewelry Store.

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