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Cash Loans on Rolex Submariner Watches in Chesapeake

All Rolex models are appreciated by those who have a passion for luxury timepieces, but some are more well-known and popular than others. The Rolex Submariner is one example. If you own one of these iconic watches, you probably know it’s something special. The good news is that your watch isn’t just a nice timepiece that you can wear; it’s also your opportunity to borrow money when you need it, all without any hassle. If you’re looking for someone who offers cash loans on Rolex Submariner watches in Chesapeake, you have come to the right place.


Can I Borrow Money With My Rolex Submariner in Chesapeake?

Just as you can sell your Rolex Submariner for a high price on the secondary market, there are other ways you can turn your fine timepiece into much-needed cash. Pre-owned watches from brands like Rolex have significant value, making them perfect to use as collateral for a pawn loan. Basically, the answer is YES. If you own a Rolex Submariner of any model, we can assist you with a cash pawn loan today.

The Rolex Submariner: “A Diver’s Best Friend”

The original model of the Rolex Submariner was first produced in 1953. The first Submariner featured a reference number of 6204. It was the very first dive watch made by Rolex and is now one of Rolex’s most popular models. Whether looking for their first diving watch or simply adding to a luxury collection, watch enthusiasts from all over the world covet this high quality timepiece.

Precious Metals

The original Submariner was only available in stainless steel. After all, it simply wasn’t common for a divers’ watch to be made from gold. This is no longer the case, though. Now, Rolex Submariner models are available in your choice of stainless steel, two-tone (both gold and stainless steel), or gold. You can choose from white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold.

Water Resistance

Obviously, water resistance is very important for divers’ watches. This is the historic link between early and current models. All Rolex Submariner watches of all reference numbers are waterproof to 100 meters (or 330 feet) because of their revolutionary Oyster cases. This means whether you have the first Rolex Submariner from the 1950s or the latest generation Submariner, you can feel confident in wearing and using your watch underwater.


Many Submariner watches feature what are known as crown guards. These are pieces of metal that surround the sides of the crown. Their purpose is to help protect the watch from damage, such as if you were to accidentally hit it on something while working.


Starting in 2008, Rolex began putting a ceramic bezel in their Rolex Submariner watches, as well as some of their other sport models, such as the GMT-Master II and Daytona. The Cerachrom bezel is important because it makes the watch much more durable. This bezel is almost completely scratchproof and is corrosion resistant. This is important in a tool watch that you might wear for work or play.


Additionally, modern Rolex Submariners feature scratch-resistant sapphire crystals. These ceramic crystals replaced acrylic in the early 1990s. The only thing harder on the mohs scale than these crystals is a diamond. They’re strong, durable, highly resistant to scratching, and are beautifully clear.

Thoughtful Design

Older Rolex Submariners were made with a bezel that moved in both directions. Later, Rolex started making all of its Submariners with a unidirectional rotatable bezel, which means the bezel only moves in one direction. This might seem like a minor change, but it’s actually a historic turning point. When used for diving, there is the concern that a bidirectional bezel can accidentally be bumped backwards. This can lead to divers thinking they are underwater for a shorter period of time than they actually are, which can be dangerous. The unidirectional rotating bezel prevents this from happening and is therefore essential for deep dives.


Additionally, the Rolex Submariner features large luminescent hour markers for practical purposes. Whether your watch has a white dial or black dial, seeing the time should be easy, even if you’re underwater. It’s small details like this that make the Rolex Submariner the best dive watch on the market, whether you’re talking about new or vintage references.


The Rolex Submariner has been a favorite among watch collectors for many years. Sean Connery made its classic design extra famous when he wore the Rolex Submariner in his James Bond films. There is a Rolex Submariner for pretty much everyone, whether you’re planning to swim in the English Channel, exploring the underwater world, or if you’re just looking for an impressive everyday timepiece.


Who Makes Loans on Rolex Submariner Watches in Chesapeake?

You might know about options for selling your watch, such as selling it online, looking for a private store, or working with a jewelry store or official Rolex dealer. However, you might not want to sell your watch at all, and you might not know about many borrowing options.


Your local bank probably isn’t going to accept your watch for a collateral loan, but this doesn’t mean you don’t have options. Pawn shops accept Rolex watches and other items of value for their loans. Don’t go to just any pawn shop, though. For the best experience, we recommend visiting Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake. Even though we do offer everything else that you’ve come to expect from your local pawn shops, we’re a little different, too. We have an eye for luxury jewelry and watches, including Rolex Submariners. Unlike other pawnbrokers who haven’t been in the business for as long (after all, we’ve been here since 1996!) or who don’t have as much of a focus on luxury timepieces, we’re knowledgeable about your watch and we value it like it deserves. 

How Pawn Shops Work


If you have a pre-owned Rolex Submariner watch, we can make a loan on it here at Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake, based on its pre-owned retail price. Give us a try when you’re ready to take out your pawn loan, and you’ll see that we offer one of the easiest and best ways to borrow money.

How Much Can I Borrow With My Rolex Submariner Watch?

To determine your cash loan amount, we will consider how much your watch is worth on the pre-owned market. After all, the whole point of using your watch as collateral is protecting ourselves in case you are unable to repay your loan. Basically, if you aren’t able to repay your loan, we will need to sell your Rolex Submariner so we can get our money back.


Because of this, we will need to consider the resale value of your watch before making you a loan offer. Watches that are in high demand can fetch higher loan amounts. We have a waiting list of people who want us to contact them when we receive certain Rolex watches, for example, so we can obviously grant bigger loans for these timepieces.


Some Rolex Submariners are a bit more rare than others, and we are able to grant higher loans on some models than others. For example, the Rolex Submariner with green bezel isn’t as common. Generally, Rolex only produces watches with this green hue for anniversary watches or limited edition models, so a green Submariner will generally fetch a higher loan amount. Also, believe it or not, vintage models are sometimes more valuable than new ones, so the specific age and reference number of your watch is something that will be taken into account.


Of course, we will look at other things when making you a loan offer, too. Because of its durable and thoughtful construction, the Rolex Submariner is a watch that is designed to last. Many people who bring us vintage Submariners have kept them in great shape. Naturally, a Rolex Submariner that is in ready-to-sell condition is going to be more valuable, thus giving you more borrowing power. However, even if your Rolex Submariner isn’t in perfect condition, and even if it needs a few repairs, we’ll still give you a loan based on its value.


If you’re curious about the price range that you will be looking at when taking out a loan, just bring your watch to us. Whether you have a stainless steel Submariner or a gold model, we’ll take a look at your specific reference number and model and make you a cash loan offer right then.

Why Use Your Rolex Submariner for a Cash Loan?

Taking out a cash loan with your watch is easier than you might think. We’ll need to take a look at your watch, and we’ll need to see your government-issued ID for identification purposes. That’s pretty much it. You don’t even have to know very much about your watch, such as the year it was made or the specific model or version that you have. Our experienced associates can look over your watch and make these determinations.


Once you have accepted our cash loan offer, drawing up the paperwork and taking the information off of your ID only takes a few minutes. We’ll push the cash out of the drawer and hand it to you on the spot. You’ll leave with your money and pawn ticket in no time, and we’ll welcome you back when you’re ready to repay your loan on or before your due date. When that day comes, we’ll take your Rolex Submariner out of secure storage and give it back to you in the same condition it was in when you first brought it in.

How Do I Get Approved for a Cash Loan on My Rolex Submariner?

If you’ve ever been turned down for a loan, you probably know how disappointing it can be. If you don’t have the best credit score or have other challenges (such as if you haven’t had the same job for very long, or if your income isn’t at its highest right now), you might be worried that you will get turned down.


Luckily, this is rarely a concern with the pawn loans at Greenbrier Pawn. We don’t require applications, we won’t call and ask your boss to verify your employment or income information, and we won’t even run your credit score. Your Rolex Submariner is your approval.

Why Choose Greenbrier Pawn for My Rolex Submariner Loan?

Of the different places you can go for a pawn loan on your Rolex Submariner loan, trust Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake!

Work With a Chesapeake Pawn Shop That You Can Trust

In addition to being a standard pawn shop, we are also jewelry and Rolex dealers. When someone is wondering the price of a Rolex Submariner watch, they know they can come to us. We have earned a solid reputation in Chesapeake and Hampton Roads, and we intend to keep things that way. We’re always fair with our cash loan offers, and we’re easy to work with. We are fully committed to making this the easiest loan that you’ve ever taken out.

Take Out a Bigger Loan With Your Rolex Submariner

All of the Rolex Submariner models are valuable, from new Submariner models to vintage pieces. We make big loan offers on these fine timepieces.


Also, don’t forget that we do accept other Rolex watches as collateral for our pawn loans. If you don’t have an Oyster Perpetual Submariner but have another Rolex watch, such as a Rolex Datejust, bring it in for one of our pawn loans. We even accept luxury watches from other brand names like Omega.

Visit Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake, VA Today

If you’re ready to use your iconic Rolex Submariner to take out a loan for the first time, Greenbrier Pawn is here to help. In addition to helping you borrow money on your watch from the Rolex Submariner collection, we can show you our selection of jewelry and vintage watches and tell you more about our other inventory and services, too.

Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry

if you happen to be in Virginia beach and you want to sell your Rolex Watch or get a loan on a Rolex Watch feel free to stop in to our sister store Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry for the same great service and prices.


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