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Affordable Engagement Rings

Greenbrier Pawn Shop has one of the largest engagement ring and diamond jewelry inventories in Hampton Roads. Whatever you’re looking for give us a call or stop by and see for yourself.

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Affordable Engagement Rings

Cheap Engagement Rings

If you’re thinking about popping the question soon, you might be in the market for affordable diamond engagement rings. Finding the perfect engagement ring isn’t easy, but at Greenbrier Pawn, we’re here to help. In particular, if you’re looking for affordable engagement rings, we think you’ll find our pawn shop and jewelry store to be your best bet.

Buying an Affordable Engagement Ring Makes Sense

You might have heard of the three months’ salary rule for buying engagement rings. This rule states that you should spend the equivalent of three months’ salary when buying a ring for your bride-to-be. This “rule” was created as a part of a 1930s-era marketing campaign for a diamond company known as De Beers. As you can probably imagine, the diamond company had a financial interest in encouraging people to spend as much money as possible on an engagement ring, all in the name of love.


It simply isn’t necessary to spend this much on a ring. You don’t have to use an engagement ring budget calculator to decide how much to spend, either. You can find a beautiful, stunning engagement ring for a fraction of the cost that your bride-to-be is sure to love, and you can then save money for a great wedding, a down payment on a house, or anything else that you might need or want while you’re building a new life with your new spouse. It’s not as hard to find the perfect engagement ring on a budget, particularly if you shop at Greenbrier Pawn.

Why Buy Diamond Engagement Rings from Greenbrier Pawn Shop?

There are online retailers that sell diamond rings. You might have found some of these websites while doing engagement ring research online. It might seem like a good idea to buy from one of these retailers, and it’s certainly possible to find a nice ring this way. However, shopping at a shop like Greenbrier Pawn Shop is probably going to be a better choice.


For one thing, you might prefer shopping in person. You will have the chance to talk with our knowledgeable staff. You’ll probably be excited about shopping for such an important piece of jewelry, so you’ll probably be happy to talk to someone about it. Our staff members have years of experience with jewelry and have helped many people find their dream engagement ring. You can talk to our associates about your budget and your loved one’s style and preferences and can get help with choosing and buying the perfect ring.


You don’t have to worry about long wait times to get your ring in the mail, since you’ll get it instantly. If your soon-to-be spouse is going to be shopping with you, they can actually try on the ring if you shop at Greenbrier Pawn, too, so you can help ensure a proper fit. Plus, you’ll be able to get a better idea of what the ring looks like by shopping in person.


Another advantage of shopping at Greenbrier Pawn instead of with an online retailer or a local jewelry store is the fact that you can save a lot of money. You can easily save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by buying a gently used, good-quality, stunning engagement ring at our pawn shop.


Lab-Grown Diamonds vs. Real Diamonds

Whether you want to purchase a halo engagement ring, a ring with a pave band, or any other kind of engagement ring, you’ll need to choose the right type of stone. Traditional engagement rings typically have real, natural diamonds. When purchasing a diamond, you can choose between larger diamonds, smaller diamonds, conflict-free diamonds, and more.


However, some people do choose engagement rings that feature other stones. Some consider cubic zirconia to be a good, cheap alternative to diamonds. A white sapphire is another option. There are also lab-grown diamonds that are supposed to look like some of the fancy-shaped diamonds that are available. Some choose to avoid a diamond look completely and buy a ring that features colorful gemstones.


Of course, the choice is up to you. It’s possible to save a little money by buying a ring that features a cubic zirconia or lab-created diamond. However, these stones simply don’t have the same sparkle and shine as real diamonds. They aren’t as hard, so they aren’t as durable as the diamond center stone that can be found in many engagement rings. They don’t hold their value as well, and a manufactured stone might not be what your loved one had in mind for their dream ring.


Even if you’re on a budget, an engagement ring could still be an option. We have plenty of cheap diamond rings here at Greenbrier Pawn Shop. In fact, some of the best engagement rings that we sell feature real diamonds but are quite affordable. Going with a lower clarity grade is one way to save money, and you often can’t tell the difference with the naked eye. Choosing a ring with a smaller stone is another option. Plus, buying used is one of the best ways that you can get the real thing without spending much money. No matter your budget, we should have a few different styles for you to choose from so you can buy your loved one’s dream ring without sacrificing quality.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Affordable Engagement Ring

If you’re looking for a ring with a unique style at the right price point, we’re here to help. These pointers can guide you in choosing and buying white gold engagement rings, yellow gold engagement rings, or whatever type of ring you have in mind.

Set Your Budget First

In 2022, the average couple spent approximately $5,225 on an engagement ring. You can spend more or less than this, though, since we offer a wide selection of rings at all price points. To give yourself a starting point when shopping and to avoid spending more than you can afford, it’s a good idea to set your engagement ring budget before you ever start shopping.

Choose the Right Style

Engagement rings come in many different styles. To purchase your loved one’s dream engagement ring, you should think about their personal style. Pay attention to the jewelry that your loved one normally wears. If you know your love is a big fan of vintage and antique jewelry, you can look for a stunning vintage engagement ring. If you’ve noticed that your bride-to-be is a big fan of trendy, modern pieces, you can look for a more modern ring. If designer brands are an important part of your loved one’s style, you can look for a ring from a designer brand like Tiffany & Co.

Pick the Right Metal

You’ll probably want to choose a ring with a beautiful diamond, but you also have to pay attention to the metal that the actual ring is made from. Yellow gold is a classic choice, but white gold may be the best option if your loved one normally wears white gold or sterling silver jewelry. If you’d like to buy something a little different, white gold is an option.


In addition to choosing the right type of metal, you should also pay attention to the gold content. The strength and durability of the ring will be affected by the karat level of the gold. Because gold is malleable, a ring that has a high karat level will be much more prone to scratching, denting, and bending. 14 karat gold is a popular choice for engagement rings; it’s not too prone to scratches and is a little more affordable, but it has enough gold content to have a rich color and appearance. 18 karat gold is also popular, particularly if you want the ring to have a rich color, but be aware that the ring should be handled carefully to prevent scratches and imperfections. Generally, you will not want to go with a higher karat level than 18 karat gold for an engagement ring that will be worn daily and that will hopefully last forever. 


If you’re on a tight budget, a ring that is made of 10 karat gold might be an option. This will help you save money, and the ring should be very durable, so it might also be a good choice for someone who works with their hands or who is otherwise hard on their jewelry. The color will not be as rich and stunning, but there are still some beautiful 10 karat gold engagement rings out there.

Choose the Perfect Diamond or Stone

You’ll need to consider if you want to purchase a ring with a real diamond, a diamond simulant, or some other type of gemstone entirely. If it’s a diamond that you’re interested in, you should educate yourself about the 4 C’s of diamonds. They are cut, color, clarity, and carat.


The diamond cut is the actual shape of each diamond. When doing your engagement ring research, you’ll definitely want to learn about these popular cuts:

  • Round Radiant Cut - As the most popular diamond cut, round radiant cut diamonds are cut to have 58 facets, which are tiny flat surfaces. Because of all of these facets, round radiant diamonds have more sparkle than any other diamond cut.

  • Princess Cut - Princess cut diamonds are also very popular. They are very similar to round radiant cut diamonds, but they have pointed edges. These diamonds are square and fit nicely in many engagement ring settings.

  • Emerald Cut - Emerald cut diamonds are cut in a rectangular shape. They have facets on all of the sides of the diamond. Many people who are on a budget but who want their ring to appear to have a bigger diamond than it actually has choose the emerald cut.

  • Pear Cut - Pear cut diamonds are a little more expensive and a little less popular than some other cuts because they are more difficult to cut. Many three-stone rings have a pear cut in the middle of two other diamonds.

  • Heart Cut - One particularly romantic, unique diamond cut is the heart cut. As the name implies, these diamonds are cut into a heart shape.

  • Marquise Cut - Marquise cut diamonds are oval-shaped, but they have pointed ends. They’re unique and often look bigger than they really are.


Many people don’t realize that diamonds come in different colors, but they do. The most expensive diamonds are colorless, while more affordable diamonds are more yellow in hue. However, to the naked eye, the differences between color grades aren’t always easy to see.


The clarity of a diamond refers to whether or not it has tiny scratches, markings, or imperfections. As you can probably imagine, diamonds with a higher clarity rating are more expensive but are also more dazzling.


Lastly, you will need to know the carat weight of the diamond in the engagement ring that you purchase. Bigger diamonds are more expensive than smaller diamonds, naturally. Sometimes, though, small diamonds can look pretty big because of their cut. Additionally, you can buy a more dazzling ring for less money if you choose an engagement ring that features a modest center diamond but that is surrounded by a halo of tiny diamonds or that is set in-between two smaller diamonds.

Make Sure the Fit is Perfect

Ideally, when you purchase an engagement ring, it will be the right size. If you don’t know your bride-to-be’s ring size, try asking one of her friends or using a piece of string to measure a ring that she wears regularly. If your bride-to-be knows that you’re proposing soon, you should bring her with you when you visit Greenbrier Pawn Shop. We can help size her finger, and she can try on a few rings in person.


Even if you don’t know your bride-to-be’s exact ring size, we can still help you out. At Greenbrier Pawn Shop and Hilltop Pawn Shop, which is our sister store in Virginia Beach, we help with ring re-sizing.

Buy a Used Engagement Ring

Some of the best engagement rings can be purchased used for a fraction of the cost of a new ring. You can easily spend less than the national average while still purchasing an above-average ring by buying a used ring from Greenbrier Pawn Shop.

Buy Your Wedding Bands

When you’re shopping for an engagement ring, it’s not a bad idea to start looking for wedding bands. Then, you will have the rings that you need for the big day, and you can make sure that the wedding bands match nicely with the engagement ring that you have picked out.


You have the option to purchase a bridal set that includes the engagement ring and matching wedding band. This is a smart way to buy a cohesive-looking set. Additionally, you can often save a little bit of money by buying the rings together.


If you’ve picked a stunning engagement ring that isn’t part of a set, this doesn’t mean you can’t find a great wedding band to go with it, too. At Greenbrier Pawn, we always have a nice selection of men’s and women’s wedding bands. To ensure a good match, you’ll want to choose a wedding band that is made from the same precious metal that the engagement ring is made from, such as white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. Sterling silver is an option, too. We offer a wide variety of bridal sets and wedding bands at Greenbrier Pawn.

Why is Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry Different?

Lots of pawn shops buy and sell diamonds and jewelry. However, few really specialize in jewelry like we do here at Greenbrier Pawn Shop. In fact, when you walk into our shop, you will probably notice that resembles a high-end jewelry shop more than it does a traditional pawn shop. Even though we offer all of the same services that other pawn shops offer, many of our customers see us as more of a jewelry store. Once you stop in and check out our selection once, you’re sure to find that we’re your new favorite go-to Jewelry Store.

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