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We Buy Guns
Chesapeake Virginia

     If you’re looking for a licensed FFL dealer or someone else who has experience in the firearms industry, chances are good you’re either looking to either buy or sell a firearm. If the latter is true, you might be wondering the best way to sell additional firearms that you simply don’t want or use anymore. Fortunately, all you have to do is stop by Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake for help. Not only are we a pawn shop, but we are also your local gun buyers.

How to Legally Sell a Firearm in Chesapeake?

You might have already made the decision to sell your firearm, but you could be concerned about the legalities that go along with selling a gun. This is a legitimate concern, but you don’t have to worry when you visit our shop. Our well-trained staff members understand and follow all federal gun regulations. If you want to sell your gun the legal way, we can help make that happen. As your local gun shop, you can count on us for a legal and easy transaction.

Why Choose Greenbrier Pawn When Selling Your Firearm?

Naturally, there are a variety of ways you can sell your firearm. You can list your used gun for sale online, spread the word among your friends, or visit a gun show. However, visiting Greenbrier Pawn is sure to be the best way to sell your gun.

Work With Professionals

You can always expect to have a great, customer-friendly experience when you visit us at our convenient store location in Chesapeake. Our well-trained staff members are always here to serve you. We know guns, and we want to make your experience as fast and easy for you as possible.

Make Things Easy

Once you’ve decided it’s time to part ways with your firearm, you probably want to make things as easy for yourself as possible. Advertising your gun and looking for a legitimate buyer can be a big hassle. Going out of your way to visit a gun show can be a big hassle, too. If you want to sell your gun in the easiest and quickest way, visiting Greenbrier Pawn is a great solution. There is no hassle at all, and you can sell your gun the same day that you visit our shop. In fact, the whole transaction can be completed in minutes.

Get Paid More

There is no reason to sell your gun for way less than market value. We know the value of your firearm and want to pay you what you deserve. You can get top dollar by visiting Greenbrier Pawn, which is not only a pawn shop, but also your best local gun shop.

Do Things the Legal Way

Don’t risk putting yourself in a tough legal predicament when selling your gun. Pawn and gun shops like Greenbrier Pawn will help you sell your gun the legal way.

What Types of Guns Does Greenbrier Pawn Accept?

Greenbrier Pawn accepts all types of firearms, weapons, and accessories. We buy guns from all of the gun manufacturers, including Smith & Wesson and Sig Sauer. We buy everything from long guns that you use for hunting to semi-automatic pistols that you use for home defense. We’ll buy one single firearm, or we’ll purchase your entire collection of used guns. People bring us their gun collections all the time and are sometimes surprised by the fact that we always pay top dollar.


Why Does Greenbrier Pawn Buy Firearms?

Greenbrier Pawn has been a fixture of the Chesapeake community since 1996. Our customers know they can come to us to purchase quality, affordable used merchandise. People come to us all the time to purchase firearms. They know they can count on us to give them the best advice and sell them the right gun. When we buy your firearm, we’ll check it over, clean it up, and put it for sale in our shop. Then, one of our customers will be able to purchase it and put it to good use. As your local gun shop and pawn shop, we strive to offer different types of firearms so that all of our customers can find what they need for their gun collections.

Why Sell Your Firearm?

Whether you have a large collection of firearms or just one or two pieces, it’s not unusual to want to sell a gun. These are just some of the reasons why our customers come to us for a cash offer for their unwanted used guns.

Sell Unwanted Guns

If you’ve spent your time and money building an entire collection of guns, chances are good that you have a few favorites that you reach for time and time again. There’s no reason to keep unwanted and unused guns in your collection. Any guns that you don’t like or won’t use can be sold to us at Greenbrier Pawn. Then, you’ll have more room in your gun safe for the firearms that you love the most.

Buy the Gun You Want

You might have a used gun that you like well enough, but you might have your eyes set on another firearm that’s more your speed. Bring in your unwanted gun, and exchange it for store credit. Then, use that store credit to purchase the perfect gun for you, whether that’s a Smith & Wesson semi-automatic pistol for home defense or a Sig Sauer long gun that you can use for hunting.

Get Much-Needed Cash

Times can get hard for anyone, and if you’re looking for the easiest and quickest way to put some cash in your pocket, selling your firearm might seem like a good idea. We understand, and we look forward to helping you. You can bring your gun to us and get cash on the spot. When you’re in a tough financial spot, getting a quick and easy cash offer for your gun might just be what you need to turn things around.

Buy Something Else You Want

Not only can you use your cash or store credit to purchase a different firearm or weapon from our shop, but you can buy something else completely. If you’ve got your eye on a nice Rolex watch or engagement ring in our shop, for example, you can use the store credit from your firearm to purchase whatever it is that you want to splurge on.

Why Take Out a Pawn Loan on Your Firearm?

If you’ve never taken out a pawn loan before, the idea of using your firearm to take out one of these loans might be confusing. Once you learn a little more about our easy cash loans, though, you might be interested in taking advantage of this exciting and easy option.

Avoid Losing Your Gun

You might have originally thought about visiting Greenbrier Pawn to sell your gun because you need cash right now. However, you might have been a bit upset at the idea of selling your gun, particularly if you use it for home defense, hunting, practicing at the firing range, or other reasons. Your gun might even have sentimental value to you, such as if it was passed down to you by a family member.


Luckily, there is a wonderful alternative that will allow you to use your gun to put cash in your pocket, all without giving it up for good. With one of our pawn loans, you’ll only have to give up your gun until you repay your loan. As soon as you come into our shop to repay what you owe, we’ll bring your gun out of our safekeeping and give it right back to you. For many of our customers, this is preferable over selling a gun and giving it up forever.

Enjoy an Easy Borrowing Option

Borrowing money isn’t always easy. Even if you have an excellent credit score, the process of proving your income, verifying your employment, sharing your bank account information, and more can be a real hassle.


If you don’t have a good credit score, borrowing money can be even tougher. You might have found that your low credit score bars you from taking advantage of a lot of borrowing options. You might worry that your only option is to borrow money from a predatory payday lender, for example, but you might know that these loans are very expensive and can be a trap.


Luckily, pawn loans from Greenbrier Pawn are an easy, excellent solution for just about anyone. We won’t run your credit, we don’t ask you to fill out an application, and we won’t call your boss or look at your bank statements or paycheck stubs. Instead, we’ll simply assess the value of your firearm and grant you a loan based on that value. Because we secure your loan with collateral (such as your firearm), we’re able to grant you a loan without any of the hassle. If you bring your driver’s license or government-issued ID and your gun, chances are very good that we will be able to grant you a cash loan today! In fact, you might be surprised by how much you are able to borrow, depending on the value of your firearm.

Get a Bigger Loan

You might have already decided that a pawn loan is right for you, but you could be thinking about using something else as collateral. A firearm is actually a great collateral option. This is true because firearms typically hold their value really well over the years, so you may be able to take out a bigger loan. If you don’t use your firearm on a daily basis, you might not mind leaving it as collateral for a little while, until you’re ready to repay your loan. Plus, since we are experienced with firearms here at Greenbrier Pawn, you can feel good in knowing you’ll be granted the collateral that you deserve.

Tips for Taking Out Your First Pawn Loan With a Firearm

When you’re short on cash, the idea of being able to take out a pawn loan can be incredibly exciting! These loans are so simple that you shouldn’t need much advice, but these tips can help. Plus, if you have additional questions, our friendly staff members are always here to assist you.

Understand How They Work

Any time that you borrow money, it’s important to understand everything related to the loan that you’re taking out. This is true with pawn loans, too. If you have any questions about how your loan will work, don’t hesitate to ask one of our helpful associates. We will explain how collateral works, how much you’ll be able to borrow, how much you’ll be expected to pay back, when your loan is due, and more. You should be able to find most of this information on your pawn ticket, too.

Bring Your Collateral

If you’re wondering how much you are going to be able to borrow, you will need to bring your long gun, semi-automatic pistol, or other firearm to our shop for us to look at. The sooner you bring your collateral, the sooner you will be given a loan offer, and the sooner you can get your cash.

Bring Your ID

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to grant you a pawn loan if you don’t bring your government-issued ID. We will need a valid, unexpired, government-issued ID that proves that you are a legal adult in order to grant you a pawn loan on your gun or any other item. If you aren’t sure of what you can and cannot use as an ID for one of our loans, don’t be afraid to stop by or give us a call.

Greenbrier Pawn and Gun: A Gun Buyer Near Me

Are you wondering who buys guns near me? We are a gun buyer near me in Chesapeake. It's easy to get cash for guns near me when you work with the right pawn shop. You can sell guns to our jewelry, pawn and gun store in Chesapeake with ease. We buy guns every day that we're open! Stop in during regular business hours with your unloaded gun, with the safety on, please! We'll make you an offer on the spot. You can sell a gun near me for cash today. Get the cash you've been needing!

Pawn, Jewelry and Gun Store in Chesapeake

You likely think of us as more of a jewelry store than a gun store in Chesapeake. It's true, but we do buy guns every day we're open. Greenbrier Pawn and Gun is here to buy your unwanted firearm! You might have been searching for "gun buyer near me," "sell gun near me," "cash for guns near me," "who buys guns near me?," and so on. You don't have to keep looking, just come see us!

Cash for Guns in Chesapeake

Want to get cash for guns? Wondering where to sell guns near me? We buy guns in Chesapeake at Greenbrier Pawn, and we pay top dollar, too. You can sell guns near me at our Greenbrier pawn and gun store. You might not really think of us as a gun store in Chesapeake -- after all, jewelry is what we're known for -- but we will pay cash for your gun.

Pawn Shops That Buy Guns in Chesapeake

Are you looking to sell guns near me? Been looking for a gun shop in Chesapeake that will give you cash for guns? Our Greenbrier pawn and gun store is here. You can sell a gun in minutes when you work with us. We pay cash for guns every day that we're open!

Check Out Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake Today

If you’re ready to sell your used gun, Greenbrier Pawn is here to make things easy. We will follow all federal gun regulations and walk you through the whole process of easily and legally selling your firearm. You can also stop by if you want to take out a pawn loan, buy a gun, buy fine jewelry, and more. Stop by or give us a call today if you need help with anything, and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Jewelry Expert

How It Works

Here at Greenbrier Pawn Shop, we understand that anyone can suffer from cash flow issues. If you’ve found yourself running a little short on cash, we are here to help.


Our pawn loans are SHORT-TERM LOANS THAT ARE REGULATED BY VIRGINIA STATE LAW. Basically, you will need to bring in an item of value -- or multiple items -- for us to hold as collateral.


Then, BASED OFF OF HOW MUCH THE ITEM IS WORTH, WE'LL GIVE YOU A LOAN OFFER. If you choose to accept, we can quickly and easily write up a loan contract and loan you the cash.


All you need is your state-issued ID to prove that you’re at least 18. WE DON'T CHECK YOUR CREDIT, and we accept a wide range of items as collateral for our pawn loans.

After you take out your loan, you’ll have a few different options. Your first option is to come back in and pay off your loan within the 30-day loan term. You’ll pay back the amount that you borrowed plus a small loan fee and interest charge that is regulated by Virginia state law. Then, you’ll get your item back immediately. If you aren’t able to pay off your loan in 30 days, it’s not a big deal. All you have to do is bring in the amount of your interest and fees. Once you pay this sum, we’ll renew your loan for another 30 days to give you more time to come up with the cash.


Lastly, if you are unable to pay back your loan for any reason, or if you decide that you just don’t want your item back, you don’t have to do anything. We will keep your item, and you won’t have to worry about paying back the loan. This will not have a negative impact on your credit, and you will not have to worry about us calling and hassling you about the money. You can also come back to us anytime that you want to take out another loan.

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