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Should I Sell Jewelry or Get a Pawn Loan?

Pawn shop loans in Chesapeake make it easy for you to turn your jewelry into much-needed cash, and you still have the option to get it back when you repay your loan, too. Of course, this isn't the only way you can get cash for your jewelry items. If you have unwanted items in your jewelry box and would like to get the highest price for them, you can bring them to pawn and jewelry stores like Greenbrier Pawn and sell them. If you're wondering whether you should sell jewelry or get a pawn loan, consider the differences. Either way, come to us, and we'll help you out and offer you the best customer service along the way.

What Kind of Jewelry Can You Sell or Borrow On at Greenbrier Pawn?

Whether you're selling your jewelry or taking out a pawn loan, you can bring all different types of jewelry to us. These are just some of the jewelry pieces that we pay high prices for:

Sell your unwanted jewelry for cash or store credit, or get a loan today. Just visit your local pawn shop, Greenbrier Pawn. We're right here in Chesapeake, and we provide the fastest way to get quick cash if you're in the Hampton Roads area.

Pawn or sell your jewelry

Sell Jewelry vs. Getting a Pawn Loan: Which is Best for You?

So, should you sell your jewelry or get a pawn loan? It's really up to you, and it basically boils down to two things. First, can you repay a loan? Secondly, do you want your jewelry back?

If you're willing and able to repay a pawn loan, and if you want your jewelry back, then our borrowing option is sure to be a great option for you. You can use pretty much any type of jewelry to take out one of our pawn loans. How much you will be able to borrow depends on the value of the used or new jewelry that you bring in, but we always offer a fair loan offer.

If you don't want to bother with repaying a loan -- and if you really don't want your jewelry back anyway -- then you can just come in and let us know you're interested in selling. We always offer a good price for all different types of jewelry. Why are we willing to offer you a great price for your unique pieces? Well, we like to keep a great inventory of jewelry for a better price than what our customers would pay at a mall jewelry store. Sell us your diamond and gold jewelry...and it's a win-win-win situation. We'll pay you a fair price, we'll be able to add to our inventory, and someone else will be able to get a great deal on a new-to-them piece of jewelry that they're interested in buying.

How Much Can You Get or Borrow for Your Jewelry?

Just how much can you borrow? How much can you sell your jewelry for? Well, that depends. We pay top dollar regardless, but naturally, some pieces are more valuable than others. Your best bet for getting an offer is to bring your own jewelry in when you get a chance. The evaluation process is quick, and you don't have to worry about doing anything....our staff will take care of it for you. There's no risk and no obligation to sell or get a loan just because you bring your jewelry in, so you have nothing to lose. We're the right place to go any time you want to take out a pawn loan or sell a piece of jewelry for the most money!

Pawn shops are the best place to sell your fine jewelry or take out a pawn loan for the best price. At least, that's the case if you use Greenbrier Pawn here in Chesapeake, Virginia. Use us as your potential buyers or lenders, and we'll make the process as easy for you as we can! Come see us today!

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