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Do Pawn Shops Buy Diamond Engagement Rings? | Chesapeake

Pawn shops like Greenbrier Pawn offer many services for Hampton Roads customers. Along with our many other services, we also buy valuable unwanted jewelry, including diamond engagement rings. If you're looking for a local family-owned company that will pay you what you deserve for your diamond engagement ring -- all while doing everything possible to provide you with a great experience -- Greenbrier Pawn is the best place to visit. We are a top diamond ring buyer in Chesapeake, Virginia, and we'll give you a free appraisal here at your local pawn shop and jewelry store today.


How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay for Diamonds?

Whether you have an antique diamond ring, a new diamond ring, or something in-between, your biggest concern might be how much you'll get for it on the secondary market. Your diamond engagement ring might have a lot of sentimental value, and it may have been quite expensive. Naturally, you'll want to get the best price for such important diamond jewelry. Although you might be interested in selling your piece of diamond jewelry, you may only want to sell if you can find diamond experts who are willing to pay you a high price based on the true value of your diamond ring.


In general, selling your diamond ring to a pawn shop can be quite lucrative, whether you have designer jewelry or an antique diamond ring. Of course, just how much you'll get paid depends a lot on which pawn shop you use as your jewelry buyer. The best diamond buyers are pawn shops that put a strong focus on jewelry. For example, unlike some pawn shops in the area, Greenbrier Pawn focuses strongly on the jewelry market. We pay higher prices because diamond engagement rings are always in high demand here in our pawn and jewelry store, so we are always interested in buying them. The bottom line is, you can get the maximum value for your ring by selling to Greenbrier Pawn instead of our competition. After all, we understand the fair market value of your old engagement ring, and we'll do a careful diamond appraisal on your used diamond ring so we can offer you what you deserve.


Another thing that impacts the value of your diamond engagement ring is what type of gold it's made from, or if it's made from another precious metal. Sterling silver has many benefits in the jewelry world (such as affordability and a similar look to white gold), but it's not as valuable as gold. An 18k gold engagement ring is worth more than a comparable 14k gold engagement ring, which is more valuable than a 10k gold engagement ring.


The biggest thing that impacts the value of an engagement ring, in most cases, is the main diamond itself. Gold bands have value, of course, but if your ring has a diamond, that is what makes up the majority of your ring's value. Just how much that diamond is worth depends on four primary things:

●      Carat Weight - Carat weight is one of the primary things that affects the value of a diamond. A one carat diamond is valuable, but a two or three carat diamond is worth much more. A first step we take when we do free evaluations of old rings is to look at the size of the diamond in question. 

●      Cut - There are a variety of different diamond cuts; the most popular (and most valuable) is the round-cut diamond. Princess cut diamonds are also popular. Then, there are more affordable cuts, like asscher or emerald cut diamonds.

●      Color - When looking at the quality of the diamond, the color is one thing we look at. Of course, we do buy diamonds of different colors, including black diamonds, yellow diamonds, and pink diamonds. When we're looking at a traditional clear or colorless diamond, we do assess its color grade. Basically, lower quality diamonds have a yellowish hue, while really good-quality diamonds are completely clear. Most fall somewhere in-between. When you sell diamonds, the more clear a diamond is, the more it's typically worth.

●      Clarity - When assessing the clarity of a diamond, we are looking for inclusions (which are internal flaws), as well as external blemishes. In many cases, you can't really look at a diamond and see these imperfections. However, as you can probably imagine, these blemishes can impact the value of a diamond. We will carefully look at your diamond's clarity grade before making you an offer.

There's no reason to keep wondering how much you can get paid for your diamond engagement ring. Bring it in to Greenbrier Pawn, and you can get an answer today. We have years of experience with valuing diamond engagement rings and paying the highest prices for them. Our valuations only take a few minutes, and there's absolutely no obligation to sell to us, so you don't have anything to lose. There's no reason to keep wondering about the actual value of the ring that you're thinking about selling. Bring your unwanted fine jewelry -- such as your engagement ring -- to our Chesapeake location, and you'll have an answer about how much your ring is worth in minutes. Then, when you decide to sell to us, you'll receive an immediate payment! We always make the best offer for pre-owned jewelry.

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Are Pawn Shops Paying Fair Money for Diamonds?

You could be wondering if a pawn shop will actually pay you a fair price for your diamond ring, it really depends on which pawn shop you sell to. In general, pawn shops do often pay good prices for unwanted gold and diamond jewelry, including diamond engagement rings. This is particularly true if you choose a pawn shop that puts a heavy emphasis on jewelry, like Greenbrier Pawn.


It's also important to note that we don't just buy diamond engagement rings. We'll buy any diamond jewelry that you have and want to get rid of. We even pay a higher price than our competition for loose diamonds. Any time that you're hoping to get paid fairly for your diamond or diamond jewelry, selling to a pawn shop like Greenbrier Pawn is probably your best option.

As professional diamond buyers and jewelry buyers, we buy all of these things and more!

●      Engagement rings

●      Wedding rings

●      Diamond earrings

●      Diamond bracelets

●      Wedding bands

●      Diamond wedding ring

●      Antique jewelry

●      Designer pieces

●      Fine estate jewelry

●      Luxury timepieces

Can I Pawn My Engagement Ring?

If you don't actually want to sell your engagement ring, this doesn't mean there isn't a way for you to get cash from it. We aren't just a local jeweler; because we are a full-service pawn shop, we also offer short-term loans in the form of a collateral loan, or pawn loan.


When you bring in your engagement ring, we'll perform a diamond evaluation, just as we would if we were buying it. This allows us to determine the approximate value of your ring. Then, we'll give you a cash loan -- on the spot -- with your ring as collateral. Just leave your engagement ring with us until you're able to repay your loan (your repayment date will be listed on your pawn ticket). If you find you need a little more time to repay your loan, it's no big deal. We just ask that you stop by our shop and ask for an extension before the repayment date. We're always transparent about how much you are paying in interest, and since our loans are state-regulated, you never have to worry about predatory lending when you choose us.


There are many reasons to consider taking out a pawn loan from our family-owned business. It gives you the option to get the money you need today without having to say goodbye to your ring forever. We don't perform credit checks, nor do we care about your credit score. We don't even ask our customers to fill out an application. Plus, the final offer for your loan is based on the value of your engagement ring (or whatever other collateral you bring in), so you're the one who gets to decide how much you can borrow. Bring in multiple pieces of jewelry for a bigger loan; it's up to you.


If you have any questions about our pawn loans, or if you're ready to get started with your first pawn loan, visit our local family business, Greenbrier Pawn. We're happy to answer your questions and walk you through the process of taking out a loan from us, and you'll get your loan money today!


Jewelry Store Vs. Pawn Shop for Selling Diamonds and Gold

You might have considered the option to take your unwanted jewelry pieces, such as your diamond engagement ring, to a jewelry store. Depending on the store you visit, a traditional jewelry store might buy your piece of jewelry. In many cases, they don't actually buy your jewelry; instead, they give you the option to put your jewelry on consignment.


This may seem like a great way to sell a ring, and for some people, it works out. It's not always a good idea to sell your unwanted jewelry this way, though. For one thing, if you're selling your ring because your bank account balance is a little low and you need cash right now, selling on consignment isn't going to get you the immediate cash that you might need. Your diamond estate jewelry might sell pretty quickly, or it might not. It really depends on the particular jewelry store that you choose, how much effort they put into selling it, and just plain luck. Consider that many jewelry stores aren't going to go out of their way to sell your piece first, when they can get more from pushing and selling their own jewelry. It could be quite some time before you get paid, and you may not get the best deal for your ring, either.


Selling to a pawn shop instead of a jewelry store is better for many people, and it is likely to be the best solution for you, too. If you want to just get the sale over with quickly and get your cash as soon as you can, selling to a pawn shop makes sense. There's no wait to find a buyer for your ring, since we'll make you a great offer and pay you in cash on the spot. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing to us, so we do everything we can to be a reputable diamond buyer that you can trust. Any time you're looking for a potential buyer for your unwanted jewelry, visit Greenbrier Pawn. We have decades of experience in the jewelry industry here in Hampton Roads, and we'll offer you a great deal. Plus, we'll do everything possible to help you have a great experience when you visit our retail store here in Chesapeake.


Today is a great day to sell your diamond engagement ring. Deal with a professional diamond buyer that you can trust, Greenbrier Pawn. We'll pay you top dollar based on the value of your diamond engagement ring, and we'll do everything we can to provide you with excellent customer service throughout the entire process. Visit our convenient Chesapeake location today! While you're here, bring any other unwanted diamonds and jewelry from your jewelry box. We'll make you a top dollar offer on any and all of your unwanted jewelry. You can always count on us to give you the highest offer!


Ask Us About a Pawn Loan Instead

A Personal Loan lets you keep your valuables

If you would prefer not to lose your items, you can always ask us about a Pawn Loan. The process is similar to selling an item, but instead of keeping it, we’ll just hold it as collateral. Then, you’ll be able to retrieve your item when you come in and pay off your loan. This is a good option for those who need money now but who don’t want to sell their items permanently. If you later decide that you do not want your item back, however, you can simply leave it with us and forget about paying back the loan. There are no negative repercussions for doing so, and you can always come back in later to make another sale or take out another loan with no problems.

Contact Us with Questions

Please don't hesitate to hit the call now button to ask any questions you might have. Our daughter Nina runs not only this store but all three and will gladly spend some time explaining how everything works. Call and ask for her right now.

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