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Sell Your Emerald Cut Engagement Ring
Chesapeake VA

If you're looking for the best place to sell your emerald cut diamond ring, you have options. You might already know Greenbrier Pawn as your local jeweler and pawn shop, but you may have never sold us an engagement or wedding ring before. When looking for potential buyers in the Chesapeake area, though, you shouldn't forget that we are some of the top jewelry and diamond buyers in the community. Any time you want to sell diamond jewelry for a fair price, you can get the best price -- while enjoying the best experience -- by selling to us. Stop by our convenient location in Chesapeake today, and we'll show you why we are known as a top engagement ring buyer in the area.

1011 Eden Way North, Chesapeake, VA 23320

Best Way to Sell Your Engagement Ring

When selling emerald cut diamond engagement rings, you shouldn't sell to just anyone. Actually, this is true no matter the diamond shape of your engagement ring. Work with a buyer who will take extraordinary care in valuing and buying your ring: Greenbrier Pawn. After all, we're a popular choice among those who want to buy or sell any style of ring in Chesapeake for a reason!


Enjoy a Hassle-Free Experience

Selling diamond and gold jewelry, such as an emerald cut diamond engagement ring, isn't supposed to be some kind of big hassle. When you sell to a reputable diamond buyer like Greenbrier Pawn, you can enjoy the simple and streamlined experience that you deserve. In fact, we'll handle everything. Just bring us the ring, and we'll take over. We'll handle your ring with the utmost of care, and we'll carefully assess its value. Once we've valued your ring, we'll make you a cash offer right then, and you can choose to accept or take your ring with you. The choice is up to you, and there's no obligation or cost for us to assess your ring and make you an offer. Because of the high offers that we make on emerald cut diamond engagement rings, regardless of the diamond's carat weight, we think you'll want to make the sale right then!


Get a Higher Price at Greenbrier Pawn

Don't sell your ring to a private buyer who can't do an accurate valuation of your ring, or an online buyer who might be trying to buy your ring for less than it's worth. Let us make you a worthwhile cash offer. We are expert appraisers at Greenbrier Pawn. After all, we've been in the pawn and jewelry industry for decades now, and we truly understand the value of a diamond like yours. Make sure you're paid what you deserve by coming to Greenbrier Pawn.


Get Paid for Your Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Today

We know you're probably ready to turn your ring into cash right now, and we'll help you do so. There's no wait to find the right private buyer. You don't have to send your ring to an online buyer and wait for them to make you an offer and send your payment. There isn't even a check to cash. Greenbrier Pawn pays in cash, and we pay on the spot. The day you're ready to sell your emerald cut engagement ring is the day that you will be paid! There isn't really a faster way to turn your unwanted diamond ring into cold, hard cash.


Work With a Trusted Local Name

We've been offering pawn and jewelry services in Chesapeake for decades now. In fact, we first opened our doors in 1996, and we've been buying and selling engagement rings and jewelry ever since. Our reputation speaks for itself. If you'd prefer to work with a trusted local name, Greenbrier Pawn is the obvious solution, whether you're selling an emerald cut engagement ring, buying pre-owned jewelry or watches, taking out a pawn loan, or even making use of our jewelry repair services. Even if you've never bought or sold to us before, we think you'll become a return customer once you give us a try.


Get the Most Money for Your Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Any time that you're working with jewelry buyers -- whether you're selling your emerald cut engagement ring or any other piece of jewelry -- you'll want to get the highest price for it. That's just common sense. At Greenbrier Pawn, we put a high value on fine jewelry. When you use us as your local jewelry store and pawn shop, you can get paid fairly based on the value of your ring.

You may be curious about how we will value your ring. There is a lot of variety among emerald cut engagement rings. Some are made from white gold, and others are made from yellow gold. Gold emerald cut engagement rings of any color have varying gold contents, with many ranging from 10K gold to 18K gold. 


Some emerald cut engagement rings are newer pieces from top designers, while others are vintage or antique pieces that are quite rare and valuable. Emerald cut engagement rings may feature a smaller, more modest diamond, or one that is much larger, and obviously, the size of your diamond will impact your offer. Size is not the only thing we look at when valuing emerald cut engagement rings, however! Color and clarity are other things we look at when looking at your engagement ring. After all, even smaller diamonds can be quite valuable if they are of the best quality.


We look at a number of different things when we're valuing your ring, since we want to make you an accurate offer. If you're curious about how we came up with the offer that we give you, don't hesitate to ask. We're fully transparent when working with our customers, and we're more than happy to answer your questions about our valuation process.


Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry Buys Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Different people have their preferences when it comes to diamond cuts, but we love them all. Customers come to us for princess cut or round cut engagement rings all the time, but many people specifically look for an emerald-cut stone in their engagement ring. Even though it's not the most popular diamond cut, it's still favored by many.


After all, it's not hard to understand why people like this classic style. For one thing, emerald cut diamonds are typically noticeably more affordable than some of the other cuts. For example, a round cut diamond of a similar size is typically significantly more expensive. Additionally, emerald cut diamonds give you more for your money, so to speak, because they often look quite a bit larger than they actually are. A one carat emerald cut diamond is going to appear to be bigger and more impressive in size than a similarly sized diamond from another cut. For those who want a big, impressive ring without the huge price tag, an emerald cut ring is well worth the consideration.


Emerald-cut diamond engagement rings are popular for other reasons, too. For one thing, they tend to have a slimming effect on the finger, which is something many people look for. They're also more durable and harder to chip, which makes them a good choice for everyday wear, particularly for someone who works with their hands or who is otherwise hard on their jewelry. They have a bit of a classic look, so those who prefer a more traditional style often choose emerald cut engagement rings.


These are all just some of the reasons why we know, appreciate, and love emerald cut engagement rings. If you have an engagement ring with an emerald cut center stone that you are interested in selling, bring it to the jewelry experts here at Greenbrier Pawn. We're looking forward to making you an offer on your emerald-cut ring! We like to buy these rings so we can keep them in stock for our customers. After all, just as we are the best place to go to sell an engagement ring, we're also the go-to shop when shopping for a nice, pre-owned engagement ring at a fair price. We'll make you a fair offer and take your ring off your hands, today!


Count on Greenbrier Pawn for Other Fine Jewelry Services

It's true that Greenbrier Pawn is the perfect place to go if you want to sell an emerald-cut engagement ring, but don't forget that we offer other great services, too! If you're looking for other fine jewelry services, chances are good that we can help you out.


Sell Fine Jewelry and Watches

Even if you don't have an emerald cut engagement ring to sell, we can still help! Sell your wedding band, Rolex watch, and more at Greenbrier Pawn. We buy precious metals, precious stones, and other items of value. Skip the online buyers, consignment shops, and auction houses, and sell to us instead! Whether you're selling one engagement ring or all of the unwanted jewelry from your jewelry box, Greenbrier Pawn is your one-stop shop.


​We Loan Money on Your Fine Jewelry

From fine estate jewelry to emerald cut engagement rings, Greenbrier Pawn offers cash loans on your fine jewelry. Our customers use all types of jewelry to borrow money. Your jewelry item is your approval, so don't worry if you don't have a great credit score or if you haven't had luck with getting approved for loans in the past. We'll hold your ring as collateral and make a loan based on its value. Then, when you repay us, you'll get your ring back. It's all very simple, and it's a great way to turn your engagement ring into cash, all without having to give it up forever. Plus, since pawn loans like ours are regulated by the state of Virginia (which is the case in all 50 states, although state laws do vary), you can feel confident in taking out one of our loans. Unlike predatory lenders with immense interest rates and fees, we charge reasonable rates for our pawn loans, in accordance with state law.


Jewelry Repair Services

Many people don't know it, but Greenbrier Pawn offers jewelry repair services! If you have an emerald cut diamond engagement ring that needs repairs, bring it to us! We'll do anything from resize your ring so it fits your finger perfectly, to repairing damaged prongs or a damaged shank. Our jewelry repair staff members can also professionally clean your ring so it sparkles and shines like it did when it was first slipped on your finger. Bring us your emerald cut diamond engagement ring for repair and cleaning today!


Also, we don't just offer jewelry repair services on engagement rings. Bring any other jewelry to us for repairs. We'll handle your piece with the utmost of care, and we'll do everything we can to get it back in tip-top shape.


Sell Your Emerald Cut Engagement Ring to Greenbrier Pawn Today

Now that you've decided that you want to sell your diamond engagement ring, there is really no reason to wait to make the sale. Get your free verbal appraisal today, and you'll see that we'll offer you the best value for your old engagement ring. In addition to offering our services at Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake, you're also more than welcome to visit our sister store, Hilltop Pawn. Located in Virginia Beach, Hilltop Pawn is yet another staple in the community, and we'll buy your diamond and gemstone jewelry at either location!

Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry

If you happen to be in Virginia Beach please visit our Sister Store, Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry for the same great service you'll get from us here at Greenbrier Pawn.

Why is Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry Different?

Lots of pawn shops buy and sell diamonds and jewelry. However, few really specialize in jewelry like we do here at Greenbrier Pawn Shop. In fact, when you walk into our shop, you will probably notice that resembles a high-end jewelry shop more than it does a traditional pawn shop. Even though we offer all of the same services that other pawn shops offer, many of our customers see us as more of a jewelry store. Once you stop in and check out our selection once, you’re sure to find that we’re your new favorite go-to Jewelry Store.

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