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Best Place to Sell Gold Jewelry Near Me?

People find themselves looking for gold buyers who will buy their gold items all the time.You might have found yourself in a position where you're looking to get some express gold cash yourself, too. In particular, you might have a piece of jewelry that you're interested in selling. You could be thinking about stopping by a jewelry store or one of the local pawn shops, all in hopes of being paid the highest prices possible for a gold ring, necklace, or anything else with gold content that might be in your jewelry box. If you're someone who wants to get a good price for your gold jewelry, be aware that when you use Greenbrier Pawn as your local jewelers, you can get paid top dollar. We're one of the best places around if you're hoping to get the best price for gold jewelry that you simply don't want anymore.


Where is the Best Place to Sell Gold Jewelry in Chesapeake?

From antique jewelry to modern jewelry pieces, it's natural to look for the highest possible price any time that you are selling unwanted jewelry. Of course, this probably isn't the only thing you're thinking about when you're looking for a good place to sell golden jewelry. Even though there are a number of options out there for selling pieces of gold jewelry, Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake is the best choice for selling modern or old gold jewelry that you have decided you no longer want.


Many people like selling to us because they prefer to work with a local business. You can enjoy great service from our friendly staff by using Greenbrier Pawn as your local gold jewelry buyers. If you're someone who likes to support local businesses when you can, you'll definitely want to choose us when selling gold or diamond jewelry. After all, we're locally owned and operated, and we've been known as a staple in Hampton Roads since the 1990s. If you check our Google reviews, you'll see that many people know we're the right place to make your gold sale. Our positive reviews speak for themselves!


Why Sell Gold Jewelry Near Me?

People sell their gold jewelry for many reasons. Sometimes, our customers are cleaning out their jewelry boxes, getting rid of jewelry they don't wear much to make room for new pieces. You might have just inherited some gold estate jewelry that you simply aren't interested in, or you might have had a run of bad luck, money-wise, and could be looking for a great solution to put some cash in your pocket.


Some customers have been selling their gold lately because of the greater value they've been able to get in recent years. The worth of gold has been pretty high and has held pretty steady over the past few years. When selling gold for its scrap value in particular, it's always wise to sell when gold is at high values. After all, the market price can vary, and it can have a big impact on how much you get paid. Selling when resale prices are the highest obviously makes the most sense, especially if you have a lot of gold to sell.


How Much Will I Get for My Gold Jewelry?

Although things like customer service are probably pretty important to you, the most important part of the entire process is often getting paid as much as possible. Right now, you might be most concerned about how much your bank account balance will go up once you sell your gold for extra cash. Gold does have an intrinsic value, but there are various variables that impact the retail price of your gold. Rest assured, you can get the most money for your gold at Greenbrier Pawn, but just how much depends on the answers to a few questions. Luckily, you don't have to do much of anything to get a quote for your old gold jewelry. Just bring it to us, and we'll look it over and let you know how much your gold jewelry is worth. After all, we'll offer a free estimate for our payout prices, and if you like the estimate we give, you can get instant cash today!


What is the Current Value of Gold?

As mentioned above, the value of gold does go up and down, based on the market. Selling your gold jewelry when it's worth the most value will net you the biggest price. Luckily, the spot price of gold has been on the upswing and has been quite steady recently, so you shouldn't have anything to worry about. We're more than happy to tell you about the current melt value of gold when you come in, so you can decide if it's a good time to sell or not. We think you'll find that now is a great time to get the best offer for your unwanted gold jewelry, especially when you work with us.


Is Your Jewelry in Ready-to-Sell Condition?

The condition of your gold jewelry really depends on the potential buyer that you're working with. Some online buyers buy gold strictly for its melt value alone, so the value of your jewelry really doesn't matter at all. With some other buyers, though, condition does impact value. That's the case at Greenbrier Pawn.


Basically, we buy and sell gold and silver jewelry. In fact, people come to us daily, on the hunt for a new piece to add to their collection or give to a loved one. Because of that, when you bring in gold jewelry that is in ready-to-sell condition, it's worth more than its melt value alone. We'll consider how much we will be able to sell your piece for when we put it in our jewelry case, and we'll make you an offer based on that. If your gold jewelry is actually in pretty good condition, you'll typically get a significant amount of extra money for it, compared to if you sold it for melt value alone.


If your jewelry isn't in great condition but is repairable, we will take note of that, too. After all, we perform jewelry repairs here at Greenbrier Pawn. In fact, we even offer these services for the general public. Because of that, we may buy your damaged jewelry and then repair it. Then, we can put it up for sale in our shop. We will consider the future value of your jewelry (after it's repaired), as well as the amount of time and money that we have to invest into repairing your jewelry, when we make you an offer.


In some cases, gold jewelry really isn't worth repairing, but that does not mean that you can't get paid for it. In this case, your gold jewelry is valued based on its gold weight and content. We'll determine just how much of your gold jewelry is actually made from gold, rather than just other alloys. For example, we'll assess if your jewelry is 24K or 18K gold vs. less-valuable (but still valuable) 10K gold. We'll also weigh your gold jewelry. This can be done quickly, and you don't have to wait a long time to get paid. You don't even have to wait until the next day. We'll value your damaged or scrap gold jewelry on the spot, then make you an offer instantly, based on the current gold market. You'll have an offer -- and cash in your pocket -- in about 10 or 15 minutes, in most cases.


Is There Anything That Makes Your Jewelry More Valuable?

Unlike those who only deal with gold bullion or other gold, Greenbrier Pawn also works with diamond jewelry and more. Therefore, we'll look at whether or not there is anything else that makes your gold jewelry valuable, aside from its gold content and weight. For example, if you bring us a diamond ring, we'll look at both the gold content and the value of the diamond. This is true for any jewelry with valuable gemstones. If you bring in an antique or rare piece, or gold jewelry from one of the top jewelry designers that our customers are always looking for, this could help you get a higher offer, too.


How Much Does Your Jewelry Weigh?

If your jewelry isn't really in ready-to-sell condition, such as if it's broken and needs a lot of repairs, we will base the value on the sum of its parts. As for the gold part, we'll weigh your piece of gold jewelry and make you an offer based on weight and the current price of gold. If there are any diamonds or other gemstones in your jewelry, we'll pay you based on the value of those stones. Even if your jewelry isn't in good condition, we will offer you the best deal. 


Weighing the jewelry and making an offer based on weight is something we will also do if you bring in other gold items that you want to sell, such as scrap gold, gold bars, dental gold, or gold coins that aren't particularly rare or valuable outside of their gold content.


We Buy All Gold and Precious Metals at Greenbrier Pawn & Jewelry

Greenbrier Pawn is well-known in the community for buying gold jewelry, but this simply is not all that we buy. For one thing, it's not the only form of gold that we buy. We also buy gold coins, gold bullion, and much more, based on their current market value. You don't have to visit a coin dealer to sell a gold coin, for example. Instead, you may find it's in your best interest to sell to us, whether you have gold rings or dental gold. We will pay you a better price when you use us as your gold buyer and local jeweler.


Gold is not the only valuable metal that we buy, either. We also buy silver and platinum, such as silver coins or platinum jewelry, based on fair market value. Bring all of your precious metals to us today, and we'll buy it on the spot. You can get paid the most for all of your precious metals when you choose the easy way: selling to Greenbrier Pawn.


Use Your Gold Jewelry to Take Out a Loan Today

Unlike the average gold buyer, who will only buy your gold from you, we will actually allow you to take out a loan on your precious metals, too. Whether you have gold jewelry or gold bullion, we'll assess its value right when you come in, just as if we were going to be buying it. If you ask for a pawn loan instead, we'll just hold your gold jewelry as collateral. You can return to us to repay your loan (plus interest) by your due date, and you'll get your gold jewelry back. You even have the option to extend your loan.


Coming to Greenbrier Pawn for one of our gold jewelry loans could be the best borrowing experience that you will ever have. We don't care about your credit score or income, and we grant cash loans on the spot, all without an application. Plus, the best part is, you can get the cash that you need right now, but you can get your jewelry back later. If you think one of our loans might be a good idea but are looking for more information, call us or stop by today. We are happy to answer all of your questions.

Best Way to Sell Gold Jewelry for Cash | Greenbrier Pawn

If you are looking for places to sell gold jewelry near me, Greenbrier Pawn is here to help. We are known as one of the best places to sell gold jewelry in Hampton Roads and even all of Virginia. You can sell uwanted jewellery for cash near me on the spot. Once you see how much we pay and how easy we make it to sell your gold, we think you'll see why so many people in the community consider us to be the best place to sell gold jewelry for cash.

How to Sell Gold Near Me

Wondering how to sell gold near me? You don't have to keep looking for places to sell jewelry near can sell gold jewelry for cash near me in Chesapeake at Greenbrier Pawn. We are popular buyers of gold near me. Because we pay the most, we are known as the best place to sell gold jewelry for cash near me!


Visit Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake to Sell Gold Jewelry Today

We have years of experience with buying and selling gold jewelry, and we know about gold prices. We offer the best way to sell your gold jewelry, today. We'll buy as much gold as you're interested in selling, so bring us all of your scrap jewelry and fine jewelry items today! Visit Greenbrier Pawn, and we'll make the experience easy for you. You can also visit us for pawn loans, purchasing pre-owned jewelry for a fair price, and more! We present the best option anytime that you're looking for gold and diamond buyers, a local jewelry store, or a nearby pawn shop. We've been in the pawn, gold, and jewelry industry for decades now!


Also, if you haven't visited our Virginia Beach location, give us a try! Hilltop Pawn is our sister store. If you're familiar with the Virginia Beach area, you've probably heard that Hilltop Pawn is one of the best jewelry stores in the area for things like buying pre-owned fine jewelry or like new jewelry, all without the high prices that you'll find at the mall. You can also visit our Virginia Beach location any time you want to sell gold jewelry and get the highest value for it. You can also peruse our selection of affordable yet beautiful pre-owned jewelry while you're there. After all, our sister store is considered by many locals to be a high-end jewelry store, despite the fact that we're a pawn shop, too. We think you're sure to find something you want, no matter which local store you choose.


Ask Us About a Pawn Loan Instead

A Personal Loan lets you keep your valuables

If you would prefer not to lose your items, you can always ask us about a Pawn Loan. The process is similar to selling an item, but instead of keeping it, we’ll just hold it as collateral. Then, you’ll be able to retrieve your item when you come in and pay off your loan. This is a good option for those who need money now but who don’t want to sell their items permanently. If you later decide that you do not want your item back, however, you can simply leave it with us and forget about paying back the loan. There are no negative repercussions for doing so, and you can always come back in later to make another sale or take out another loan with no problems.

Contact Us with Questions

Please don't hesitate to hit the call now button to ask any questions you might have. Our daughter Nina runs not only this store but all three and will gladly spend some time explaining how everything works. Call and ask for her right now.

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