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Where to Get Pawn Loans Near Me? | Chesapeake

Pawn shop loans in Chesapeake are a great borrowing option for anyone who is looking for a fast and easy personal loan. If you don't have a go-to pawn broker, you could be wondering where to go for this type of pawn transaction. If you're looking for a local pawn lender, and if you're in Chesapeake or elsewhere around Hampton Roads, we have the answer: Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry.

Cash money loan

Greenbrier Pawn Offers Pawn Loans in Chesapeake

At Greenbrier Pawn Shop, we have decades of experience in the pawn industry. Granting collateral-based loans is one of the biggest things we do. You can get a typical pawn loan from us any time during our regular business hours.

Benefits of Taking Out a Pawn Loan

Are you wondering whether or not an average pawn shop loan is right for you? Pawn loans are great whether you're looking to borrow small loan amounts, or if you'd like to borrow much more. These are just some of the reasons to consider a pawn shop loan from us!

  • There's no credit check! We don't care about your credit history or credit score at all. This is not the case with most banks and credit unions; many lenders actually have strict credit requirements. A pawn loan is the perfect option for anyone who has a bad credit report.

  • The loan contract is very simple and straightforward. Leave your collateral with us, and pick it up when you repay your loan within 30 days. All of the information will be listed on your pawn ticket, and we're always transparent and straightforward when working with our customers.

  • Interest charges aren't as high with us as many payday lenders or credit cards. In fact, the state regulates how much we can charge in interest.

  • Do you need a longer amount of time to repay your loan? Just ask us about extending your loan. All you have to do to qualify is pay your existing interest charges and fees. Then, you'll get another 30 days to pay!

  • You can take out a large loan if you work with us. Just bring your high-value items. Then, depending on the value of your valuable items, you can take out a large loan.

  • You don't have to have a bank account, nor do you have to worry about cashing a check. Your loan funds will be given to you in cash!

  • Can't repay your loan? You won't be sent to collections, you don't have to worry about us taking legal action, and defaulting won't cause you to have poor credit.

  • Haven't had your job long? In-between jobs? It doesn't matter. We won't ask about your employment history, nor will we ask to see paycheck stubs or bank statements.

  • A short-term loan from us can be used for anything! We're here to help with your financial needs, no matter what they might be.

  • We accept a wide range of items as collateral. Bring in pretty much any type of item of value. Your personal property can help you take out a cash loan today.

​What Other Services Does a Local Pawn Shop Offer?

Even if you aren't interested in a collateral loan, there's a good chance we can help you out with some of our other services, including:

  • Sell your jewelry, firearms, and other items of value. This is a great option if you don't want your items anymore, and we'll offer you a very fair price for your item of value. Skip the hassle of finding a buyer, and you can get some extra cash today!

  • Buy pre-owned jewelry! Our pawn store offers a great selection of nice jewelry, including antique pieces, designer jewelry, and more. Visit our local store to buy the same jewelry as the mall jewelry stores, for a much more reasonable price.

  • Do you need to have jewelry repair done? We help with jewelry repair, professional cleaning, and ring re-sizing.

If you are looking for pawn shops that will grant you a pawnshop loan, Greenbrier Pawn is your solution. You've probably already seen us on TV before, or you might have visited us before when you were buying a piece of jewelry or selling a firearm. Now, you can come see us for your pawn loan, whether it's the first time you've taken out a pawn loan, or if you've done it many times before. The sooner you stop by, the sooner we can determine the value of the item you're using as collateral, and the sooner you can get a loan on gold jewelry, sporting goods, musical instruments, and more.


Come see us for your pawn loan!

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