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Greenbrier Pawn Shop has one of the largest engagement ring and diamond jewelry inventories in Hampton Roads. Whatever you’re looking for give us a call or stop by and see for yourself.

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Unique Engagement Rings

When choosing a ring to slip on your loved one’s ring finger, it’s important to make the right choice. Looking at different engagement ring designs and types can help you learn about some of your options. You might have looked at traditional solitaire rings and other popular engagement ring types, but you could be looking for something a little more unique. At Greenbrier Pawn Shop, we offer a lot of beautiful engagement rings, and we can help you find a ring that is just as unique as your bride-to-be is.

Why Buy a Unique Engagement Ring?

Your bride-to-be probably doesn’t want to have the same ring that all of her friends have. Instead, she probably wants a ring that reflects and matches her personal style. Of course, the type of ring she’ll want depends on her and her alone. There are so many beautiful and unique engagement rings on the market that finding something a little bit different should not be too difficult at all.


Where to Buy a Unique Engagement Ring

If you visit the different regular jewelry stores around town, you might notice that most of them have very similar inventories. You might have also noticed that some of the unique rings that you have found had high price tags. Luckily, there’s a solution.


When you shop for a unique ring at Greenbrier Pawn Shop, you can enjoy a totally different selection. You can also potentially save thousands of dollars on your engagement ring purchase.


Greenbrier Pawn Shop buys engagement rings and other jewelry from the general public, and people are always bringing different things in. Someone who has recently inherited a parent’s jewelry might bring in their entire collection of vintage or antique pieces. A person might want to get rid of a ring that they had custom-made at some point, so it might be a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Our inventory changes on a daily basis, so there’s always something new for you to look at.


We make sure used engagement rings are in excellent condition before putting them up for sale, but we still price them at rock-bottom prices. You also have the option to bring in unwanted jewelry or other items of value. We’ll purchase them and give you a credit toward the purchase of your engagement ring, making the purchase a little more budget-friendly. Another option is to use one of our pawn loans to purchase the ring so that you don’t have to pay out of pocket for it right now, and you don’t have to worry about credit score impacts or getting turned down for a jewelry store credit card.


Stop by often while you’re in the market for a unique engagement ring, and you’ll hopefully find both an engagement ring and wedding band that will be perfect for your loved one.


Different Types of Unique Rings

You might know that you want to purchase a unique ring for your loved one, but you might still be overwhelmed by shopping for one. You could be wondering what sets one ring apart from the others, too. These are some of the different and unique things you can look at when picking out a one-of-a-kind ring.

Unique Metals

The first decision you’ll need to make is about the metal that the engagement ring is actually made of. White gold and yellow gold are obvious choices. However, rose gold engagement rings often have a romantic look and are a bit different from the average ring.


Of course, the ring doesn’t have to be made from gold at all. Platinum engagement rings are often a bit more expensive than gold rings, but many people find they are worth it. This is because platinum is a much more durable metal than gold. It’s less likely to become scratched, dented, or damaged than gold.


Palladium, sterling silver, tungsten, and titanium are all gold alternatives that you can consider, too.


Another option is to choose a ring that is made from mixed metals. If you know your spouse-to-be likes to wear both yellow gold and white gold jewelry at different times, you might want to choose a ring that features both of these metals. Then, not only will the ring have a unique look, but it should match cohesively with all of your loved one’s other jewelry.

Different Stones

The primary stone in your loved one’s engagement ring heavily impacts both the appearance and cost of the ring. Therefore, it pays to take the time to pick a unique ring that features the perfect stone.


If you like the idea of buying a diamond ring, you might think a standard clear diamond is the right choice. However, diamonds actually come in a variety of different colors. Black diamond engagement rings have a dramatic, eye-catching and unique look. There are also pink diamonds, yellow diamonds, brown diamonds, and more.


Of course, many engagement rings don’t feature diamonds at all. If your bride-to-be has a favorite gemstone, you may want to think about buying a ring that features this gemstone. For example, a blue sapphire engagement ring will be unique and stunning. You can find engagement rings that feature emeralds, rubies, amethysts, and more.

Unique Designs

There are some engagement ring designs that are very popular. The solitaire is one of the most popular rings out there. Pave settings, three stone rings, and halo rings are all popular.


Claw rings, which have a wraparound style, are very unique. Cluster rings or “wave” styles are uncommon, attention-grabbing options, too.


Unique Metalwork

It isn’t just the stones in the ring that make it look great. Some engagement rings feature unique metalwork. They might have lacy filigree or nature-inspired designs, for example.

Different Cuts

The cut of the center stone will have a big impact on the overall look of the ring. Princess-cut diamonds and round cut diamonds are very popular. However, there are other cuts that are less popular and that can make for a much more unique-looking ring. For example, pear cuts and heart cuts aren’t as popular but are often stunning.


The Royal Asscher cut is a bit more rare, but rings that feature Royal Asscher cut diamonds are dazzling. This is an updated version of the asscher cut, which has been around since 1902 and was created by a man named Joseph Asscher.


In 1999, his great-grandsons decided it was time to update the cut. They added an additional 16 facets to the original 58 facets and made some other changes. This rare diamond is incredibly difficult to cut, so they’re not easy to find. They have perfect symmetry and sparkle and shine like no other, however, so they’re a great choice if you want to buy a dazzling ring that not just everyone has.

Vintage Engagement Rings

Antique or vintage engagement rings are very popular among those who prefer a more traditional style. You can purchase vintage-inspired engagement rings that are brand new, but if you want a more authentic look and feel, you’ll probably want to purchase an actual antique or vintage ring.


You won’t be able to find authentic vintage rings at the average jewelry store like James Allen. Instead, you should stop by Greenbrier Pawn Shop in Chesapeake to check out our selection. People are always bringing us old rings that they inherit or find at estate sales, so we usually have a variety of vintage rings to choose from. You can check out rings from different eras, such as:

  • Vintage Era - These rings come from the time period between 1835 and 1900, so they are more than 100 years old. These rings were typically made from yellow gold or rose gold. They typically include diamonds as the primary gemstone. In fact, most Victorian-era engagement rings actually feature multiple diamonds that are set in clusters, rows, or halos. Pearls and other gemstones are sometimes featured in these rings.

  • Edwardian Era - Hailing from 1900 to 1920, engagement rings from the Edwardian Era are often quite feminine and intricate. Floral motifs and filigree were quite popular. Diamonds and pearls were still very popular during this era, but some rings from this time period do include colorful gemstones. 

  • Art Deco Era - If your bride-to-be is a fan of big and bold jewelry, a ring from the Art Deco era might be ideal. These rings were made between 1920 and 1940. Bold geometric patterns were often used. Step-cut diamonds and colorful gemstones can often be found in pieces from this time period. 

  • Retro Era - From 1940 to 1960, almost all engagement rings featured diamonds. Rings were quite simple during this time period and didn’t include intricate metalwork or bold designs like what could be found in previous eras. Yellow gold and rose gold were commonly used, but it wasn’t uncommon to find rings that featured both yellow and white gold in their designs. Most rings featured a center diamond, and once the Depression ended, these diamonds got bigger and bigger. Rings from the Depression era were typically more modest with smaller diamonds.

Custom Engagement Rings

If you purchase a black diamond engagement ring or a vintage ring, there’s a good chance that the ring will be quite different from what your bride-to-be’s friends are all wearing. However, if you want to make sure that her ring is truly one-of-a-kind, you have the option to have a custom ring made. Then, you can pick the band, gemstones, and design. You can have the ring engraved with you and your soon-to-be spouse’s names or a quote that has a symbolic meaning to the two of you.


It might take a little more time to have a custom ring made, so make sure that you prepare for this by working with a jeweler as soon as possible. You’ll need to put a little more effort into designing the custom ring, but you’ll probably find it’s worth the time and work for the custom design process when you end up with a ring that you’re truly proud to present to the love of your life.


Tips for Buying a Unique Engagement Ring

If you’re ready to start shopping for a ring, these are some pointers that will help you out:

  • Buy used, and you’ll likely save thousands of dollars on your purchase.

  • Start shopping well in advance of your planned proposal. When you’re looking for a truly unique ring, you might find it will take you a little more time to find what you’re looking for. The sooner you start shopping, the more time you will have to find the perfect ring.

  • Set a budget before you start shopping. Unique doesn’t have to mean expensive. You can find unique rings at all price points.

  • Find out your loved one’s ring size. After all, a unique ring just isn’t going to be as exciting if it’s uncomfortably tight. If it’s too loose, there’s an increased risk that the ring will get lost. If you do accidentally purchase a ring that is not the proper size, though, you don’t have to panic. Instead, bring the ring back to Greenbrier Pawn so we can assist you with ring re-sizing.

  • Do your research before you start shopping. There is a ton of information out there about engagement rings, and you’ll feel a little less overwhelmed when you’re shopping if you do your research first.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. This might just be your first time ever shopping for an engagement ring, and you might not know much about jewelry. At Greenbrier Pawn, our knowledgeable staff members will help you out. We will talk to you about different ring styles and settings, different stones, and more. We’ll show you different engagement ring designs we think you might be interested in to help you make a decision.

Why is Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry Different?

Lots of pawn shops buy and sell diamonds and jewelry. However, few really specialize in jewelry like we do here at Greenbrier Pawn Shop. In fact, when you walk into our shop, you will probably notice that resembles a high-end jewelry shop more than it does a traditional pawn shop. Even though we offer all of the same services that other pawn shops offer, many of our customers see us as more of a jewelry store. Once you stop in and check out our selection once, you’re sure to find that we’re your new favorite go-to Jewelry Store. 


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