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Can I Take Out a Cash Loan With Bad Credit at a Pawn Shop? | Greenbrier Pawn

Taking out a cash loan with bad credit isn't always easy. Many financial institutions, like your average bank or credit union, will make a credit decision and turn you down if you have a poor credit score. They may even turn you down for other issues during the application process, such as a lack of employment history or some other problem. No matter what you're planning on using the loan proceeds for, we can help you with loans. There's no reason to look into other financial products, especially the predatory ones like title loans or payday loan options. We are here to help with your financial needs, all without the need for a credit check. Come get a short-term loan from us today, all without worrying about your credit score standing in your way!

Greenbrier Pawn Never Checks Credit for a Cash Loan

Unlike other companies that grant personal loans, we don't check credit at Greenbrier Pawn. Ever. Some online lenders that offer online loans claim they work with people who don't have good credit...but they may still run your credit and at least take your score into consideration when making a lending decision. That's not the case here. We don't care if you have bad fact, if you don't tell us, we will never know about it, since we don't even check. We do minimal additional verification of anything. We are required by law to take down some personal information from your government-issued ID, but we don't check your credit score, ask about your job, or look at your background. We don't even care if you have a checking account or any other type of bank account. Come visit us for an easy loan agreement with lower interest rates and fees than many installment cash advances and other predatory loans. We do not care about your credit history, ever!

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Your Credit is Never Affected by a Pawn Loan at Greenbrier Pawn

Are you worried about your credit preventing you from taking out a quick cash loan? Even worse, are you worried about your credit being negatively affected by one of our loans? We get it. Maybe you're going through credit counseling or are otherwise trying to repair your credit. The last thing you want is for a fast cash loan from a pawn shop causing problems with your credit score. With our loan products, we don't do a hard credit inquiry and we don't list the loan on your credit report, so you don't have to worry about issues with that. Additionally, whether you're taking out small-dollar loans or huge loans, we won't report to the credit bureaus if you don't repay by your due date or ever...instead, you'll just forfeit your collateral, and that's it. In fact, even if you never repay your loan, not only will we never report it on your credit, but you can come to us later to take out a loan. Your overall credit profile will never be affected by a loan from Greenbrier Pawn.

We Make Taking Out a Cash Loan Really Easy

We don't care about your credit rating, we offer higher loan amounts if you bring in ample collateral, and our actual loan terms are so easy. Come take out a small loan or the maximum loan doesn't matter...we'd love to help you! 

Have less-than-perfect credit? Worried about your low FICO score getting in the way of your loan approval? Looking for a cash loan with easy repayment terms? Greenbrier Pawn offers the most convenient way to borrow money, no matter what your credit report says. Call or stop by for a loan or additional information...we're looking forward to helping you!

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