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Get Something New to You | Trade Gold Jewelry at Greenbrier Pawn

Want to treat yourself to gold jewelry or other accessories? Have unwanted gold jewelry that is just cluttering up your jewelry box? Bring your unwanted fine jewelry pieces here, and trade them in! We think you'll find something that you really love when you check out our fine jewelry collections, and you can use the trade-in value of your unwanted jewelry to go toward your purchase!

Maybe you are looking for an everyday essential like a pair of hoop earrings. Maybe you've been shopping for engagement rings, and you've decided to trade in your yellow gold chain to go toward the purchase. Maybe you don't really know what you want. Regardless, we want to help at our Chesapeake pawn and jewelry store. Bring us all of your unwanted white gold, rose gold & yellow gold jewelry, and trade it in or sell it...we'll make the whole process shockingly easy and will give you the best customer service possible each step of the way!


Trade Unwanted Gold Jewelry | We Make Trades at Greenbrier Pawn

Did you know we make trades on gold jewelry here at Greenbrier Pawn? Basically, you can bring us unwanted gold jewelry -- as well as other gold items, such as scrap gold or gold bullion -- and let us appraise it. Once we determine how much it's worth, we'll make you a deal. If you accept, you can put the proceeds toward the purchase of anything in the store that you might have your eye on, or we can pay you in cash.

​The whole process doesn't take long at all. We will carefully look over your jewelry to determine its condition, gold content, brand, and so on. Then, we'll make you an offer. We deal with gold jewelry all day, every day, so rest assured, we know what your piece is worth!

Check Out Our Selection of Gold Jewelry & More | Chesapeake, VA

Wondering if you'll find a piece of jewelry that you love here at Greenbrier Pawn? Chances are good that you will! We have all of the same jewelry as the regular jewelry stores, except for half the price. We also have antique and vintage jewelry, custom pieces, and so much more. You never know what you'll find here, since our inventory is always changing. What you should know is that you will always get a good deal!

Sell Your Gold Jewelry for Cash Today | We Can Help

Maybe you haven't seen anything in our jewelry cases that you want. Maybe you even want to sell your unwanted jewelry to buy a gold bracelet or something else at a different jewelry store. That's totally up to you. Although we definitely recommend shopping with us for the best deal, we will buy your unwanted gold jewelry no matter what! Sell your gold jewelry to us for cash for anything...the whole transaction usually only takes a few minutes!

Want to trade old gold necklaces or old gold rings in for a pair of hoop earrings or a statement ring that better suit your current style? Looking for the perfect gift for someone you love, but want to make the purchase a little easier and more affordable? We have the perfect solution for you! From timeless styles to more contemporary pieces, we have something that matches your perfect style and everyday look. Trade in unwanted jewelry, and leave with a piece that you really's a win-win!

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