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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Taking Out a Cash Loan

A cash loan from a pawn shop like Greenbrier Pawn can be a truly good way to get a quick cash loan. If it's your first time looking into fast cash loan products from a pawn shop, you might have a lot of questions about this unique type of short-term loan. We get it...pawn loans are popular financial products, but not everyone has experience with them. Whether you have credit difficulties and want to avoid a credit check, or if you are just looking for an easy way to get cash when you need it, come see us. We have answers to all of your questions and will assist you in every way possible!

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1. How Do I Get a Cash Loan in Chesapeake?

So, how do you get a cash loan in Chesapeake? Obviously, there are a few ways. If your financial situation isn't the best -- such as if you don't have a bank account, have been turned down for credit cards in the past, or don't have a good credit history or FICO score, you might be worried about your options dwindling. It's true, there are many financial institutions that have tougher eligibility requirements for their loans and payday advances. Some will require you to go through an application process, and they may use your application information to turn you down. Some pull your credit report and will not loan to people with bad credit scores. Lenders may make a lending decision based on a wide number of factors. To keep things simple, and to borrow locally installed of taking out online loans from online lenders, come see us at Greenbrier Pawn & Jewelry. We make cash loans on the spot in Chesapeake!

2. Can I Take Out a Cash Loan With Bad Credit at a Pawn Shop?

We don't look at your credit record information at all when we give out pawn loans. Since we don't know your credit score, we can't use it against you! Credit rating never matters with us, which is one of many reasons why we are one of the top picks for taking out pawn loans in Chesapeake and Hampton Roads.

3. How Much Can I Borrow With a Pawn Shop Cash Loan?

You might be wondering about the actual loan terms when you get a loan approval from us. Maybe you're hoping for higher loan amounts instead of small-dollar loans. The maximum loan amount here at Greenbrier Pawn is $50,000, but we grant loans in a wide range, from $5 up. We are here to meet your financial needs, since we know our customers' needs vary. Bring in more valuable collateral to secure your loan, and borrow more with our pawn shop loans.

4. Where is the Best Place to Get a Cash Loan in Chesapeake?

Why is Greenbrier Pawn better than a third-party lender you might have found online, or your local bank? Well, we are a trusted local business and have been here in Hampton Roads since the 1990s. We never use your credit score or make a credit decision.We don't even require a loan application! We just take down a little personal information from your government-issued ID, assess the value of your collateral, and hand you the cash. It couldn't be easy, and we will give you the best customer service possible!

5. What Can I Use as Collateral for a Cash Loan at a Pawn Shop?

​Wondering what you can or should use as collateral for a pawn shop loan? You have lots of options. We take diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, various forms of gold, musical instruments, firearms, and many other items of value. Bring us your most valuable collateral, and borrow more money!

When you're looking for the most convenient way to borrow money with less-than-perfect credit, and if you'd like to skip the application process that goes along with a payday loan, title loan, or various types of loans from financial institutions like a bank or credit union, we are here to help. If you have more questions or need additional information, we can help with that, too. Just give us a call or stop by today!

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