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Greenbrier Pawn: The Only Place You Need for Gold Jewelry Repair

Do you need gold jewelry repair? Are you looking for the best place to take your fine jewelry pieces for repair? All you have to do is visit Greenbrier Pawn, and we'll help you get your white gold, rose gold & yellow gold jewelry in great shape. We perform jewelry repair on engagement rings, gold necklaces, gold rings, dainty pendants, hoop earrings, statement rings, and so much more. In addition to doing good work for cheap, we will offer you the customer service that you deserve each step of the way!

Diamond yellow gold pendant necklace

​Ring Sizing | Ring Resizing | Chesapeake, Virginia

When it comes to rings, one of the most important things to pay attention to is sizing. This is important for engagement rings, wedding rings, your favorite statement ring, so on. Basically, your rings should fit properly for comfort, appearance and to avoid losing your ring.

If you're shopping for a ring and aren't sure of what size you need, let us help! We'd love to check your ring size, depending on the finger that you're thinking about wearing the ring on. Then, we can show you rings in stock that are the right size for you. If you find something here that you like but that isn't a perfect fit, don't worry...we can still help! We can resize the ring so it's a great fit for you.

Be aware that we do ring resizing fast and affordably for anyone. You didn't have to buy the ring from us for us to resize it for you for a reasonable price.

Bracelet Repair | Necklace Repair | Jewelry Repair

​Of course, we do so much more than just sizing and resizing rings. We do all sorts of jewelry repairs. Bent prong repair, clasp repair or replacement, loose stone replacements, repairing a damaged link in a yellow gold chain...we can help with it all. We will help your jewelry stand the test of time, or we'll help you with things like preparing the perfect gift, such as by having one of your antique pieces of jewelry repaired before giving it to a loved one. Visit or call today to talk about our jewelry repair services.

Professional Gold Jewelry Cleaning & Repair | Greenbrier Pawn

Maybe your jewelry is in good shape overall...but you might have noticed it just doesn't shine like it once did. If your gold bracelet or other gold jewelry is looking a little worn out, why not consider a professional gold jewelry cleaning? Even if you clean your jewelry yourself at home, you might be surprised by just how good it will look after a professional cleaning. We can clean all of the items in your fine jewelry collections so they look their best!

You don't have to keep looking for a place to have your gold jewelry repaired. We will take meticulous care when we're working on your jewelry, and we will get it back to you as soon as possible. We always charge affordable prices for gold jewelry cleaning & repair, and we think you'll be happy with the quality of our work, too. Visit or call today!

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