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There's No Credit Check or Application for Pawn Shop Loans

Pawn shop loans are a great option for borrowers who have bad credit. As your local pawn shop, Greenbrier Pawn offers a great way for you to borrow money, regardless of what's listed on your credit report. In fact, we don't even check your credit history or employment history at all! If you've been looking for your best options for borrowing money, a pawn transaction from Greenbrier Pawn could just be the perfect solution for your financial situation. Come visit our knowledgeable staff, and let us make you a loan on diamond jewelry, power tools, or other items of value today.

No Credit Check Pawn Shop Loans | Bad Credit is OK!

With a traditional loan, you generally have to worry about a credit check. It can be incredibly difficult to get a quick cash loan or to get approved for credit cards when you don't have good credit. The good news is that we don't care about your credit when it comes to pawnshop loans. After all, since our collateral loans are secured by the item of value that you bring in, we are able to grant a short-term loan without checking with the credit bureaus at all. Bring us your valuable items and ID, and you're approved. Working with a pawn broker is so much easier than working with most financial institutions (like banks and credit unions) when your credit is less than perfect. Plus, we don't charge the high interest rates you can expect from payday loans and title loans!

Gold jewelry in a white bowl

Get Pawn Shop Loans Fast | No Application, Ever!

A typical pawn loan is truly a hassle-free way to borrow money. In the pawn industry, all we really look at is the value of your collateral. We don't ask about your employment history, your income,your credit record, your bank account information, or any of that. We don't even ask you to fill out an application. A loan from a pawn store like Greenbrier Pawn is probably the easiest type of short-term loan you can possibly take out, so if borrowing money the fast and easy way is what's best for your financial needs right now, Greenbrier Pawn is probably the best of your loan options. There's no reason to waste your time with loan applications when it simply isn't necessary!

What Can You Use as Collateral for a Pawn Loan?

If you don't have good credit scores or are otherwise looking for a fast and easy way to borrow money, you're probably ready to come see us. Are you wondering what you can use as collateral for your loan? Bring us a piece of jewelry, gold or other precious metals, firearms, or other items of value. We accept a wide range of items in good condition for our collateral-based loans.

​How Much Can You Borrow With a Pawn Loan? It's Up to You!

How much do pawn shops loan? Well, how much you can borrow with our short-term loans is really up to you. At Greenbrier Pawn, we grant loans ranging from $5 to $50,000. With pawn transactions, your loan amount depends on the value of the valuable item you bring in. That's it! Bring in the best collateral that you can, and you can take out a bigger pawnshop loan. Rest assured, when you choose Greenbrier Pawn for your pawn transaction of an item of value, you'll get offered a higher loan amount. We always offer the highest dollar amount here, whether you're taking out a loan or selling your unwanted items. Making you a great deal is always our goal!

Are you ready to take advantage of our financial products? Visit our convenient location here in Chesapeake today. Our local store will make you a loan on a variety of items, and we'll make you a higher value loan offer than our competition. The first step is to choose the best collateral possible; after all, your loan amount is based on the item's value. Then, bring your driver's license, and visit us today. Our in-store experts will perform a quick visual inspection of your collateral and make you a loan offer on the spot. Leave with cash today!

Greenbrier Pawn

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