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What Can I Use as Collateral for a Cash Loan at a Pawn Shop?

​A cash loan from a pawn shop is an excellent option for so many people, whether they are looking to cover unexpected car repairs & medical bills, or if they are just looking to borrow a little cash until their next paycheck. As you might be aware, pawn loans don't look at things like your credit matter your financial situation or credit score, you can take out a quick cash loan from a pawn shop. However, you do have to bring in collateral to secure your fast cash loan, which you might have questions about. Our loan products are actually very easy to understand and pull off, and we accept many forms of collateral for both small-dollar loans and much bigger loans. If you have questions about what we accept as collateral for our loans, stop by or give us a call today.

Why Do Pawn Shops Ask for Collateral for a Cash Loan?

First, you could be wondering why pawn shops like Greenbrier Pawn ask for collateral for a cash loan. Well, it's simple, and it's beneficial for both us and our customers. Basically, many credit unions, banks, and other financial institutions base their loan application results on a credit decision. Many places turn potential customers down for loans because of credit challenges in the past, without regard to their current situation. This is common from the average bank, credit union, etc.. It's understandable, but it's unfortunate for a customer who just needs to take out a loan to prevent overdraft fees, cover day-to-day expenses until their next payday, or pay for something they need.

Unlike these local and online lenders, we don't look at stuff like that. We don't ask or care about your credit. Since our customers secure their loans with items of value, we are able to grant loans without asking a lot of questions or charging more than the lowest rates for pawn loans. Our financial products are made for anyone and everyone, whether you have a checking account or a good credit score or a long work history or not. We take the bare minimum of personal information from your ID to abide by state law before entering into a pawn loan agreement with you, but that's it. In general, your collateral secures your loan, so we aren't worried about it...and your loan proceeds are yours to spend on whatever you wish!

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What Do Pawn Shops Take for Cash Pawn Loans?

Now that you've decided to look into pawn loans instead of title loans, payday loans, or other loan options, you may be looking into the best collateral to use. We accept many items of value for our pawn loans here at Greenbrier Pawn. Bring us firearms, engagement rings, wedding rings, Rolex watches, musical instruments, Apple products, or other items of value. If you bring us ample collateral to secure your loan, we'll grant you the short-term loan that suits your financial needs, on the spot....regardless of your credit difficulties or other financial issues.

Get a Quick Loan Offer at Greenbrier Pawn

We know you don't have multiple business days to wait to borrow money. In fact, you probably don't even want to wait until the next business day, which is required by many lenders who offer online loans and direct deposit loan funds into their customers' accounts. There's no credit check and little additional verification needed. If you're ready to get a loan as soon as possible, bring us your collateral and get a loan offer on the spot. In no time, you will have cash in-hand that you can do whatever you want with...all without worrying about current credit checks or future impacts on your credit score!

Skip the application process of dealing with other lenders, and stop worrying about your less-than-perfect credit. We don't care about your credit history or credit report, and we never check your FICO score here at Greenbrier Pawn. Plus, we offer transparent loans with easy repayment terms for anyone who is 18+ with a valid ID and ample collateral to secure their loan, including for higher loan amounts reaching $50,000 or more! There's no reason to keep looking for top picks for fast cash loans when you can borrow from Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry, right here in Chesapeake. Hampton Roads residents have been coming to us for decades, and we'd love to help with your fast and easy loan approval, too! Once you visit us once and witness our fast & easy loans and excellent customer service, we think you'll come to us again and again!

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