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We Buy Guns the Safe & Legal Way | Greenbrier Pawn

We buy guns at Greenbrier Pawn. If you're selling a used gun or entire gun collections, you're likely looking for a local gun shop that you can count on. Many people are worried about accidentally breaking state or federal laws when selling different types of firearms. This is a legitimate concern, since you have to be careful about accidentally selling to someone with a criminal record when doing these business transactions, and there are state and federal gun regulations that you have to follow and necessary documents that need to be filled out. We would love to help you with the whole process of selling your gun the safe and easy way, and we take full responsibility as a licensed federal firearms licensee that takes the firearms industry very seriously. Come see us for sales and regular transfers today!

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We Buy Guns | Sell a Gun in a Safe and Secure Location

Meeting with a stranger to sell your semi-automatic pistol can be risky. Whether you're selling a single Sig Sauer or Smith & Wesson firearm or a large collection, it's important to be careful when you're looking for gun buyers. Why put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation when you can avoid it? Why risk being scammed when you have other options? You can get a good deal based on the value of your firearm (or your entire collection) and sell in a safe manner by working with Greenbrier Pawn. It's truly the best place to sell a firearm for a fair price!

Follow the Law When Selling a Gun | Greenbrier Pawn

When selling firearms and related items for top dollar, it's critical to follow the law. Selling to a licensed FFL dealer with ample experience in the firearms industry is a good option when you're selling a single firearm or an entire collection of guns. Our well-trained staff have years of experience working with older and new guns. Not only does this mean that we'll make you a fair cash offer due to understanding the value of the firearm you bring also means that we're fully aware of all applicable laws when buying a gun. Bring your gun and driver's license or other state-issued ID, let us know you're ready to make a deal, and we will take care of the rest. We'll assess the value and condition of the gun and make you a cash offer. We'll handle the necessary documents and answer any questions that you have. It's the quickest way and the best way to sell your gun.

Our conveniently located Chesapeake store location is here to pay you the best prices for your firearm. Not all pawn and gun shops pay the best price. From 9 mm pistols to long guns and everything in-between, we pay the highest prices. Plus, there's no obligation...we'll make you an offer for your gun for free. After you do your own research, we think you'll see that we offer more than fair prices for used firearms of all different types. Have questions? Give us a call at 757-382-9066 for more information today! Interested in taking out a pawn loan on a gun instead? We can help with that, too...just stop by at your convenience so we can assist you. There's never a credit check!

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