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We Buy Guns for More Money in Chesapeake, Virginia

We buy guns in Chesapeake, and not only do we make the whole process of selling a gun easy, but we pay some of the highest prices around. Plus, our method of payment is always cash, and we always follow all state, local, and federal gun regulations in the process. Whether you're selling a single Sig Sauer or Smith & Wesson firearm, or if you're selling your entire collection of guns, getting paid a fair price is likely one of your top priorities. You might not really think of us as a local gun shop -- after all, most people consider us a jewelry store more than anything -- but we are your local gun buyers, and we have years of experience in the industry. We know and appreciate the value of your firearm, so Greenbrier Pawn is the best place to visit to get a good deal on your used gun!

We Buy Guns for Higher Prices | Get Paid More for Your Firearm

Maybe you have additional firearms that you don't use or want anymore. Maybe you aren't super familiar with the local firearms industry, so you might not know about which licensed FFL dealer will pay you top dollar for your firearms. Visit our convenient store location here in Chesapeake...we'd love to help you out! You can sell your gun today for cash, or you can get store credit to put toward purchasing something in our store, such as a dazzling engagement ring or a luxury watch. People sell us their individual firearms and entire gun collections all the time, and ensuring our customers are happy is our number one goal! This means we will pay you what you deserve for your firearm!

Multiple people lined up and shooting a handgun in a shooting competition

We Pay Cash for Unwanted Firearms in Chesapeake

We are your local firearms appraiser and buyer. We pay cash for long guns, handguns...whether you're selling just one or two unwanted firearms or a large collection, you'll get your money on the spot. All you have to do to get a cash offer is visit our store and let our friendly and well-trained staff know that you're interested in selling your gun. We'll take care of the rest! We'll look at things like the specific model of gun, the condition of the gun, and so on. Then, we'll make you an offer on the spot, take down some information from your government-issued ID, write up the necessary documents, and pay you in cash. It's the quickest way to sell a gun, and it's the easiest way,, you'll get paid well when you sell to us.

We buy all different types of firearms for the best prices in Chesapeake, all in accordance with local, state, and federal laws. We also buy related items, as well as jewelry, Rolex watches & more. There's no reason to keep looking for pawn stores or gun shops that will buy your guns...Greenbrier Pawn is the local federal firearms licensee that you can count on when selling a semi-automatic pistol or any other firearm. Why sell your gun for less when we'll make you the best deal right here at Greenbrier Pawn!

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