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Greenbrier Pawn Specializes in Pawn Shop Wedding Sets

Pawn shop wedding sets might not be what you initially had in mind when you started thinking about buying a diamond ring and two wedding bands. However, a local pawn shop can actually be the best place to buy all of your wedding jewelry for a fair price. There are reputable pawn shops out there that specialize in unique engagement rings, bridal sets, and men's and women's wedding bands, and Greenbrier Pawn is one of them. If you're looking for pawn shop engagement rings and pawn shop wedding sets, visiting us at Greenbrier Pawn is sure to be a good idea. We'd love to show you our wonderful selection of perfect pieces at affordable prices.

Diamond engagement ring

We Sell Pawn Shop Wedding Sets & More for Less in Chesapeake

There are lots of things to be excited about when it comes to ring shopping when you're engaged. For many, the main drawback is that couples find that the ring they thought they wanted at the jewelry store is marked at a much higher price than they anticipated. When you might already be feeling a bit stressed about the cost of the wedding and other things, worrying about the cost of the rings can really put a damper on the spirit of this exciting time.

What if we told you that you can get a better deal on wedding sets and rings for both the bride and groom? Well, it's the truth. Whether you're looking for a custom engagement ring or a simple gold band, we can offer you a better deal than the average retail store.

As a local jeweler, we have a bit of a unique market. We buy unworn jewelry and unwanted jewelry from the general public. We then do things like repair any loose diamonds and clean the rings, then resell them. This makes it possible for us to sell nice gold and diamond jewelry for a great price.

Not only can you save on pretty much any piece of jewelry by shopping with us, but in particular, you can save a lot of money on the largest engagement rings and the prettiest wedding bands. A cheap engagement ring doesn't have to look cheap. If you're shopping for wedding sets for less than retail prices, Greenbrier Pawn is a good place to start! The last thing you should do is overpay and overspend during this wonderful -- yet expensive -- time of your life as a couple!

Sell Wedding Sets, Bridal Sets, Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Maybe you're actually interested in selling bridal jewelry or wedding sets, such as engagement rings with round-cut diamonds or a set of men's and women's wedding bands. Well, you've actually come to the right place for that, too. We will pay you a fair market value for your unwanted bridal and wedding jewelry right here, and we'll buy on the spot. This helps you get rid of unwanted jewelry, puts cash in your pocket for your personal needs, and adds more jewelry to our inventory so our customers can find what they are looking for!

Shopping for the perfect engagement ring? Hoping to pay the best price for wedding band matching bridal sets? You can find the perfect ring for both the bride and groom for less if you know of a great place to Greenbrier Pawn, your perfect choice for all jewelry shopping in Chesapeake. You can pay much less than what the new jewelry stores charge while buying a perfect wedding ring, and our staff would absolutely love to help you find the perfect rings for each of you. We sell the real deal at a lower price, and we make our best efforts to keep all of our customers happy. There are lots of pawn shops out there, but none of them compare to Greenbrier Pawn in Hampton Roads.

Diamond engagement ring

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