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We Buy Gold at Our Pawn Store | Chesapeake

As a pawn store in Chesapeake, we are your local gold buyers. In fact, we buy all precious metals! If you have unwanted gold and want to be paid the highest prices for it, visit our pawn shop. Bring your old gold jewelry and other gold items to us, and get paid higher prices today! We make it easy to get quick cash as your local gold and jewelry buyers. Visit our elite pawn shop here in Hampton Roads, and you can experience our great customer service and fair prices when you're selling your gold. Our professional staff are here to serve you, and we offer a great way to sell unwanted gold!

Why Sell Gold to a Pawn Store?

The best pawn shops pay top dollar for a variety of different pre-owned items of value. In many cases, this includes precious metals like gold. If you have unwanted gold that you're interested in selling, selling to a pawn store just makes sense. You don't have to worry about dodging online scams while looking for legitimate online gold buyers....instead, you can work with a local pawn business that has a great reputation. You don't have to worry about the possibility of your fine jewelry and gold getting lost in the mail. Plus, perhaps best of all, the great thing about selling your gold to a local pawn store is the fact that you can get paid on the spot. There's no wait while you're looking for a buyer or while you're waiting to receive payment. Instead, if you work with one of your local stores like Greenbrier Pawn, you'll get paid in cash on the spot. We offer fast, amazing deals for locals who are looking for a great deal on their unwanted gold, whether it's your first time selling gold, or if you have more experience.

Why Choose Greenbrier Pawn to Buy Your Gold?

Why should you come to us in particular to sell your gold, rather than visiting another pawn store? There are a number of pawn shops in Hampton Roads and elsewhere around the state, but we offer the best way to sell your gold!

  • We actually have two convenient locations. If our Chesapeake location isn't the most convenient for you, you can sell to our sister store, Hilltop Pawn & Jewelry in Virginia Beach!

  • We have been gold and diamond buyers for decades! We have years of experience in paying the best possible price to customers who are selling pure gold bars, scrap gold, and more. Shop with a reputable buyer with experience!

  • We are willing to pay more for your scrap gold jewelry and more. Get a higher offer old old jewelry and gold by selling to us! We pay competitive prices!

  • Top notch customer service is always our priority. If customer service is important to you, come see our friendly staff...we are the right place to sell!

Gold bars and gold coins

We Buy Gold of All Different Types

As your local gold business, just what will we buy? Well, basically, if it's made from gold, we'll buy it!

  • 10K gold

  • 14K gold

  • 18K gold

  • 24k gold (pure gold!)

  • White gold

  • Rose gold

Of course, a lot of jewelry is made from gold, but we buy many different types of gold items!

  • 24 karat gold bars or gold bullion

  • Dental scrap

  • Broken necklace

  • Dental gold

  • Gold coins

  • Gold necklaces

  • Gold watches

  • Gold chains

We also buy other precious metals, jewelry, and items of value, in addition to gold!

  • Diamond jewelry

  • Silver coins

  • Platinum jewelry

  • Sterling silver

​Visit Our Pawn Store to Get an Offer on Your Gold

If you're looking for the best deal for your unwanted gold, come see us. We'll make you a free, risk-free and obligation-free verbal offer on the spot. If you don't like our offer, that's fine. Because we pay the highest prices for gold, though, we think you'll want to sell. Whether your gold is in good condition or if you have broken jewelry or scrap gold, don't worry...we'll make you a fair offer.

If you're looking for gold and silver buyers in or around Chesapeake, Virginia, you don't have to look any longer. We will give you fast cash for your gold jewelry items and other items with gold content. Our knowledgeable staff members are well aware of the current price of gold and the value of your items. Get the great service and great offers that you deserve...come see us today!



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