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5 Services Offered at Our Pawn Store in Chesapeake

If you have never visited an elite pawn shop in Chesapeake like Greenbrier Pawn, you're sure to be shocked by the services that we offer when you visit us for the first time. We offer a variety of helpful services for people in the Hampton Roads community, and our friendly staff will help you each step of the way. Come see us at our pawn store! There are a number of pawn shops in the area, but if you're looking for the best deal and the best customer services, we invite you to come check us out.


1. Pawn Store Loans on Jewelry & More in Chesapeake

Are you short on cash? Are you looking for a quick loan? We offer short-term cash loans using your pre-owned items of value as the collateral. The great thing about our loans is that we don't run a credit check at all. After all, we want to offer loans to the widest possible audience! One of our loans is a great way to borrow money fast, and many people find pawn loans as being great products when compared to the financial products that many lenders offer. The pawn process makes it fast and easy to take out a cash loan, and we accept many items of value for our pawn loans, including:

  • Jewelry

  • Gold or silver

  • Luxury watches

  • Sporting goods

  • Smart TVs

  • Digital cameras

  • DJ equipment

  • Musical instruments

  • Video equipment

  • Video games

  • Wide variety of power tools

....and a large variety of merchandise items of all kinds! Bring your items of value to us, and let us make you a great deal on one of our collateral loans! We strive to offer an option that works well for your financial needs, and we think you'll find that one of our personal loans fits the bill! You can get a loan estimate when you come only takes minutes. We are the best place to go when you need a fast and easy loan.

2. Professional Jewelry Repair at Our Pawn Store

Not all pawn shops offer professional jewelry repair, but that is a service that we offer here at Greenbrier Pawn. If you need ring resizing, we can help you get the perfect fit. We can replace loose stones, help with clasp repairs, or repair your engagement ring. We even offer professional jewelry cleaning services! Today's the day to take action so you can get your favorite old jewelry back in good condition. Come see us, and ask about our fast and affordable jewelry repair, done right here at our pawn store! We offer great prices and professional-grade service!

3. Try a Pawn Store for Affordably Priced Jewelry

Are you in the market for fine jewelry? Skip the other local stores that charge way too much. If you go to a chain jewelry store, it's likely that you'll spend twice as much on the same piece of jewelry that you could get from us. We have jewelry from all of the popular brands, and we keep up with the latest trends. We also have jewelry that you won't find just anywhere, like authentic antique and vintage jewelry. You can get amazing deals on jewelry by shopping with us, and we'll offer you great customer service along the way! Many people come to us when shopping for engagement rings and wedding rings on a budget, and we offer jewelry for special occasions and jewelry that is perfect for everyday wear. We have everyday styles, or you can visit us to buy jewelry for an upcoming anniversary that suits the personal style of your true love. Come view our wide selection of products, and you're sure to find a great piece of jewelry that suits your personal needs and style, all at a fair price.

4. We Pay Top Dollar for Jewelry at Our Pawn Store

Are you looking for a great place to sell your jewelry? Our jewelry and pawn store is here to help! We buy all different types of jewelry, and we pay the best prices for it! Whether you're going through a hard time and need some cash, or if you just have unwanted items in your jewelry box, we'll pay the most money. Our in-store experts have a lot of experience with assessing jewelry and brand name merchandise, so they can determine of the value of the item in no time. Sell your jewelry the fast and easy way, and get the highest dollar amount for it, by visiting us!

Gold and silver

5. We Buy Gold at Our Pawn Store

We are not only one of the best pawn shops to visit if you're interested in selling your fine jewelry for quick cash, but we pay top dollar for other items of value, too. One big part of our pawn business is buying gold. Our professional staff will assess gold bars, gold bullion, broken gold jewelry, scrap gold and much more, and then we'll make you an offer. Selling to a local store like us is fast and convenient, and you'll get instant cash! We are the best pawn shop in Chesapeake for selling gold and other precious metals, such as platinum and silver, for a great price.

At our premier pawn shop, we buy sell loan and more! Come see our knowledgeable staff who are local people from Hampton Roads just like you, and take advantage of our welcoming atmosphere and good customer service. Whether you're selling estate jewelry, need a short-term loan, or taking advantage of our other services, visit our pawnshop business today. Our iconic pawn shop has been a staple of the Chesapeake community since 1996, and we do our best efforts to maintain our impeccable reputation in the area.

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