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Selling My Gold With Greenbrier Pawn Shop

Selling your gold is an excellent idea if you're hoping to get some instant cash. You can also sell other precious metal items to us, too. We buy all types of gold here, including gold watches, broken jewelry, new jewelry, gold coins, and much more. Come check us out, and find out why so many consider us to be the superior pawn and jewelry store in the Chesapeake area. From a large collection of scrap gold to a couple of rare coins, we're ready to pay today! We are your local jeweler and gold buyer!

Selling My Gold: How to Sell Your Gold

When working with gold buyers, your first question is probably about how to sell your gold. It might seem a bit confusing and overwhelming if it's your first time selling, but you shouldn't worry. We offer helpful and knowledgeable service here at Greenbrier Pawn. Luckily for you, if you're selling gold in the Hampton Roads area, we'll make it easy.

First, you should gather up any and all gold items that you want to sell. It doesn't matter what kind. Gold bars, old gold jewelry, gold in the form of coins...we're in the business of gold buying period, no matter what kind of gold you're selling.

Once you bring your gold in, hand it over to one of our great customer service professionals. They'll take a minute to check the type, condition, and gold purity level of your items so they can separate them. This allows them to valuate everything properly. After all, even though we pay high gold prices for all gold items, some are worth more than others. Fine jewelry that is made from 18K gold is worth more than broken jewelry that is made from 10K gold, for example, but it all has value.

After assessing condition and gold purity level, we'll weigh any gold items that are being purchased for their melt value. In the gold buying business, gold buyers, pawn shops, and jewelry stores like us weigh gold by the troy ounce. This is the typical weigh of weighing in the precious metals industry.

​Once a member of our staff has taken a look at your gold items, they will offer you the highest price. Interested in selling? Great! We'll just need your ID and a minute to count out your cash! Aren't sure if you want to sell just yet? That's fine...there's no obligation. If you're still on the fence, you can ask about one of our cash loans on the value of your gold. Then, if you want your items back later, you can come repay the loan. If not, just leave them with us...there's no penalty for not repaying your pawn loan.

We buy gold, platinum, and diamonds!

Where to Sell Your Gold

You don't have to look for separate jewelry buyers for your jewelry and coin buyers for your gold coins. If it's made from gold -- or any other precious metal, for that matter -- go ahead and bring it all in at once. This simplifies things and allows you to get paid more, faster. You never have to ask where to sell your gold again!

That's just one reason why a good pawn shop is the best place to sell gold: it's fast. It also gives you the chance to work one-on-one with locals, rather than some unknown online or by-mail gold dealer who you've never heard of. Plus, you'll be paid in cash on the spot. There's no worry about waiting until the next day -- or longer -- to get paid, nor cashing a check. Plus, you'll get a free estimate, and there's no concern about shipping costs, either.

Sell Your Gold Near Me

If you're based in Chesapeake, you likely already know us as the premier jeweler, pawnbroker, and gold buyer in the area. If you haven't given us a try yet, we welcome you to come in as soon as you'll get paid top prices when you sell your gold to us at Greenbrier Pawn.

Also, if you're in the Hampton Roads area but are located closer to Virginia Beach, that's fine! If you don't feel like making the short drive to Chesapeake, we have another location in Virginia Beach that you can visit. You can sell your gold at either Greenbrier Pawn or our sister store, Hilltop Pawn.

Sell your gold jewelry with Greenbrier Pawn Shop

How Much Can You Sell Your Gold Jewelry For?

You might have heard that we offer the highest payout prices for gold jewelry. As buyers of gold here at your local pawn shop, that's what we do. You might be wondering just how much you'll get when you sell your gold jewelry for cash today.

This depends on lots of things, including the purity of the gold, the current market price of gold, whether your items are ready to be resold as-is, and more.

Don't worry, though -- we will be able to accurately determine the current market value of your gold jewelry, and it's a fast process when we do it, too. Generally, you'll be in with your jewelry items and out with your cash in about 10 or 15 minutes. We know you want to get paid quickly and that you have different places to be, so we make it our mission to get you your express gold cash as soon as we can.

How to Sell Your Gold and Silver Today

Many people visit us to sell gold, but that's not all we buy. We also know that silver is a valuable and special precious metal. In addition to bringing us any and all unwanted gold items, check out our silver prices! We pay top dollar for silver dollars, silver coins, silver engagement rings, silver estate jewelry, and more! We don't have a strict list of specific items that we'll offer a good deal on; bring us any items made from gold or silver. We also pay top dollar for platinum!

Selling your gold is easy. Don't visit just any of the pawn shops; visit us at Greenbrier Pawn Shop. We make gold buyer easier than anyone, and you'll get the best value here. We also offer other ways to get fast cash, from selling unwanted jewelry to taking out a pawn loan. With our decades of experience in the pawn industry, we are here to serve you.Visit during our normal business hours, and get your first offer when selling your gold in no time. Once you experience our high payouts and great service, you'll never want to look for another way to sell your gold again!

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