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Where to Sell Your Gold

Selling my gold can be quite appealing when you're short on cash. You likely know that you can get express gold cash for unwanted gold items. You may have sold scrap gold or an old gold chain for cash in the past, or you might have seen various ads and commercials about selling gold. Still, you might be wondering where to sell your gold, which is a common and legitimate question. The answer, at least for gold sellers in Chesapeake, is to sell to Greenbrier Pawn.

Where to sell your gold for cash? Greenbrier Pawn

Where is the Best Place to Sell Your Gold?

​With various gold buyers out there competing for your business, it's normal to wonder: Where is the best place to sell your gold? First, you should know what to look for in a good gold buyer:

  • They operate locally. ​Even though you do have the option to sell gold online, selling in person wins most of the time. When you use a reputable gold buyer in your local area, you can avoid online scams that are so rampant nowadays. You can also get paid right away vs. waiting for days on end. Plus, there's no hassle of shipping, no concern about tracking your gold package to make sure it didn't get lost in the mail, and so on.

  • They have years of experience. ​A gold buyer who has been in the industry for years -- or decades, like Greenbrier Pawn -- will have more experience with determining the market value of gold. A more experienced potential buyer will often offer higher prices, since they'll be more familiar with things like gold content, current gold prices, and more. Plus, someone with more experience will work more quickly. This saves you time and helps you get paid faster!

  • They buy all different types of gold. ​It really isn't necessary for you to sell your jewelry items to one buyer and your unwanted gold coins to another. Why not sell to a gold buyer who won't turn away any of your unwanted gold? For example, at Greenbrier Pawn, we buy everything from gold watches to gold teeth.

  • They buy other precious metals. ​You may have more than just gold jewelry or dental gold that you want to sell. You may also be interested in getting extra cash for silver bullion, sterling silver, or platinum. The right buyer will buy all of these precious metals, as well as loose diamonds and other items of value. Get the most cash at once, without the hassle, by selling to a more versatile precious metals dealer.

Who checks all of the boxes above and more? Greenbrier Pawn, right here in Chesapeake. We are cash buyers of gold, and we're ready to pay you the quick cash that you deserve, based on the value of your gold items.

​Where to Sell Your Gold Bars

People end up with gold bars for a variety of reasons. Some people have gold bars that have been passed down for years. Others purchased gold bars as a potential investment as some point. Either way, if you have gold bars, it's wise to sell when the price of gold is up. This will help you make the most out of your investment. Bring your gold bars to us, and we'll offer you a fair price, right here at our local store. Now's a good time to sell your gold bars -- after all, the market price for gold has been performing very well recently.

Where is the Best Place to Sell Your Gold Jewelry?

​A lot of gold is sold for its melt value. This is a good thing for many, since real gold items are still valuable, even if they aren't in great condition or aren't particularly usable in their current condition (like dental gold). However, if you want to get paid the most money for gold jewelry that's still in good condition, you'll likely want to sell to someone who is both a gold and jewelry buyer, rather than just a gold buyer.

A gold buyer may just pay you the melt value for your gold jewelry based on the current price of gold, rather than looking at the actual resale value. Designer jewelry or jewelry that has diamonds and other gemstones is worth more than just its melt value. We know this, and we're willing to make you a better deal on your piece of jewelry. Whether you're selling scrap gold as well or just want to sell a piece of gold jewelry, rest assured that we offer a good way to get a higher monetary value for your gold piece of jewelry.

Visit Glenda Craddock's Pawn Shop to Sell Your Gold Today

As you can see, if you have gold items that you're wanting to sell, there's no better place than Glenda Craddock's pawn shop right here in Chesapeake, Greenbrier Pawn. We welcome you to visit our family-owned business to sell your gold!

Sell your gold jewelry for cash

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