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Selling My Gold: How to Sell Your Gold

Selling my gold jewelry, gold coins, and more is a fantastic way to get some fast cash while getting rid of gold items that you don't wear, use, or want anyway. If you're looking for advice about how to sell your gold, choosing the right gold buying company is your first step. Then, just follow these simple steps, and you can get paid top dollar for unwanted jewelry, coins, and more in no time. Whether you have unwanted new pieces of gold jewelry or old, broken jewelry that you've been holding on to for years, we're ready to give you the best value for it.

Sell your gold at Greenbrier Pawn

Decide Which Gold You Want to Sell

First, there's no reason to make multiple trips when selling gold. Go ahead and decide which gold items you want to sell, and bring them all in at one time. Bringing in various different types of gold jewelry and other items that you no longer want is a good way to get more money. Plus, you can finally clean out your jewelry box and get rid of all of the unwanted gold items that are just taking up space, too.

Are you curious about the different things that gold buyers purchase? We buy pretty much anything that is made from gold, including:

  • Scrap gold

  • Gold bars

  • Old gold jewelry

  • Gold watches

  • Gold coins

  • Broken jewelry

  • Dental gold

Don't forget that you can sell other precious metals to us, too! For example, bring us your silver jewelry, silver coins, silver dollars, and more! Just as we pay top gold prices, we pay top silver prices, too!

Visit Greenbrier Pawn Shop in Chesapeake

Once you've gathered up the gold that you want to sell, the next step of selling your gold is visiting Greenbrier Pawn Shop in Chesapeake. Curious about why you should choose us when selling your gold? Well, we offer a few clear advantages. We're based locally, so selling to us couldn't be more convenient. Plus, you'll know exactly who you're working with -- we've been in business since the 90s, and you've likely already seen us on TV.

Plus, we're easy to work with -- if it's made from gold, we'll make you an offer on it, even if it's broken or tarnished. After all, we even buy dental gold! Plus, offering top prices if always our goal, so you can get paid more by selling to us.

Get a Cash Offer for Your Gold

​Walk into our Greenbrier location, and hand us your precious metal items. Our friendly staff know what to do! Even if you bring in a large collection of gold items, it'll generally only take our staff a few minutes to sort, assess, weigh, and valuate your items and offer you the highest price. While you're waiting for your gold to be assessed, don't hesitate to ask questions; our staff are known for offering knowledgeable service. You can also take a few minutes to walk around and look at our fine jewelry and other high-end merchandise.

Get cash for your gold today

Get Paid for Gold in Cash

Once you accept the cash offer we give for your precious metals, you will receive your payment right then, in cash. Of course, you also have the option to ask for store credit, which you can use to buy one of our jewelry pieces, such as a nice diamond engagement ring or a couple of designer pieces to add to your collection.

Selling your gold is very easy when you live in the Hampton Roads area. Come experience our great customer service and high instant cash payouts today. You can also visit us for any other services that you need in the pawn industry, whether you're interested in buying affordable pre-owned jewelry, taking out one of our cash loans, or even asking us for help with jewelry repair.

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