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Sell Your Valuable Jewelry in Chesapeake

Selling unwanted jewelry items, such as gold or diamond jewelry, is a great way to put some money in your pocket when you need it the most. Of course, any time that you're selling gold jewelry or other items from your jewelry box, getting paid a fair price is important. There are potential buyers out there who will pay you top dollar for your unwanted jewelry, all while giving you great customer service. Visit Greenbrier Pawn today to get high prices for an unwanted wedding ring, estate jewelry, or any piece of jewelry that you simply don't want anymore.

Sell Your Valuable Jewelry

What is the Best Way to Sell Fine Jewelry in Chesapeake?

There are various jewelry and diamond buyers who are involved in the jewelry business and who will purchase your pieces. You can check with an online jewelry buyer, or advertise your jewelry on social media, such as Facebook marketplace. There are even some jewelry stores and consignment shops that will let you put your unwanted jewelry on consignment.

There are downsides to all of these options for selling a diamond ring, antique jewelry, or any other unwanted pieces that you have. When working with online buyers, you have to be careful about scams, since there are a lot of them out there. You also have to worry about shipping your jewelry, and depending on the buyer you work with, you may not get paid until after they receive and value your jewelry.

​Putting your jewelry on consignment at a pawn shop or jewelry store isn't necessarily a good idea, either. It could be quite some time before your jewelry actually sells, so if you need money now, this probably isn't a good idea.

Sell Jewelry in Chesapeake

​A pawn shop is often the best place to sell jewelry. The right pawn shop -- like Greenbrier Pawn -- will give you a good price for your jewelry, whether it's silver jewelry, designer jewelry, or vintage jewelry.

Getting the best price for old gold jewelry or diamond rings isn't the only reason to sell to a pawn shop. It's also the best way to sell your unwanted gold and diamond jewelry fast, all so you can get paid fast. Plus, we offer a free appraisal with no obligation, which is yet another reason why we're your best option for selling your jewelry!

What is the Process of Selling Fine Jewelry at Pawn Shops?

If you're ready to sell your jewelry to a local pawn shop and jewelry store like Greenbrier Pawn, the process is very easy! We buy any type of jewelry here, including diamond engagement rings, a diamond necklace, and much more. As professional jewelry buyers, we do everything we can to make the entire process easy!

The first step is to gather up any gold, silver, or platinum jewelry that you want to sell, then drive over to our convenient Chesapeake location. Then, you'll simply hand over your sterling silver or gold jewelry to one of our experienced staff. Our knowledgeable staff will take a few minutes to look over your jewelry, and then, they'll make you a fair offer. If you decide you want to sell to us as your professional jewelry buyer, just let us know! The rest of the process only takes minutes; we'll jot down some information from your government-issued ID and pay you your cash. We are jewelry experts who are focused on ethical business practices, so we're willing to answer any questions that you have along the way!

How Much Will I Get for My Valuable Jewelry?

How much you'll get paid for your jewelry pieces really depends on the specific unique pieces that you bring in. Even a simple gold wedding band can pay well, since the precious metals in the ring are valuable. However, in many cases, you'll get the highest price for pieces that feature valuable diamonds or gemstones. High-end jewelry from top designers, as well as rare jewelry, can fetch you an even better price.

Also, remember, that if you don't really need the cash, you can get store credit for your jewelry! As your local jewelers, we have a great selection of luxury watches and fine jewelry for you to choose from. Because we offer lower prices on our inventory than the average local jewelry stores, your store credit will go a long way. We're the right place to go if you want to trade estate pieces for something new!

You don't have to wait to sell your jewelry in Chesapeake. Visit us at Greenbrier Pawn today, and we'll be happy to help!

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