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Jeweler That Offers Jewelry Repair in Chesapeake

Affordable jewelry repair in Chesapeake is just one reason to seek out a good jeweler. Greenbrier Pawn has years of experience in the jewelry industry. We've been here buying, selling, and making loans on jewelry since 1996. We also have a sister store where we offer all of the same services. If you're looking for the best ways to buy and sell jewelry, or to use jewelry cleaning or repair and refurbishment services, we are the jeweler for you to visit. From old jewelry to modern pieces, we deal with it all. Any time you're looking for a jeweler that offers jewelry repair in Chesapeake, our pawn and jewelry store is the best choice.

Greenbrier Pawn is Your Go-To Jeweler in Chesapeake

Whether it's your first time walking into our store, or if you have worked with us before -- like when buying your favorite piece of jewelry -- we thing you'll be impressed by the great service, great pricing, and variety of services that we offer. People consider us the premier jeweler in the area for a few reasons. You can find a special jewelry piece or fill your jewelry box with nice, real, yet affordable jewelry when you shop with us. You can sell unwanted jewelry and get paid more. You can even get a loan on your jewelry here; in fact, this is one of our most popular available services!

If you want to work with the jeweler that has the experience, that offers the services you need, and that really knows jewelry of all different types, we invite you to come visit us today! Once you work with us as your master jeweler, you'll see why the other local jewelry stores just don't compare.

Jewelry repair

Why Choose Greenbrier Pawn for Jewelry Repair?

There are many reasons to choose Greenbrier Pawn when you need jewelry repair in Chesapeake, including:

  • We have a convenient location right here in Chesapeake, and we also have a sister store in Virginia Beach. There's no reason to send your jewelry in the mail to be repaired or to work with a non-local business.

  • We don't outsource jewelry repairs. Everything is done in-house by a local person. Prices are kept lower, and the work can be done faster because we don't outsource our work. Many retail stores actually send jewelry off to their service centers for repairs. Unlike the average retail jewelry store, we don't do this!

  • We offer lots of jewelry repair services. Chain repair, ring sizing, repairing or replacing bent prongs, repairing or replacing a loose stone, pearl restringing and more.

  • Our pricing is always fair and reasonable!

  • We can help with just one piece of jewelry, or we'll repair multiple pieces of jewelry. Bring your old or damaged pieces to us, and we can help.

  • Not only do we offer the best price, but we'll also give you an estimate once our bench jeweler looks at your piece. Don't worry about big surprises on pricing, as is the problem at many jewelry repair shops.

If you have never visited our pawn and jewelry store, you're in for a real treat if you have been looking for expert jewelers in the Chesapeake area. Stop by to ask about our professional jewelry repair service or professional cleaning services, and let the quality of our work speak for itself! If you're looking to buy fine jewelry at a reasonable price, or if you're hoping to sell a piece of jewelry, let us make you an offer. We buy and sell engagement rings, wedding rings, wedding bands, custom jewelry, and all different types of fine jewelry and luxury watches. Come see us, or give us a call at 757-382-9066 today!


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