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How Much Will a Pawn Shop Pay for My Luxury Watch? | Chesapeake

If you're interested in selling one or more luxury watches in the Chesapeake area, you have a great option: selling to Greenbrier Pawn. You deserve to be paid fairly based on the value of your Rolex or other luxury watch. Whether you've been thinking about selling your watch for a long time, or if you've run into a situation where you need some extra cash, we offer the best way to sell modern and vintage watches alike. Bring your brand name Rolex timepiece, Patek Philippe, Omega, Cartier, or other fine watch to us today.


How Much Can I Get for My Luxury Watch at a Pawn Shop?

From vintage models that are in excellent condition, to like-new modern models, it's only natural to want to get paid the most when you are selling your particular timepiece. Many people wonder how much pawn shops like Greenbrier Pawn pay for pre-owned watches. As the proud owner of a luxury watch, you're likely well aware of a Rolex cost -- at least in regards to its market price -- and you probably want to be compensated accordingly. Who you sell your watch to matters. Whether you have one of the most sought-after models or a more obscure watch matters, too. Luckily for you, at Greenbrier Pawn, we are committed to always keeping an inventory with a wide range of Rolex watches and other fine watches. Because of that, we'll buy a wide assortment of classic and modern luxury timepieces, and we'll pay the most. ​Just how much you'll get paid for your status symbol simply depends. Our in-house experts will consider a few things while paying scrupulous attention to your timepiece and handling it carefully. If you decide you aren't ready to sell, don't worry -- there's zero obligation. There's a good chance you'll be ready to make the sale right away when you find out how much we pay!

What Brand is Your Luxury Watch?

A watch doesn't have to be made by a famous brand to be good-quality and valuable. However, you may get a higher selling price if you have a pre-owned watch from one of the more coveted and well-known luxury watch brands. Feel free to bring us any luxury watch so we can give you the maximum value. These are some of the high-end luxury brands that we're always interested in looking at:

● Rolex ● Patek Philippe ● TAG Heuer ● Omega ● Cartier ● Piaget

Is Your Watch in High Demand? As mentioned above, some brands are in higher demand than others. You'll also get paid the most money on the secondary market for popular models or a specific serial number, reference number, or model number. If you want to sell Rolex watches, for example, these are some of the Rolex models that are in high demand:

● GMT Master ● Rolex GMT-Master II ● Rolex Explorer ● Rolex Daytona ● Rolex Day-Date ● Rolex Datejust ● Rolex Sky-Dweller ● Rolex Milgauss ● Paul Newman Daytona ● Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea ● Lady Datejust

Of course, it isn't just Rolex watches that are popular and in high demand! These are additional brand name models that we pay top dollar for! Whatever your model, bring your symbol of prestige to us for the highest payment.

● TAG Heuer Formula 1 ● TAG Heuer Monaco ● TAG Heuer Aquaracer ● TAG Heuer Carrera ● Patek Philippe Aquanaut ● Patek Philippe Nautilus ● Patek Philippe Calatrava ● Cartier Tank ● Panthere de Cartier ● Santos de Cartier ● Calibre de Cartier ● Drive de Cartier ● Omega Speedmaster ● Omega Seamaster ● Omega Constellation

Sell a Rolex Watch Chesapeake

What is the Condition of Your Watch?

Whether it's a newer watch or one of the vintage Rolex watches, the condition of your watch will naturally impact value. You'll get the highest price for a watch that's in good condition, whether it's a newer model that is like-new or a vintage watch with its original parts.

How Can I Get More for My Luxury Watch?

You'll get the highest value for your luxury watch if you sell to the right buyer. Greenbrier Pawn is well-known around Chesapeake for paying the most for luxury timepieces. In addition to bringing your used Rolex watch, bring any original paperwork, the original box, and anything else you might have to prove your watch's authenticity.

Why Bring Your Watch to a Pawn Shop?

You can visit a pawn shop like Greenbrier Pawn for many different things. You might have even visited us before when you wanted to pawn a firearm or buy an engagement ring. If you're wondering why you should consider us your luxury watch and Rolex watch experts, these are just some of the reasons. Pawn shops like ours can help you with many things, including matters related to your luxury watch.

Sell Your Watch With Ease

The first reason to sell your watch to a pawn shop is the fact that it's easy. The bottom line is, looking for a buyer for your watch can be challenging at times. Plus, not every potential buyer will be willing to offer you top dollar for a watch, even if it's valuable. You can sell your watch fast and for the highest price when you choose us.

Get a Pawn Loan

Perhaps you don't want to sell your watch at all. Instead of looking for a potential buyer, you could be looking for a way to borrow money. You can use a new Rolex Submariner (or any other luxury watch) as a great solution for borrowing money when you visit Greenbrier Pawn. Ask about our no credit check collateral loans. Your luxury timepiece works perfectly as collateral!

Trade Your Watch

You may not be thinking about selling your watch because you need the money. Instead, you might be interested in swapping it out for a different watch. If that's the case, we welcome you to visit us at Greenbrier Pawn. We make the entire process of trading your watch for one that is more suitable for your collection. We keep a selection of pre-owned Rolex watches and other luxury watches in stock. We'll consider the value of your watch, based on its brand, model number, and other factors. Then, we'll give you a store credit toward the next watch that you want to buy. Also, remember, you can trade your watch in for other items, too. We have engagement rings, jewelry, and more that you can trade your Rolex timepieces or other luxury watches for! You don't have to look any further for Patek Philippe or Rolex buyers. You can get paid the best possible price when you use Greenbrier Pawn as your luxury watch and jewelry buyers. Visit us today to sell your watch, take out a loan, or trade it in.

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