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5 Tips for Caring for Gold Jewelry | Greenbrier Pawn

Gold jewelry has been a popular choice for so many years now. Yellow gold jewelry was wildly popular for many years and is definitely making a comeback, while white gold jewelry has been a very popular, high-end alternative to sterling silver for quite some time now. Then, there's rose gold jewelry, which looks stunning both in older, vintage pieces and brand new, trendy jewelry.

If you are someone who loves gold fine jewelry pieces -- from gold hoop earrings to gold engagement rings to your favorite gold bracelet or yellow gold chain, for example -- you could be wondering how you can keep them in good shape for a long time to come. Luckily, at Greenbrier Pawn, we have decades of experience with buying, selling, making loans, trading, and taking care of gold fine jewelry collections. These five tips can help you take perfect care of your gold jewelry, whether you have one or two special pieces, or if you wear tons of gold jewelry daily as your everyday look. We are here to help with anything related to gold jewelry!

1. Buy Fine Gold Jewelry for Less at Greenbrier Pawn

Ready to add gold jewelry to your collection, but worried about your budget getting in your way? Want to purchase pieces that can stand the test of time? There's no reason to waste your money on cheaply, poorly made jewelry that isn't even all that cheap to begin with. There also isn't any reason to pay full price at mall or chain jewelry stores. Instead, come see us at Greenbrier Pawn, where we sell beautiful fine gold jewelry for half the price...and it's the real thing! Whether you are looking for a solid gold necklace, dainty pendants, a statement ring, or anything else that suits your perfect style, we'd love to show you unique, trendy and exclusive products. From the hottest pieces to unique custom and antique pieces that you won't find anywhere else in the area, we'd love to help you find the perfect jewelry for the perfect price.

Gold and diamond rose necklace

2. Helpful Tips for Caring for Gold Jewelry at Home | Greenbrier Pawn

​Taking meticulous care of your gold jewelry will help it last longer and look a lot better, and it can save you money on professional jewelry repairs later, too. Luckily, taking  good care of your jewelry at home is easy. Take your gold jewelry off before bathing, cleaning, or swimming. Additionally, make sure that you carefully store your gold jewelry in its original box, or separately in a soft cloth bag. Clean your jewelry regularly with mild soap and warm water, and be careful about using abrasive cleaning agents or supplies in the process. Also, when your jewelry needs a deeper cleaning or repair, visit Greenbrier Pawn, where we can help you out!

3. Professional Cleaning at Greenbrier Pawn Makes Gold Jewelry Look Great

One of the biggest style recommendations we can make is to make sure your jewelry is kept nice and clean. Gold shines a lot better when your jewelry is clean, and diamonds and gemstones can really sparkle and shine when they are cleaned properly, too. Although you can clean your jewelry yourself on a regular basis, occasionally, consider taking your special pieces to us here at Greenbrier Pawn. We offer professional jewelry cleaning services and will make your jewelry look great.

4. Greenbrier Pawn: The Only Place You Need for Gold Jewelry Repair

Does your jewelry need to be repaired? Don't panic -- we offer fast, affordable jewelry repair services of all different kinds! Come see us for great deals on gold jewelry repair. We will make your fine jewelry pieces look better than they have in years.

5. Get Something New to You | Trade Gold Jewelry at Greenbrier Pawn

Are you feeling a little tired of your current jewelry collection? Having a hard time finding something to wear to an upcoming party or special event? Bring your old, unwanted gold jewelry to us, and trade it in for fine jewelry that you like more. We always have a great selection of jewelry for you to choose from!

You don't have to be overwhelmed by the responsibility of taking care of your gold jewelry, whether you finally received your first real piece of gold jewelry as a perfect gift recently, or if you have been working on building up a nice collection of jewelry that suits your personal style. From gold necklaces to gold rings to the perfect gold bracelet, we can help you save money on gold jewelry & more...or you can sell to us, get a pawn loan, or have jewelry repaired. Greenbrier Pawn is your one-stop shop for everything related to jewelry in Chesapeake and Hampton Roads!

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