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Get a Cash Loan on Your Rolex Watch | Chesapeake

When times get hard and you find yourself a little short on cash, it might seem like selling your Rolex Daytona or Rolex Submariner is the only way to get the money that you need. If you are interested in selling your brand name Rolex timepiece, Greenbrier Pawn can help. In fact, we always pay top dollar for luxury watches! However, that's not your only option for using your Rolex to better your current financial situation. Instead, you can take out a pawn loan on a Rolex Datejust, Rolex Day-Date, or any other vintage or current model of Rolex. We accept a wide range of Rolex watches (as well as luxury timepieces from other watch brands) as collateral for our loans. Bring your pre-owned Rolex watches to us today, and we'll grant you a fast and easy loan.

We offer the best bad credit loans out there, and there are no minimum credit score requirements whatsoever. In fact, we won't even pull your credit report at all!

Sell a Rolex Watch

Can I Get a Cash Loan With My Rolex Watch?

If you've never taken out a pawn loan, you might not really know how these loans work. Basically, they are a type of collateral loan, and they're perfect for people who have lower credit scores or who simply don't want to go through the hassle of filling out a loan application. To take out these types of loans, you bring in high demand, valuable items to a pawn shop, and you'll be granted a loan based on your items' value. You can use a variety of things to take out one of these loans, including jewelry or precious metals (such as yellow gold or white gold.) In particular, a Rolex watch is great to use as collateral for one of these loans.

After all, the most sought-after models of Rolex watches are quite valuable in the watch industry, even if they're previously owned. When you use valuable items to take out a pawn loan, your loan will be based on the high Rolex cost. Naturally, bringing in items that have a high market price is a good way to borrow more money. For many, their Rolex watch is their best option for collateral when using pawn loan options.

Who Makes Cash Loans on Rolex Watches?

If you have one of the popular models of Rolex and want to use it to take out a cash loan, visit Greenbrier Pawn. We understand that your Rolex watch is a symbol of prestige, and we'll make you a loan offer accordingly. That's why we're one of the top lenders to work with when you want to use your Rolex watch to take out an emergency loan.

If you're wondering why you should take out one of these loans, consider the benefits. We offer one of the best ways to borrow money if you've struggled with meeting the eligibility requirements of other lenders. If you have a bad credit score/low credit score, it doesn't matter! After all, our loans are no credit check loans. If you don't have a bank account or an account with one of the credit unions, that doesn't matter either! We offer lower interest rates and better terms than payday loans and some credit cards, and you don't have to worry about the risks of working with shady online lenders, either. You don't even have to worry about getting a family member to co-sign, nor do you have to provide proof of income.

Loans on Rolex Watches

If you need to make a late payment, don't freak out. We don't report defaulted loan payments to the credit bureaus, so even if you default on your loan, you don't have to worry about your good credit score being damaged. In fact, our loans don't affect your credit rating whatsoever. If you want to avoid losing your Rolex watch, just stop by our shop before the repayment date in your loan agreement. For modest additional fees, you can get an extension on our short-term loans; just ask!

How Much Can I Borrow on My Rolex Watch?

Whether you have newer or vintage watches that you'd like to use as collateral for your pawn loan, you're probably wondering how much you can borrow. This depends entirely on the particular timepiece that you bring in; it isn't based on your credit score or income level at all.

​Both modern and vintage models that are in excellent condition can help you take out a sizable loan. We'll check the model and reference number, the condition, and more of your watch before making you a loan offer. You're sure to find that your Rolex watch is a powerful tool to help you borrow money. Because we've been in the watch business for a long time, we can accurately and fairly value your Rolex watch. Then, once you accept our loan offer, you'll be able to borrow cash on your older or new Rolex watch on the spot. We make our loan payouts in cash, and there's no wait to get your money, either.

Remember that there isn't a minimum loan amount, either, so you don't have to accept our whole loan approval offer. In some cases, taking out a smaller loan that you qualify for is a good idea, since you can pay less in interest, and you may find your loan is easier to pay back. On the other hand, if you want to borrow as much as possible with our less-than-perfect credit loans, you can bring in multiple items of value to increase your borrowing power.

At Greenbrier Pawn, we have many satisfied customers who have brought their various Rolex models in to qualify for one of our loans. We accept a wide assortment of classic and modern Rolex watches for our loans, and we even accept other items of value, too. There's a good chance you can borrow money today, even if you have poor credit history and have had trouble qualifying for financial products in the past; just bring your collateral and ID, and we'll help you out!

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