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Who Buys Gold and Silver Near Me in Chesapeake?

Who buys gold and silver near me in Chesapeake? If you are looking for the best place to sell unwanted jewelry made from silver or gold, you've found it. Greenbrier Pawn has been a fixture in the Chesapeake community since 1996, and we've been serving customers like you for decades. Buying gold is a big part of our business! We have great reviews and a great reputation for a reason. Sell gold or silver the easy way, and get paid the highest value on the spot. We also invite you to come in and view our selection of jewelry, or you can ask us about a no credit check pawn loan on your gold and silver or other items of value, including firearms.

Who Buys Gold in Chesapeake & Hampton Roads? | Greenbrier Pawn

If you have gold jewelry -- such as a gold engagement ring, gold wedding ring, or other gold estate jewelry -- you can get a free estimate of its value by visiting Greenbrier Pawn. Jewelry is our main business here, so we're always interested in being your gold jewelry buyer. We are willing to offer more extra cash for gold jewelry and high end watches, since we are always looking to buy as much gold jewelry as possible to sell to our customers. We're known for having a great selection of gold, silver, and platinum jewelry here, so we pay higher gold prices to acquire the jewelry we need for our inventory.

Of course, gold jewelry is not the only gold that we buy. We have extensive knowledge and years of experience with buying other forms of gold. Not only can you bring us your fine jewelry, but you can bring us scrap gold, dental gold, gold teeth, gold dental implants, gold bullion bars, gold bars, broken pieces of jewelry, and much more. Our past performance speaks for itself, and we have a solid reputation for making the best offer for express gold cash, whether you're selling a single piece of jewelry or a wide variety of coins and other gold items. It's always a good way to participate in the precious metals market, all without having to deal with an online gold buyer that you might not know much about.

Gold and pink jewelry

Who Buys Silver in the Local Area? | Your Local Pawn & Jewelry Store

Maybe you are looking to get paid top dollar for silver instead. If you have silver coins, silver bars, silver bullion coins, or other silver and want to be paid the best price, we'd love to help you with that, too. Bring us both your unwanted gold and your unwanted silver, and get paid the best price today! Dig through your jewelry box for unwanted silver jewelry, or gather up your other silver and gold items, then visit us...your local gold buyer & more. We pay quick cash and always pay the best rates, all while offering you the excellent customer service that you deserve. Here, you're a part of the family!

Which is More Valuable: Silver or Gold?

The spot price of gold and silver varies from day to day. If you're wondering about the value of different types of precious metals, you should know that there are some general rules of thumb. Yes, it's true that silver is valuable...especially when you sell to us, where we pay top prices. However, gold is generally significantly more valuable. This is because silver deposits are much more common...about 20 times more common, in fact.

Also, be aware that the value of gold depends on its purity. 24K gold is pure gold, and it's the most value. Most jewelry isn't made from 24K gold...for one thing, it's a lot more expensive. Plus, it's quite soft, which means it's not particularly practical for regular wearing. Most of the pure gold that we see comes in in the form of gold bullion or gold bars.

Gold with a variety of gold purity levels is used to make jewelry. 18K gold has the most gold content, aside from 24K pure gold, of course. 10K gold has the least gold content. If you're curious about the type of gold that your jewelry is made from, you can look for an imprint somewhere on the piece (such as on the inside of the ring). If you can't find one, don't worry...we can test your physical gold jewelry when you bring it in to determine its gold content, and we'll make you an offer going from there.

When you're looking for a silver and gold buyer, our pawn shop and jewelry store is here to help you. As our previous customers will tell you, we are one of the best gold and silver buyers out there, and we'll always make you the best deal! If you're ready to get a competitive offer, come see us for free appraisals. There's never any obligation, it doesn't take long, and we'll do everything we can to offer you a great experience. You can get paid the highest payouts for gold and silver jewelry & more when you use Greenbrier Pawn as your trusted gold and silver dealer!

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