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Who Buys Gold Near Me for the Most Money?

Who buys gold near me isn't the only question you might have. In particular, you're likely wondering who will pay you the highest prices for your gold items. There are various pawn shops and online gold buyers you can sell to. However, not all of them will pay you the best price, whether you're selling a gold piece of jewelry, scrap gold, dental gold, or gold bullion bars. Bring your gold jewelry, gold coins & more to Greenbrier Pawn to get paid the best gold prices. People in the community have seen us as one of the best places to sell unwanted gold since the 1990s, and we'd love to make you yet another one of our satisfied customers.

Who Buys Gold Near Me in Chesapeake & Hampton Roads?

If you are based in Chesapeake or elsewhere in Hampton Roads, you might be looking for a local gold buyer. Selling to a physical gold buyer instead of an online buyer is a good way to get quick cash, and you can avoid the many scams that are rampant online nowadays, too. Even though there are other gold and silver buyers out there, we recommend that you visit us at Greenbrier Pawn, where we offer great customer service and top prices on gold pieces of jewelry, a wide variety of coins made from gold and silver, gold bars, and much more.

White gold and diamond necklace

Greenbrier Pawn Will Buy Any Unwanted Gold Today

We have years of experience dealing with gold, and we buy all different types of gold and silver items. These are just some of the items made from precious metals that you can get paid top dollar for by visiting Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry:

  • Gold estate jewelry

  • Silver jewelry

  • Yellow gold, white gold & rose gold

  • Gold and silver coins

  • Luxury watches & fine watches

  • Gold and diamond rings

  • Scrap gold

  • Silver bullion

  • Gold bullion

  • Gold and diamond engagement rings

  • Silver dollars

  • Sterling silver jewelry

  • Old gold jewelry & antique jewelry

  • Gold bar

  • Dental gold (gold teeth, gold fillings, etc)

Get the best deal and be paid the best rates for your gold jewelry & coin! We offer a free estimate and excellent customer service, and we'll get you in and out in no time, whether you're selling just one unwanted item from your jewelry box, or if you have a whole collection of assorted gold items that you'd like to sell.

Get More for Gold When You Sell to Greenbrier Pawn & Jewelry

​If you've visited us before, you probably know that we're considered more of a fine jewelry store than a pawn shop. We wear a lot of hats here, but jewelry is our main business. Because of that, we are willing to pay more for gold jewelry than our competition. Yes, we do buy gold for its melt value, such as damaged gold jewelry or scrap gold. However, we are also always interested in buying gold jewelry that we can resell. After all, this is how we keep your store stocked with pre-owned jewelry of different types for our customers to browse.

When you work with some gold buyers, like many of the online gold dealers, you won't be paid fair prices for fine gold jewelry. This is because those who just deal with gold in general often value gold jewelry based on its gold purity and weight.

​That's not how we do it. Of course, the type of gold matters...when all else is equal, 18K gold jewelry is worth more than 10K gold jewelry. However, we know there are other factors at play. For example, diamonds or gemstones often make up a big part of the value of jewelry. If your gold jewelry has diamonds or stones, we will always take the value of these stones into consideration. We also look at things like the designer that made the jewelry, how in-demand the piece is, and more. Visit our family-run business to be paid the most competitive prices for your gold jewelry, and we will give you the most value!

At Greenbrier Pawn, you're part of the family. We will pay you express gold cash today, and we're known for offering the highest gold pay outs for golden items of all different types! We'd also love to help you with other things, too. Maybe you're actually interested in buying gold or diamond jewelry instead of selling it...if so, you've come to the right place. We also make cash pawn loans on items with gold content or other items of value, such as firearms! Our pawn loans don't require a credit check, and we loan anywhere from $5 to $50,000! There's no reason to visit another pawn shop in Chesapeake or Hampton Roads...come visit us, your local jewelry and coin gold buyers, instead!

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