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We Sell Gold Jewelry for Less at Our Pawn Store

We sell gold jewelry for less than our competitors. It's a fact! If you're like many people, you might assume that you have to be ready to spend a lot when you want to buy gold jewelry. Of course, this depends on two things: where you shop and what you're buying. If you want to enjoy a nice selection of all different types of gold jewelry for the best price, we are the best place to shop. Visit our Chesapeake location for the easy way and best way to buy fine jewelry for a fair price. Greenbrier Pawn Shop is your local jeweler and pawnbroker, and we offer the best customer service in the Hampton Roads area.

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We Sell Gold Engagement Rings & Wedding Rings for Less

Getting engaged is such a special and exciting time, and you'll definitely want to buy the right jewelry for the occasion. Buying an engagement ring can be a bit intimidating. You likely want to buy a nice piece of jewelry; after all, it's a piece that you or your spouse-to-be will wear daily forever! However, you likely also know that diamond jewelry is often associated with higher prices. Luckily, we'll help you have a great experience when shopping for the perfect engagement ring, and we'll sell you a great ring for a great price. You can pay half the price of the mall jewelry stores by buying an engagement ring from us! We have pieces from the most popular designers and in the most trendy styles. We also have classic rings and even vintage and antique engagement rings!

You can't just come to us for engagement rings...we can help with other jewelry for your upcoming nuptials, such as your wedding rings! You can buy a full bridal set that includes the engagement ring or one or both wedding bands, or you can buy men's and women's wedding bands separately. Save some extra cash on your wedding ring by shopping with us, your local store for jewelry.

Save on Jewelry for Any Occasion at Our Pawn Store

Not only can you get engagement rings and wedding rings here, but you can buy jewelry for any occasion at our pawn store. Come see us for gold watches, such as Rolex watches and other luxury timepieces. Looking for a nice gold bracelet or gold necklace? We offer a great way for you to get a good deal. Don't assume we just have old gold jewelry here...we have decades of experience in selling all of the jewelry that our customers are looking for. We're more than just a local pawn shop...we'll help you have the best time when shopping for jewelry. There's no reason to spend extra money on fine jewelry when you can get it for such a good deal! With just a little research, you'll see that you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by shopping with us. There's no reason to pay high gold prices when such great deals are easily available here.

Use Our Layaway Program to Make Our Jewelry Even More Affordable

We offer the best value on jewelry. We have years of experience in providing Hampton Roads residents with nice yet affordably priced jewelry. If you want to make your purchase even easier, try our layaway program! Just put 30% down, and take 90 days to pay off the rest of the cost. Jewelry store layaway makes buying jewelry even easier!

Whether you have specific items in mind that you're looking for, or if you're just curious about whether or not we have nice pieces to add to your jewelry box, we invite you to come visit us today. We always offer great jewelry for a better price than the average local jewelry store. Once you see the great deals we offer on gold jewelry and more, you'll likely never want to visit a mall jewelry store again. The entire process of shopping with us is easy, so come see us! Our friendly staff will help you find the piece of your dreams.

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