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Use Jewelry Store Layaway for Holiday Shopping

Are you thinking about making a jewelry purchase this holiday season? Are you worried about being able to afford the total purchase price at one time? If you're looking for some type of payment plan, check out the layaway option here at our pawn and jewelry store. We can help you with an interest-free layaway plan. Bring the cash or swipe your debit card for the deposit, and come back and make payments on your layaway item over the next 90 days. Layaway purchases make it easier to buy jewelry all year long, and it's particularly helpful when you're doing your holiday shopping!

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Greenbrier Pawn Shop Offers a Jewelry Layaway Program

Not all pawn and jewelry stores offer layaway. At Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry, you can buy jewelry of all different types, styles, and brand names. You can find the perfect gift here, for lower prices than the mall jewelry stores and department stores. The fact that we offer a layaway program isn't the only reason many people consider us one of the best jewelry stores in Hampton Roads.

These are a few gift ideas that you can find at our pawn and jewelry mart:

We have years of experience with selling great jewelry at a fair price point. Enjoy the best quality and the best pricing here. Greenbrier Pawn Shop is your local jewelry and gift center this holiday season and beyond.

How Does Jewelry Store Layaway Work?

​Your layaway order is actually very simple. Basically, first, you choose the item that you want to put on layaway. Then, you'll make a non-refundable deposit. The down payment deposit is 30% of the total purchase price of the piece. Then, you spread out the rest of the purchase amount over the payment schedule that works for you. You may want to make all of your subsequent payments before the holiday, but you actually have 90 days to pay the full price of the item.

How much will your layaway payments be? It's up to you. You determine the amount and umber of payments that you want to make, all within the 90 day period. You can make regular payments of a set amount every time you get paid, or you can break it into a larger number of payments of smaller amounts, if you prefer. There aren't due dates and payment amounts that you have to remember and stick to. Once you make your final payment and pay off the entire remaining balance, you can leave with your piece of jewelry.

Looking to treat yourself to something nice this holiday season? We make it that much easier for you to buy the jewelry of your dreams. Layaway jewelry items also make great holiday gifts. If you've been wanting to buy fine jewelry this holiday season, take advantage of our layaway option. We make it easy, whether you're buying an engagement ring or any other piece of jewelry. Also, remember that we offer layaway year-round, so not only can you use this program this holiday season when you're doing your Christmas shopping, but you can use it anytime you want to make jewelry easier to pay for.

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