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We Buy Gold Jewelry for Top Prices in Chesapeake

We buy gold jewelry as jewelers and precious metal dealers. In fact, we are known by many to be the best gold buyer in Hampton Roads, since we always pay higher prices and have friendly, knowledgeable staff that will assist you each step of the way. From yellow gold chains to white gold engagement rings to rose gold antique jewelry, we will pay you a good price today!

We Buy Gold Engagement Rings & Gold Wedding Rings

Yes, we are your local gold buyers who will buy any kind of gold (including dental gold, pure gold bars, gold coins, and more), but jewelry in particular is one of our primary focuses. You might know that if you've visited before or talked to our customers about us...a lot of people see us more as a high-end fine jewelry store than your average pawn shop.

This means we pay the best prices as your local gold jewelry buyer. Pre-owned jewelry stores like ours acquire inventory by buying it from customers like you. You can sell gold, silver, and platinum engagement rings, wedding rings, and more to us.

Not only do we understand the value of the gold that makes up gold rings like engagement rings and wedding bands, but we also appreciate the value of the diamonds that are set in the piece. In addition to paying top precious metal prices, we pay more for diamonds. In fact, keep that in mind -- we will even buy loose diamonds that might have fallen out of your old wedding rings, for example.

Now is the perfect time to sell unwanted gold rings, as well as any old gold jewelry that you're ready to get rid of. We offer excellent customer service and will answer any and all questions throughout the entire process, so visit us during our regular business hours to sell your gold wedding bands and more today!

Have engagement or wedding rings that are made from other precious metals? We buy platinum and sterling silver wedding bands and engagement rings, too! The price of gold isn't the only thing that's gone today's economy, you can get paid more for your old jewelry than you probably think, as long as you choose to work with a reputable buyer like Greenbrier Pawn!

Gold and diamond necklace

Sell Your Gold Watch in Chesapeake, Virginia

We buy and sell a lot of gold watches and other luxury watches here at Greenbrier Pawn. If you have a Rolex watch or another fine watch, we are your local watch and jewelry buyers. We know just how valuable high-end watches can be, and we always offer a fair price.

We pay the best price for all types of gold items. Since we have been dealing with Rolex and other fine watches for years now, however, we really do offer a good place to sell your fine watch. Are you actually in the market to buy a Rolex, but want to avoid the overly high prices? Watch and jewelry retailers like us are able to offer you a better deal. Even if it's your first time shopping for a fine watch, come see us...we will offer you great service while helping you pick out the perfect watch for you.

​We Buy a Wide Selection of Gold, Silver & Diamond Jewelry

If you have a piece of jewelry with gold content, diamonds, silver, or platinum, it's worth money. If you have been looking for a great way to sell assorted unwanted jewelry from your jewelry box, or if you're hoping to sell your entire collection, we want to make you the best deal.

Interested in a pawn loan instead? You can use your jewelry, scrap gold, and other items of value as collateral for a pawn loan today. Gold actually makes some of the best collateral for one of our loans, and there's never a credit check! Stop by our local store or call us at 757-382-9066 to find out more about a local pawn shop loan today!

At Greenbrier Pawn, we have years of experience with paying the highest prices for pre-owned fine jewelry and assorted precious metals. Come see us to get paid the most money for your gold and silver jewelry, and put some quick cash in your pocket today. We want to buy all of your unwanted jewelry for top dollar, and we'll make the whole process easy. Looking for the best place to sell your unwanted gold jewelry in Virginia Beach? Visit our sister store, Hilltop Pawn & Jewelry. You'll get paid top dollar and will experience the best customer service at both locations!

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