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We Are a Chesapeake Gold Buyer That Specializes in Jewelry

You probably know that the average gold buyer will purchase gold of all different types. For example, the average reputable gold buyer will pay quick cash for gold coins, dental gold, scrap gold, gold bars, and all different types of gold items. This is true for Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry here in Chesapeake, of course...we have years of experience as a local gold buyer in Hampton Roads, and we will purchase yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold of all different types. However, we are also particularly well-known as a local jewelry buyer. If you have gold or diamond jewelry that you want to sell, make sure you sell these valuable items to a gold buyer who truly understands their value...our pawn shop and jewelry store.

Why Does it Matter Which Gold Buyer You Sell Jewelry To?

You could be wondering why it matters which gold buyer you sell your gold jewelry to. Maybe you assume you can visit any local pawn shop, or you might be thinking about looking for reputable online gold buyers. Yes, it's true that there are different buyers out there who will give you cash for your gold jewelry. If you want to get the most money, though, you'll need to sell to the gold buyer who will offer you the best price for your jewelry. Basically, this means you need to find a gold buyer who knows and appreciates the value of your jewelry. In Chesapeake, the answer is simple: Greenbrier Pawn.

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How Much Will Greenbrier Pawn Pay for My Gold Jewelry?

You've already heard that we offer the best value for gold jewelry, but you could be wondering what that means for you. Just how much will we offer you for your gold jewelry? Well, of course, that depends on what you bring in.

As experienced jewelry buyers in Chesapeake, we will look at the resale value of your gold jewelry. Basically, is it jewelry that we can resell as is, or after a little bit of jewelry repair work? If so, your piece is probably worth more. Either way, we will look at the precious metals that make up your piece, the valuable diamonds or gemstones set in the piece, whether or not it's a designer piece, and so on.

The best way to get an answer about the value of your item is to come see us. We offer free appraisals on unwanted jewelry, and it only takes a few minutes for our friendly staff to give you an answer. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so come visit our fine jewelry store and pawn shop to get offered a great price on unwanted gold jewelry and more!

We Buy Gold Jewelry & More as Your Chesapeake Gold Buyer

We should definitely be your go-to pawnshop when you're selling jewelry...we are the best place to sell gold and silver jewelry, including old rings, engagement rings, a gold necklace, wedding rings, gemstone jewelry, Rolex watches, and more. However, we are also your go-to gold shop, so you can see us other items made from gold or silver. Bring us your gold and silver coins, silver dollars, gold bullion, and other precious metals...after all, we are your trusted precious metal dealer in the Hampton Roads area, and we always pay competitive prices. The first step to selling your precious metals is to visit our full service jewelry store front here in Chesapeake, and you'll see why we have such a great reputation as a local business.

Are you ready to get paid the highest price for your piece of jewelry? Are you hoping to get fast cash? We get it, and we will make you the best deal when you sell your unwanted pieces of jewelry to us. Our positive reviews speak for can always count on us for quality service and a good deal when selling estate jewelry, designer jewelry, fine watches, and so on. We know the value of your piece of gold jewelry, and we're willing to pay you accordingly!

Chesapeake Gold Buyer | Sell Your Gold Jewelry & More

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