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Can You Buy Unique Affordable Engagement Rings?

Affordable engagement rings come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles. Some people visit our pawn and jewelry store looking for a ring that is similar to what they've seen in a mall jewelry store. After all, our customers know they can stretch their engagement ring budget and buy a more affordable diamond ring that's similar or even the exact same as what the traditional jewelry stores have. However, you might have the opposite idea in mind. You could be wondering if we have any affordable options that are a bit more unique. Maybe you want an engagement ring that is different from what everyone else is wearing. If you're looking for unique yet affordable engagement rings, we'll help you find your dream ring here at Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry.

Aquamarine ring

Affordable Engagement Rings With Colored Diamonds at Greenbrier Pawn

Natural diamonds are common in engagement rings. When you think about a diamond engagement ring, you likely think of a clear or colorless diamond. Although these are the most popular, if you'd like to have a real diamond but are interested in a pop of color, a colored diamond might be a great choice for you! Our selection is always growing and changing, so stop by and look for yellow, pink or black diamonds. A ring with a colored diamond might just be the perfect engagement ring for you.

We Have Affordable Engagement Rings With Alternative Stones

Perhaps you want an engagement ring that has a different type of stone. Diamonds are a classic choice, especially when it comes to common diamond shapes like round or princess cut. However, you can always buy a ring with a different gemstone if you'd like. Some like lab-created diamonds or white sapphire rings. If you'd like a pop of color, you can consider blue sapphires, aquamarines, rubies, or emeralds. There are many alternative stone options out there, even for those with smaller budgets.

Choose From Different Precious Metals for Your Engagement Ring

A white gold ring or a yellow gold ring are two of the most common options. Sterling silver is also popular, particularly among those who like the white gold look but are working with a lower budget. However, rose gold is another option you can consider. We have beautiful rose gold rings with high quality stones, so if you want a more unique precious metal that isn't seen quite as often in engagement rings, a rose gold ring might just be your best option!

Find Antique and Vintage Engagement Rings at Our Pawn & Jewelry Store

Another way to buy unique yet inexpensive engagement rings is to purchase antique and vintage rings. If you love a classic style, a vintage or antique ring might just be the perfect ring for you. Many jewelry stores sell vintage-inspired and antique-inspired rings, but they aren't the real thing. If you want more than just a vintage look, we think you'll love our selection of authentic rings. Come check out the vintage unique designs that we have here. You don't have to worry about high prices! We offer antique and vintage rings for a fraction of the price.

Are you looking for affordable rings that are a little bit different from the average engagement ring? Greenbrier Pawn is the right place to shop for affordable jewelry of all different types, including unique engagement rings. We have good quality pieces in many unique styles. At Greenbrier Pawn Shop, we are your local jewelry experts in cheap engagement rings that look great, even if you're specifically looking for alternative engagement rings instead of the more common styles. Come to us for all different setting styles of diamond engagement rings, a bridal set, or your wedding band. Our in-store experts offer in-person guidance, so Greenbrier Pawn is a great place to shop for a ring if you want a personalized experience on a budget!

Engagement ring in a box

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