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Sell Unwanted Jewelry to Our Jewelry Store for Holiday Cash

You might have picked out the perfect gift for someone you love, but you might be worried about how you're going to pay for it. You may be hoping to provide your kids with a great Christmas or to host a few holiday parties for your loved ones, but your budget might be tight. There's no reason to be stressed about money during the holiday season when there's a perfect solution. We offer a few professional services here at Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry in Chesapeake, including paying cash for unwanted jewelry. Since we pay top dollar, it's a great way to get holiday cash!

​Our Jewelry Store Pays Top Dollar for Unwanted Jewelry

You might have already thought about selling your one of a kind pieces for some holiday cash, but you might be wondering about the best way to sell unwanted jewelry. From the best quality jewelry to broken jewelry, we buy it all...and we'll pay you what you deserve.

Diamond ring

You Can Sell All Different Types of Jewelry Here

We are willing to pay a fair price point for all different types of jewelry! Do you have old wedding rings or wedding bands that you don't wear anymore? Sell them to us! We'll buy antique jewelry, vintage jewelry, and contemporary jewelry. Quality diamond jewelry obviously typically fetches a high price, and we pay well for designer jewelry as well. Regardless, we pay competitive prices at our pawn and jewelry mart.

As your local jeweler, these are some of the items we'll pay a great price for:

  • Gold jewelry

  • Engagement ring

  • Loose diamonds

  • Gold necklaces

  • Gold chains

  • Silver bracelets

...and so on.

Use Our Other Services This Holiday Season

Not only will be pay you top dollar for unwanted jewelry, but we offer other services that can help you out this holiday season! Looking for gift ideas on a budget? We sell everything from designer jewelry to custom engagement rings for a fair price. You can buy jewelry for holiday gifts for half the price of the mall jewelry stores and big box stores, so come here when you're ready to start marking off your gift list. From the hottest, trendiest pieces to very unique pieces, we think you can find the perfect piece of jewelry for everyone on your list when you choose us as your local jewelry store. Plus, you'll have the chance to work with a local, family-owned jeweler.

You can also come see us for pawn loans...taking out a pawn loan on jewelry or other items of value is a great way to get the Christmas cash that you need, without selling your items. As your local jewelry shop, we also offer jewelry repair services and custom jewelry design, so you can get your jewelry looking great before the holiday season. Lastly, if you want to shop at a boutique jewelry store to buy a custom piece or some other nice piece of jewelry to wear to the holiday parties, we'll help you as your local expert jewelers. There are various great ways that we can help you prepare for the holiday season.

If you're a little stressed out about how you're going to fund the holiday season, we get it. The holiday season is festive and fun, but it can also be very expensive. This is especially true if you have kids, or if you're planning on traveling for the holidays. Don't worry about how you'll come up with holiday cash. As one of the best jewelry stores and pawn shops in Chesapeake, we are here to help. Sell us your unwanted fine jewelry, and we'll pay you what you deserve. We have years of experience with buying, selling, and making loans on jewelry, so come see us today!

Cash inside wreath

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