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How Much Can You Sell Gold Jewelry For?

Selling your gold jewelry is a great way to both get rid of unwanted jewelry while putting some cash in your pocket. In fact, now's the perfect time to sell your unwanted gold jewelry, since gold is selling at a great rate. You might be wondering how much extra cash you'll get if you sell your gold jewelry, which is a perfectly normal question when you're working with one of the gold buying services.

Sell your gold jewelry

Where Will You Sell Your Gold Jewelry?

Perhaps the biggest impact on how much you'll be paid for your gold fine jewelry is the specific jewelry buyer that you sell to. If you have a nice piece of jewelry, for example, you shouldn't just sell to a gold buyer who only pays based on melt value. This is a mistake, because your jewelry is very likely worth more than just the weight of its gold. For example, if your piece is a piece of designer jewelry, or if it has one or more valuable gemstones, it's likely worth considerably more than a standard gold buyer would give you.

The key is to sell gold jewelry to a buyer who not only understands the current price of gold, but who also understands and appreciates fine jewelry. For example, here at Greenbrier Pawn, we are more than just a professional gold buyer; we also buy and sell gold jewelry -- as well as other jewelry -- on a daily basis. Because of this, we know the value of gold jewelry more than most. You'll see that reflected in the monetary value that we offer for your gold jewelry, rather than just offering you a little bit of quick cash that isn't close to the worth of your pieces.

You can have peace of mind knowing that you'll get paid well for your old gold jewelry when you visit our family-owned pawn and jewelry store!

What Kind of Gold Jewelry Can You Sell?

When you work with Greenbrier Pawn, you can sell all different kinds of gold jewelry! For one thing, we like white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold jewelry! Bring it all! In fact, we like all different kinds of gold jewelry. Old wedding rings, gold jewelry with precious stones, earrings, wedding bands, gold rings, gold your jewelry box, because we're willing to buy each and every piece of gold and diamond jewelry that you no longer want!

How Much Can You Get When You Sell Your Gold Jewelry?

When selling gold jewelry, getting paid is probably your top concern! Just how much will you get paid? Well, the sooner that you bring your unwanted jewelry to our store, the sooner we can let you know!

What will we look at when we're valuing your gold jewelry? Well, of course, we'll look at current gold prices and the gold content in each of your precious metal pieces. However, we look at so much more. Are your golden items in great condition, or do they need a little bit of repair? Can we resell them, or will they need to be melted down? Are there any precious gemstones in your gold pieces, and if so, what is their size, quality, and condition?

It might sound complicated, but don't worry; we look at all forms of gold jewelry during our regular business hours every day. We have a great reputation as local jewelers who can accurately determine the current market value of your gold jewelry without wasting your time or making a low ball offer. Just read our customer reviews! Bring your pieces of gold jewelry in for the appraisal process today, and we'll make you a fast cash offer that you won't refuse!

Sell your gold jewelry for cash

How Much Will You Get to Pawn Your Gold Jewelry?

If you haven't heard, you don't have to sell your gold chains or other gold jewelry permanently in order to get cash for it today. Instead, you can take out a pawn loan. We make loans on gold jewelry every day here at Greenbrier Pawn. It's a great option if you aren't actually looking for a jewelry buyer but would like to take out a no credit check loan.

What kind of gold jewelry can you pawn at Greenbrier Pawn? Well, any kind that you would sell! How much can you borrow? The amount you'll borrow is based on how much we would offer if we were actually buying your jewelry. The difference in that you'll pay a small amount of state-regulated interest on the loan, but you'll be able to get your gold jewelry back if you repay what you owe. Are you ready to take out a pawn loan? Visit us for an offer!

It's natural to wonder how much you can sell your gold jewelry for, but you don't have to wonder for much longer. At our pawn shop and jewelry store, we're the best gold buyers in town, and we'll buy all of your gold items for a fair price! Stop by our convenient storefront when you get a chance, and we'll be happy to talk you through the entire process and help you get paid!

Visit us to get an offer on your gold jewelry today!


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