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How Much Can I Pawn Gold For? | Greenbrier Pawn

Ready to pawn gold or other precious metals? You can pawn your gold jewelry, gold coins, and so much more for the best price at Greenbrier Pawn. Wondering how much your pawn loan will be? Well, that depends on a few things, such as the specific gold buyers you work with and the specific gold items that you're pawning. We will offer you the best deal here at Greenbrier Pawn, and there's no obligation just because you stop in for an offer.

Gold necklace

Which Pawn Shop Makes Bigger Loans When You Pawn Gold?

How much pawn shops loan on gold depends on a few things. Keep in mind that some pawn shops will offer you more for your gold fine jewelry or other piece of gold. If you are looking for a local pawnbroker that will make you the biggest possible loan on your gold, come to Greenbrier Pawn, where we will make you a great deal. We truly understand the fair value of gold, and we make loans accordingly. We also have years of experience with making loans on other items of value!

How We Determine the Value When You Pawn Gold

So, how do we determine the loan amount when you bring in gold jewelry? We look at a few things when we're deciding on the value of your gold. The weight of your gold is one thing we look at, particularly if it's primarily worth its melt value. Gold purity is another thing we look you can likely understand, pure gold (24K gold) is more valuable than 10K gold. Also, are you bringing in just gold, or do you have diamond jewelry that is made from gold? If so, the diamond likely makes the piece a whole lot more valuable, making it possible for us to grant you an even bigger loan. Do you have a gold Rolex watch? If so, obviously, it's worth a lot more than just the gold that it's made from. Also, since current prices vary, we look at the day's gold prices when we're making you a loan offer. If you'd like to borrow as much money as possible for your gold, Greenbrier Pawn is the right place!

Get a Pawn Loan on Your Gold at Greenbrier Pawn

When you're in need of cash, why not bring your gold to a reputable pawn shop so you can borrow cash on the spot? We'll make you a good deal and hand you the cash you need. It's a very easy way to borrow money, and your credit history will never impact your ability to take out a loan from us. In fact...we don't even check!

If you haven't visited your local pawn shop to take out a loan on the value of gold items that you own, you're missing out on a great way to borrow money. Our gold and silver pawn shop makes collateral loans on gold every day, and we are the best pawn shop to visit for pawn loans. You can borrow as much cash as you want when you use us as your trusted pawn brokers...we also pay higher prices when we buy gold, if that's what you're more interested in. Come see us for a quick cash loan or competitive prices on your unwanted gold today!

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