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How Does a Diamond Buyer Determine the Value of a Diamond?

If you're hoping to work with a full service jewelry store and diamond buyer like Greenbrier Pawn Shop, you could be wondering how a diamond buyer will determine the value of a diamond. Whether you're selling your diamond, taking out a pawn loan, or using the trade-in value to purchase fine bridal jewelry or something else that we have in stock, you obviously want your diamond to be appraised accurately and fairly. Our family-owned company has been in the jewelry business for a long time, and we have a lot of experience with valuing diamonds. Bring us your diamond wedding ring or other piece of jewelry for the best deal.

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What is the Condition of Your Diamond Jewelry?

​As your local diamond buyer, we will assess the condition of your white gold, sterling silver, or yellow gold diamond jewelry. If jewelry repair is needed, it's no big'll still be paid based on the value of your diamond, as well as the precious metals that the piece is made from. Naturally, though, the highest quality diamond engagement rings and wedding rings are typically worth more, when all other factors are equal. After all, we sell the jewelry that we buy. Don't be afraid to bring in any unwanted diamonds to get paid the best price, including if your jewelry is damaged, or even if you just have loose diamonds.

How Much is the Diamond Worth at Greenbrier Pawn Shop?

​In the jewelry industry, there are a variety of things that we have to look at to determine how much a diamond is worth. Carat weight is obviously a big one. Obviously, in most cases, a large diamond -- such as a 4 carat diamond -- is going to be worth more than a half carat diamond. It only makes sense! However, size is far from the only thing that we look at when valuing diamonds and diamond jewelry.

Many people don't know that different diamond shapes have different values. Diamond cut is more important to the value than you might realize. Round cut diamonds are not only the most popular diamonds in the world, but they're also the most expensive. A diamond dealer will pay you the most for a round diamond because they're in high demand. They're also more expensive to cut because there is more waste in the cutting process. Princess cut diamonds are also very popular and quite valuable. However, even more affordable diamond shapes -- such as emerald or marquise cut diamonds -- are quite valuable. If you don't know what your particular diamond's cut is called, that's fine...we can tell by looking at it with the naked eye, since we have decades of experience in this business.

The quality of your diamond is obviously important as well. We look for imperfections, and we look at the color of your diamond as your local jewelry buyer. Obviously, we're able to pay the highest prices for good-quality diamonds. However, even if you have a lower grade diamond, we pay top dollar as a jewelry buyer. Put simply, if you want to be paid the most for your fine jewelry, Greenbrier Pawn Shop is the best place to sell. We are the best diamond buyers in Hampton Roads.

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Which Diamond Buyer Do You Sell To?

The diamond industry is large, and it's possible to work with online diamond buyers or one of the local jewelry buyers in the Hampton Roads area. The specific diamond buyer that you sell to will have a big impact on the entire process. If you choose the right potential buyer, you can help ensure that the process is as easy as possible. Additionally, when you want to get a fair price, selling to a diamond buyer with years of experience and a focus on jewelry helps. You can get the highest cash offer on the spot by selling your old engagement ring or other diamond jewelry to Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry.

How Long Does it Take for a Diamond Buyer to Appraise My Diamond?

If you're hoping for an immediate payment for your diamond, you could be wondering how long it takes for a diamond buyer to appraise your diamond. Naturally, this depends on who you work with. If you visit Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry, you can get paid for your diamond in no time. As a professional diamond buyer, we look at diamond jewelry pieces every day. Small diamonds, large diamonds, and so on. It's what we do here. It doesn't take us long to do an accurate evaluation of your diamond engagement ring, diamond band, or other unwanted pre-owned jewelry from your jewelry box. Not only do we offer the highest offer, but we get the diamond evaluation done quickly and efficiently. You'll have a final offer, and the business transaction will be taken care of in no time.

Getting paid top dollar for your diamond is easy. Just how much you'll get paid depends on the specific diamond estate jewelry that you bring in, but rest assured, Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry is your best option if you're hoping to be paid the best price for natural diamonds. We are your Hampton Roads diamond buyer! As you'll see from our many great online reviews and the comments from our many happy customers, we offer great service and higher prices if you're looking for a local jeweler who will buy your unwanted gold and diamond jewelry.

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