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Will a Diamond Buyer Pay for Loose Diamonds or Damaged Diamond Jewelry?

You likely know that a diamond buyer will be willing to offer you a reasonable quote for good quality diamond estate jewelry. Unfortunately, you might have jewelry that isn't in the best shape that you're hoping to sell on the secondary market. You may even have loose new diamonds or antique diamonds, and you might be wondering if someone will be willing to pay you for these precious gemstones. At Greenbrier Pawn, we aren't just a diamond ring buyer...we buy diamond jewelry of all types and conditions, and we even buy loose diamonds, as well as precious metals. If you want to get the best price while working with the best diamond buyers, visit our pawn shop and fine jewelry store, where we have years of experience in paying top dollar to customers just like you.

Diamond engagement rings

​Will a Diamond Buyer Pay for Broken or Damaged Diamond Jewelry?

Naturally, a diamond dealer will often purchase unwanted gold and diamond jewelry that's in good shape. In fact, you might have sold us your unwanted jewelry in the past, and you might have found that we paid top dollar. Of course, a local jeweler and pawnbroker like Greenbrier Pawn Shop will often pay higher prices for jewelry that's in good condition and that is ready to be sold. This does not mean that we won't purchase broken or damaged diamond jewelry. In fact, we buy it all the time!

Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry is a great place to take your broken jewelry for a diamond evaluation. The quality of the diamond jewelry itself is only one thing we look at. Maybe your solitaire engagement ring is damaged, but it has a like new diamond of excellent quality. The ring may be repairable, or the diamond can be set in another piece, and the precious metals making up the damaged ring could be worth melt value.

Want to get paid the most money for broken diamond and gold jewelry or loose diamonds? Visit the local pawn shop and jewelry store that Hampton Roads customers trust, Greenbrier Pawn Shop. If you're located in Virginia Beach, you can also visit Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry, our sister store. We will offer you a great price on broken diamond rings and more at either location.

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Where's the Best Place to Sell Loose Diamonds in Chesapeake?

People end up with loose diamonds for a variety of reasons. You might have inherited a loose diamond, or you might have purchased one at some point, with the intent to put it in a custom ring or some other piece of jewelry. Perhaps you had larger diamonds fall out of a piece of jewelry, and you might have decided to save the diamonds to potentially sell them later. If you have unwanted diamonds in your jewelry box that you want to get the best value for, come see us for the highest offer. We buy loose diamonds all the time. We know they can be set in a diamond engagement ring that our jewelry repair professionals are replacing a missing stone in, for example. We'll make you a final offer on your loose diamond today after a quick yet accurate evaluation.

Greenbrier Pawn & Jewelry Buys All Different Types of Diamonds

We offer the best option to sell all different types of diamonds for a fair price, and we'll make the entire process -- from when you walk in to when you accept our cash offer -- as easy for you as possible.

  • Loose natural diamonds

  • Old engagement ring

  • Diamond wedding ring

  • Wedding rings

  • White gold diamond jewelry

  • Sterling silver diamond jewelry

  • Yellow gold diamond jewelry

  • Custom engagement ring

  • Diamond wedding bands

We are your full service jewelry store, and we're the best jewelry buyers in the Hampton Roads area. Come get paid in cash or get trade-in value toward fine bridal jewelry or other items from our huge selection.

If you are looking for a diamond or jewelry buyer, we recommend that you visit us at Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry in Chesapeake. We offer the highest prices and an immediate payment for all small diamonds, large diamonds, and everything in-between. Bring your pre-owned jewelry pieces to us today. We'll offer you great customer service while determining the value of your diamond, and we always make the best offer.

Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry

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