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Get a Loan on Jewelry at Our Jewelry Store Near Me

​You may not have thought about looking for a jewelry store near me if you're interested in taking out a loan. However, when you choose a pawn and jewelry store like Greenbrier Pawn Shop, you can actually use your jewelry to take out a pawn loan​. Deciding where to borrow money from is a big decision, but you can enjoy peace of mind by using your pieces of jewelry to take out one of our easy, state-regulated loans. Visit Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry today...bring your David Yurman jewelry, sterling silver pieces, or other jewelry and your ID with you. Then, let one of our knowledgeable staff know that you're interested in taking out a pawn loan. We'll walk you right through it and help you get the cash you need in no time. 

Get a Loan on Jewelry Today -- It's Fast and Easy

You can take out a loan on jewelry and use the cash for your own use, regardless of what that use might be. If you need to get money as quickly as possible, one of our pawn loans is the perfect solution. This is because the whole thing is very fast. Literally, you can walk in with a piece of jewelry, let us know you want a loan, and walk out with the cash in 15 minutes.


No Credit Checks or Impacts With Loans at Your Jewelry Store Near Me

You don't have to worry about your credit score preventing you from taking out a pawn loan on your jewelry. Pawn and jewelry stores like Greenbrier Pawn do not even check credit scores when offering pawn loans. Literally the only thing we look at is the value of your jewelry, whether it's custom design jewelry or designer jewelry that is one of the latest trends. If you're looking for the perfect piece to use to take out a bigger loan, we recommend looking for your best quality and most valuable jewelry. Naturally, a perfect engagement ring -- like a ring with a large, good quality diamond -- is going to allow you to borrow more money than a simple 10k gold wedding band, although we offer loans on both.

Are you worried that your credit score will be affected if you don't repay your loan? Don't be! The only thing that will happen is you will lose your custom jewelry or other piece. Therefore, of course, it's important to make sure that any jewelry that you use is something you don't mind losing if you are unable to repay your loan. If you need an extension to avoid losing your jewelry, though, don't worry -- we can help with that. Just come in before your due date, bring the money to pay the interest and fees, and we'll renew the loan for another 30 days.

You don't have to sell your piece of jewelry to use it to get cash when you need it the most. We offer loans on all different types of fine jewelry, as well as other items of value. Get loans on custom engagement rings, wedding bands, any type of diamond ring, and so much more at our local jewelry store and pawn shop. If you're more interested in the purpose of resale of your jewelry, we can help with that too. We make cash offers on jewelry of all different types, so if you'd rather sell your jewelry than take out a loan, just let us know. Either way, we can help! We also offer jewelry repair and more, so make us your new favorite jewelry store near me in Chesapeake.

Get a Loan at a Jewelry Store Near Me

Greenbrier Pawn & Jewelry

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