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What Does Greenbrier Pawn Take for Pawn Shop Loans?

Pawn shop loans are backed by an item's value that you bring in as collateral. Are you wondering what types of items you can bring in to our local store so you can take advantage of our financial products? Are you wondering about what the best collateral really is? We've been in the pawn industry for quite some time, and we've granted loans on a wide variety of items, from fine jewelry to brand name merchandise and so on. Our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to tell you more about this hassle-free way to borrow money and the various items you can use as collateral, but these are a few ideas.

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Use Fine Jewelry to Take Out Pawn Shop Loans

Fine jewelry is one of the best categories of items you can bring in for pawn shop loans. Gold and diamond jewelry is something we work with here all the time. We are more of a jewelry store than most pawn shops that you see here in Hampton Roads and elsewhere across the country, so it makes sense that we make loans on jewelry. Bring us your fine jewelry for a great loan.

We Make Pawn Shop Loans on Precious Metals

In addition to buying and making loans on good condition gold jewelry, we make loans on other precious metals, too. Yes, this means you can bring us gold bars, silver bullion, and so on. We even accept broken gold and silver jewelry, scrap gold, dental gold, and so on. If it's made from a precious metal, it's worth something here. Bringing us your precious metals is the great way and easy way to borrow money in Chesapeake, all without worrying about what's listed on your credit report!

Get a Pawn Shop Loan on Your Firearm

Since we put most of our focus on jewelry here, you might not have realized that we buy guns and we make loans on guns. If you have a firearm and want to get a loan on it, visit us. We're federally licensed dealers who follow the laws to a T. You can always feel comfortable getting a loan on a gun here, or otherwise doing business with us.


​Pawnshop Loans on Items of Value

These are some of the most popular valuable items that people bring to us when they want to take out a quick cash loan. However, there are other items of value you can use for our collateral loans, too. Many people bring us musical instruments or audio equipment, for example. Power tools are also popularly brought to pawn stores like ours. As your local pawn shop, we loan on a variety of items, including video game systems and even sporting equipment.

Keep in mind, the value of your collateral is the only thing that impacts how much you can borrow. Try to think about the current value of your item. For a bigger loan, bring in more valuable items. The most modern Apple products are going to get you a bigger loan than an older laptop. A diamond ring with a big, high-quality diamond will usually serve as more valuable collateral than a simple gold band. Bring your items to one of our pawn shops -- Greenbrier Pawn here in Chesapeake or Hilltop Pawn Shop in Virginia Beach -- and we'll let you know what we take and how much you can borrow.

When it comes to taking out a short-term loan with us, your credit score doesn't matter. All that impacts you getting the loan amount that you want is to value of the item you bring in for your pawn transaction. Wondering if we will take your item of value for a traditional loan from us, your local pawn broker? Give us a call to ask about your best options for collateral, or stop by today. We are here to serve you!

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