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Who Buys Diamonds for a Higher Price? | Greenbrier Pawn

Who buys diamonds for a higher price? It's a natural first question any time that you're thinking about selling fine jewelry or loose diamonds. After all, you might have invested quite a bit of money into your jewelry, particularly if it has large diamonds. If you're looking for the pawn and jewelry store that will pay you the best price for your diamond ring, come see us. We are the best place to sell diamond engagement rings and other diamond jewelry for a fair price! We have years of experience in paying top dollar for jewelry, as well as selling jewelry for great deals.

Greenbrier Pawn is the Best Pawn Store Who Buys Diamonds

Industry insiders know that a good pawn shop is a very useful part of the jewelry industry. Selling diamond earrings and other diamonds to a pawn shop instead of one of the online buyers just makes sense. However, the particular pawn shop you choose when selling your piece of jewelry makes a big difference. Greenbrier Pawn Shop is your best option for selling diamonds. Why are we a better choice than other pawn shops? Well, the main reason is because we specialize in jewelry. Diamonds are truly valuable here!

How Much Will You Get Paid for Your Diamonds?

​Are you wondering how much you can get paid for your diamonds? When you work with top diamond buyers like us, we will take a few minutes to determine the value of your piece. We look at things like the condition and brand of your jewelry, for starters. We also assess the quality and carat size of your diamond. We look at a few different things when assessing jewelry pieces and loose stones, but since we have a lot of experience, it only takes a few minutes. We look at each piece on an individual basis and offer the highest amount. Curious about how much your piece is worth? Bring it in, and we'll let you know in no time.

Loose diamonds

Sell Your Diamonds in Minutes at Greenbrier Pawn

If you have diamond jewelry or luxury brand watches that you want to sell, you can get paid the best fair market value today. There's no reason to wait to sell all types of diamonds. If the most important thing is to sell your diamonds as quickly as possible, we can help. Not only will we make you a competitive offer based on your diamond's value, but we will help you sell your diamonds in minutes. As professional diamond buyers, we can perform your jewelry appraisal in no time, and we can pay you on the spot. If it's your first time selling diamond estate jewelry to a pawn shop, we think you'll be impressed by how fast the entire process is. We should be your first choice if selling diamonds and precious metals quickly is your goal.

Are you ready to sell diamonds for a higher price? At Greenbrier Pawn Shop, we are your reputable diamond buyers here in Chesapeake, Virginia. We want to make you an offer on all of the old jewelry in your jewelry box. We offer a free evaluation with no obligation, so come see us and get an offer on your estate diamond jewelry today. We buy diamonds of all shapes and carat size, including colorless diamonds and colored diamonds. Get the best offer on your jewelry item here!

Greenbrier Pawn & Jewelry

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