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Where to Sell Diamonds?

Many people don't sell their pre-owned diamond estate jewelry very often, so they might not know where to go to get a good deal. We get it! At Greenbrier Pawn, a big part of our business model is to buy unwanted wedding rings, engagement rings, and more from customers just like you. If you are located somewhere around Chesapeake and the Hampton Roads area, you don't have to wonder any longer about your best option for selling your diamond. For anyone who is looking for diamond buyers, we are simply the best place to go!

Sell Diamonds

Who Pays Cash for Diamonds?

If you're ready to turn your diamond engagement ring or collection of loose diamonds into cash, you're likely wondering who pays cash for diamonds and how you can sell your diamonds right away. That's something we can help with. Sure, there are various companies and professionals involved in the jewelry industry. However, many won't pay you on the spot, and a lot of them won't pay you in cash. ​That's what makes us different here at Greenbrier Pawn. Even in today's world of digital payments and cards, we know that cash is still king. That's why, in addition to paying a higher price for your diamonds, we'll pay you in cash. We're your local pawn shop and jewelry store, and we're committed to making you a great deal on your fine jewelry.

Why Sell Your Diamonds in Person vs. Online?

During your search for a potential buyer for your unwanted piece of jewelry, you might have come across a few online buyers that you were interested in dealing with. To be fully transparent, it's certainly not impossible to find a reputable online diamond buyer. Some buyers are good, but as you can probably imagine, there are a lot of scams out there. The last thing you want is to send your valuable diamond ring in for a diamond appraisal, only to find you've been scammed. Even if the buyer is legitimate, there's the risk of your diamond getting lost somewhere along the way. Plus, online buyers aren't necessarily known for paying top dollar for diamond jewelry, no matter their actual value. Even if you do like your offer, it will generally take time between sending in your diamond and getting paid. We know you probably don't want to deal with all of these hassles and risks. It's just not necessary! Being a one-time diamond seller is much easier than that if you sell locally, in person. There's no trip to the post office and no hassle of packaging up your jewelry to be sent off. There's no risk of scams when you deal with a reputable local family-owned business. Plus, you can get the offer you deserve if you work with the right local diamond experts.

Sell your diamonds

Greenbrier Pawn: The Best Place to Sell Your Diamond

You shouldn't just consider selling your diamond locally. In particular, you should consider stopping by Greenbrier Pawn. We have been a gold and diamond dealer since the 1990s, so you could say that we definitely know what we're doing. In our years of experience, we've learned the different ways to value diamond jewelry. Because of that, our entire process is streamlined and quick yet thorough. We know how to value your jewelry piece, and we will offer you the most money! Ask around about us, or check out our online reviews. Our decades of experience and great reputation in the Hampton Roads community speak for themselves. You can enjoy peace of mind when selling your diamond jewelry to us, and you'll be paid the competitive prices that you've been hoping for and deserve, too! Today is the day that you can sell your unwanted diamond jewelry, and you don't even have to continue your search for a reputable diamond buyer! Our family business is always looking to buy your diamond jewelry. Stop by during our regular business hours, any time that it's convenient for you....there's never a bad time to sell your jewelry to us. We'll take a few minutes to determine the value and quality of the diamond piece that you bring in, and we'll make you a good offer in no time. Accept our competitive offer, and get paid today. It's really just that simple! The bottom line is, Greenbrier Pawn is always the right choice when you're looking to sell diamonds, precious metals, and more.

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